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#24 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster

It's almost sad what it is now

posted 11 months ago
#21 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster

It's funny how all of them will block or hide when confronted on the issue

posted 11 months ago
#20 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster
TheBostonCheesemorwannegWandumheres a pic of heny wanting to help doxx people for having different opinions
really makes u think
Wanting to ruin someone's life because you don't agree with their political opinions is hands down one of the worst things about social media. I'm honestly disappointed that this sort of witch hunting isn't banned on sight even though it basically counts as harassment.

Pretty much what happened to me is that Heny made a post about my 100% ironical steam profile and a name I used more than 4 months ago on twitter, it honestly was in a way to make me seem like a bad guy and to throw some shade on me (else I would of assumed that he would not of linked my Etf2l profile)

When I confronted him with this and tried to give him context to the situation he didn’t reply and only proceeded to reply to other players defending me instead of speaking to the person who he had an issue with in the first place. Ah well, as trump says: “Sweden.” (100% ironical no racism ban for this spicy boye).

Same thing happened to me. I went to calmly explain to him on Steam that I wasn't the person who called you it. We're he said how he doesn't want to add me. I went to discord were I explained it couldn't be me were then I was blocked on discord. I had to send the evidence on twitter we're he knew he looked stupid to keep it up.

He then came back saying shit happens (not a proper apology) when I responded fuck yourself he proceeded to mock me block me again on discord but also on twitter as well

posted 11 months ago
#15 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster
oyeaits obviously really bad if ppl are just making up lies to get other people banned but why would these people make up these false claims against u FLIGHT? im not saying that i think you are lying just why would they try and get u banned out of all people?

IDK why CJ's post has been down voted but I can see your scepticism. The fact is that the video that you just saw came out a day before the tweet came out. Furthermore my etf2l name whilst allowed by admins can be seen as controversial and my joke rec post both mocking the bluebunny situation could be taken offensively and was screenshoted in the tweet.

If I was present in the dmix I would fully understand his confusion but the fact I am not in the discord and in a follow-up tweet (before he removed the tweet claiming I called him niigfire) he also called out the person who said it for also harassing him, is kinda suspicious

posted 11 months ago
#8 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster
Jynxiido people still think doomsday's opinion is worth anything?

sadly yes

posted 11 months ago
#3 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster

little abit about doomsday when confronted about the situation he though it was Toco not Messy. After that we were banned from his Twitch.

Also can I add that Doomsday has harassed another Youtuber and called a Female streamer a slut for calling the game dead
Note was explained that they were planning a raid on Doomsday do apologise to Doomsday was not aware at the time of post

posted 11 months ago
#1 witch hunts within the community in The Dumpster

Ever since the post about the banning of Messy and National (http://etf2l.org/2018/10/03/etf2ls-sponsorship-and-policy-update-bans-tip-of-the-hats/). I have felt a sort of witch hunt has been started by bigger members of the community to get other players banned.

This happened to me only yesterday (6th October) as a tweet had came out from a teamfortress.tv and essentials.tf caster Hiipfire for alleged racial slurs towards him. I am unable to provide any tweets as he deleted the original tweet due to me providing evidence in the comments and him blocking me for showing him trying to still act like a victim inside the dms. The tweet stated that I had called him "Nigfire" inside a double mix (even though i am not in the discord this double mix took place).

Today (7th October) by another player by the name of Heny an admin for the essentials.tf cup put on twitter about a player called bostoncheese and how offensive he was by having his name "jew in oven". This would be offensive by any means until you consider the fact that he is Jewish his self. These comments were followed up by an admin on Teamfortress.tv (Twiikkuu) member post screenshots of arguments made by the player explaining his reasons why Messy and National's bans were unfair.

These are clear slanderous remarks are extremely dangerous to the person on the receiving end by damaging their reputation for some twisted way to push etf2l's new rules. This is even more worrying as these are not ordinary members but high members of the community (casters, admins and youtubers) with much more respect (not reminding that at the moment doomsday.exe has been trying to document and post any sort of harassment inside the tf2 community which he had done during my indecent yesterday). Making it harder to fight back against these claims.

posted 11 months ago
#5 ETF2L Unfair Bans in The Dumpster

The thing is that if bluebunny was put as harassment why has nothing been done for fear the medic. As much of a meme he was even admins have made fun of him putting a massive cap on his TF2 career same with extrasolar who got a shit tone of replies after his rec post making fun of him. The only difference is bluebunny has a vagina because god forbid anyone says anything about women.

posted 11 months ago
#1 name change in Requests

just to FLIGHT

posted about a year ago
#14 krafty gets tossed in the bin in News

these puns for teams are just bad

posted about a year ago
#1 [stream] in Requests

mainly pubs and pugs
Play high hl

posted about a year ago
#3 Bruno Malarz - That's What I Like ft. catbowcar in Videos

god is real

posted about a year ago
#3 [stream flightGB] in Requests


posted about a year ago
#1 [stream flightGB] in Requests

name: flightGB
twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/flightgb
tf.tv: http://www.teamfortress.tv/user/KoCFlight

stream hl/6s pubs, mixes, pugs, scrims and officals

posted about a year ago
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