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#50 Will 20b make a return for s23? in TF2 General Discussion
GazHe was probably one of the worst scouts in top4, if not the worst, because He took the majority of heals and ubers all while having the least impact on the game compared to the other scouts, because they did much more with much less. He only had good logs sometimes but that should be normal for a pocket scout with that many heals.

I checked his logs during the upper brack and lower bracket. Only once was he the player who received the 2nd most heals, and out of the 10 maps he played, he was very solid on 9 of them, usually being the 3rd player with the most heals, which is as you say normal for a pocket scout.

So I think saying b4nny was the worst scout in top 4 is pretty unfounded.

posted about 4 years ago
#91 Crowns are gold at Insomnia58 in News
Birdyrockswill i get minus fragged to shit for pointing out that crowns beat full tilt online without kaidus coaching and were in a equally as close game at dreamhack without kaidus, so claiming he somehow made this huge difference is pretty unfounded

That's not really the question here to be honest whether kaidus had a big impact or not on Crowns' playstyle. It's just that in some people's eyes (including me), having a "7th player" as they call it is unfair. To me, maincalling is a mechanic that one player (or more) must master in this game, I don't find it fair to have a coach here to do the work an actual in-game player should do. So if coaching is to be allowed still in the future, I hope it will be only during pre-game and between maps.

posted about 4 years ago
#17 TF2 ranked higher then Overwatch in TF2 General Discussion
netwrkjrkyou think blizzard listens to the community? theyve fucked over their fans in just about every single one of the games theyve released. except OW which is their current money pit.

I was mostly referring to OW's community actually, I don't know much about their other games, so you have a point here.

posted about 4 years ago
#80 Crowns are gold at Insomnia58 in News
cirlotrashI'm incredibly confused at how this level of coaching was even allowed. isn't one of the core parts of 6s that one or two players in the team call for plays with only their viewpoint and what teammates tell them as their information?

having live coaching, while being able to see every single player POV seems to just skip that entirely, it's an objective upgrade
Well... then try to see spudd as the hand of kaidus he can no longer use :v

There is nothing you can do but accept the fact that now coaches are a reality in tf2 too

Yeah right, I honestly hope i58 is the last time we'll see coaches allowed. Crowns are incredibly talented, Stark is EU's best scout, kaptain best EU's pocket, Raymon best EU's med (sorry kos heh), but without kaidus I'm not so sure they would've won. Might honestly be the first time I think a victory is undeserved. Yes I am salty.

Congrats to Crowns nonetheless for bringing EU a victory after 2 years of domination by froyo, well played to Full Tilt, unfortunately you fell too short in the end.

posted about 4 years ago
#12 TF2 ranked higher then Overwatch in TF2 General Discussion
netwrkjrkshojanbut blizzard is a better company then valve.huh? not saying that valve is the best company ever but blizzard is pretty bad

Well at least they listen to their community, while we're still stuck with a shitty matchmaking system full of cheaters that forces settings on which I run the game on my shitty laptop at 30 fps at best.

posted about 4 years ago
#151 i58 LF: froyotech vs. Full Tilt in Matches
CaeliDecapotatoCaeliI really hope the people agreeing on thalash > b4nny are joking. Congrats to ft
b4nny's own words were winning on LAN is everything

The final is still to be played, but agreeing on thalash being a better scout than b4nny is hilarious based on the performance of both players during the event.

Yo it's a fucking meme, don't take this so seriously

posted about 4 years ago
#55 i58 Predictions in LAN Discussion

[edit] wanted to edit my first post, sorry for the double post

posted about 4 years ago
#54 i58 Predictions in LAN Discussion
Flicker1. Froyotech
2. Crowns
4. Full Tilt

I think differently. <:

I thought that Full Tilt were gonna choke and that Jasmine Tea were going to get pounded. Too bad their results in scrims came from a Jasmine Tea with 60hz monitors and shitty internet, they ruined my predictions but I don't mind, they offered us some great TF2 :D

I expected XENEX to be the surprise of this lan, with AMS being very strong on lan and their fat scout combo, but I was mistaken :/

I might have a chance to have my Crowns and Froyo prediction correct perharps, we'll see tomorrow

posted about 4 years ago
#56 The 4th place curse in LAN Discussion

[*] I underestimated them and believed in their magic as of yesterday. I thought they could win it all, but the curse was too strong. </3

posted about 4 years ago
#61 i58 UF: froyotech vs. Crowns eSports Club in Matches
I mean honestly how many teams would benefit from a 7th player yelling instructions?

Yeah, implying one team that chooses a coach to maincall would pick a retard who knows nothing about the game. When you choose a coach to maincall, I guess every team is going to choose wisely, no way you wouldn't benefit from it.

Some teams have been formed and sometimes not a single player among those teams was a maincaller. In CS for instance, the brazilian team Tempo Storm (now Immortals) had no IGL, which is why boltz decided to take over the IGL duties in spite of having little experience in this domain, and he did great (zews is the IGL now, but boltz did lead for some time). Same goes for FalleN actually I believe, and he's the best IGL in the world.
I might be wrong here, but I even wonder if kaidus' first time maincalling wasn't with BFF in season 14, because until then he had been on teams with established maincallers (Zebbo in season 13 BFF I guess, probably Byte in TCM...) I did some research but can't confirm my claims so perhaps the man himself if he reads me can tell if I'm in the right or not.

Kaidus might have built something with Crowns before he had to retire, but when your maincaller leaves, either pick a player to replace him who has maincalling abilities, or have one of your current players become the maincaller. It's not impossible, it takes work, and a lot of dedication (and a bit of talent), but that's how it should be, that's another component of the skills you have to possess to play TF2 at this level. And you can't just rely on an external person to do this work for you. Like fuck, Epsilon had numlocked and KnoxXx, literally both of them were maincallers, don't go telling me not a single Crowns player has the gamesense and knowledge to actually maincall, to pick up from what Kaidus left behind him.

Maincallers aren't born, they're made, that's why in my opinion coaches shouldn't be allowed to maincall. However I have nothing against coaches if they do their work outside of the game.

posted about 4 years ago
#36 i58 highlights in TF2 General Discussion

Stark's crazy agressive sniper pick on phorofor


posted about 4 years ago
#14 i58 Invite Group R4: Full Tilt vs. Crowns eSports Club in Matches

Classic Crowns rofl
They're doing it on purpose at this point there's no other way

posted about 4 years ago
#40 i58 Invite Group R3: Jasmine Tea vs. Crowns eSports Club in Matches

Stark is Europe's best scout, let's have him play pyro on viaduct Kappa

posted about 4 years ago
#19 i58 highlights in TF2 General Discussion


Dave tasting the EU Gimmicks

posted about 4 years ago
#95 i58 Invite Group R1: Full Tilt vs. froyotech in Matches

It can't be that hard to have a fucking fragmovie instead of this screensaver, right ?

posted about 4 years ago
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