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#33 dexit (Pokémon) in Other Games

I'm glad they removed favorites of 20 years to make room for.. *checks notes* Penguin with an ice cube head

posted 2 days ago
#27 Environments - TF2 Edit in Videos
ShooshYou can tell how much effort went into this with all the little details involved e.g. the woosh sound effect on camera movement. Sick edit:)

Yeah from purely a filmmaking perspective, this was insanely detailed and just very skillfully made. There's tons and tons of skill and talent here. I am super super impressed.

posted 2 days ago
#95 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion
Console-Seems some people have not read my OP edit: I tried going down the legal route and it's basically a dead end. The last thing I want is to just go after him and damage him, but rather to make him see the error in his ways as I cannot rely on the legal system to do that for OPEdit: I have reached out to the police (my cousin is a state trooper who has worked the past 20 years solely on domestic abuse cases) and unfortunately because it is a he said/he said and it is across country borders there's not much that can be done

So how do we stop him from doing this again? That needs to happen

posted 4 days ago
#75 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion
Speiszlet's send some this thread and email the blast team and waveform. get this fucking scum outed and dragged under.

Fully fully on board

After uberchain, we all believed it couldn't happen again.

We were fooled. It happened again. And it could happen again.

EDIT: Word to the wise.. if you're looking at legal action/consequences.. PLEASE pursue them if possible. Last time, his plan was "Lay low until people forget, then work again." It's hard to believe he's learning any lesson. Last time, after the uberchain thread, he came to me in PM saying he was going to be pursuing legal action against her - that is to say.. his immediate reaction was to double down

posted 4 days ago
#71 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

EDIT: "Fool me once" wasn't a great choice of words, I just hate that this happened for the second time (that we know of)

(No hate to you Console - only love. Sick to my stomach reading this shit. Fuck this shit.)

posted 4 days ago
#299 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

can't wait to hear alfa deny he had any part in this

posted 4 days ago
#134 describe your tf2 career in 3 words or less. in TF2 General Discussion


posted 5 days ago
#13 overwatch 2 announced in Other Games
Wandumthey realised that 99% of their playerbase doesnt actually want to play a competitive videogame and just wants to play pve where they arent as accountable for being fucking shit at the videogame

also worth mentioning that playing with voice chat enabled takes years off your life, that's a big factor as well

posted 1 week ago
#17 A follow up on opinion articles in News
samifaceDear god anything that gets us talking about something other than the state of tf2 so i can stop being so tempted to drink the bleach i soak my hair in

u wont do it pussy

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 ban console in Off Topic
Brockcan you do his job?

WILL you do his job is a better question

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 OPINION: The Ballad of FroYaoTech in News
_MakkabeusThis should not be an official TFTV article


posted 3 weeks ago
#30 if you're canadian go vote in World Events
JarateKing-great post-

Basically nails it. The moron demographic in Alberta wants to separate now, Maxime says he's not discouraged but was indeed dumpstered. Every other PPC chud and the Nationalist fringe idiots also got absolutely embarrassed. Bloc resurgence is a bit of a recent surprise but doesn't affect anybody outside Quebec tbh. Raybould got in as an independent, good for her.

Honestly business as usual. The fallout could be interesting but I hope it's not.

posted 3 weeks ago
#8 Man breaks into Valve, steals $40,000 of equipment in TF2 General Discussion
Speiszshawn shapootis

thread done, shut it down

posted 1 month ago
#17 New FROYO Medic? in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#53 2019 MLB Season :D in Off Topic

Still watchin those fuckers

posted 1 month ago
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