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Just discovered this thread. Snooped around for a while. I figured it's only fair if I share too!


And yes, I know that I am in need of a haircut. Getting one tomorrow actually!

posted about 4 years ago
#277 ESEA-O S20 Happenings/Predictions in TF2 General Discussion
elite pwnage squad is so good holy fuck gg

That was a hell of a game man. Most competitive match I've ever played. GG.
10/10 even though I bottomed damaged but what a great match

Ha, Scruff and I were the MVPs in the "Bottom Fragger Club." Man, I've been having such awful internet issues lately, and they really made my experience in the match so frustrating. Oh well, great game nonetheless!

posted about 4 years ago
#7 Digi lft open roamer in Recruitment (looking for team)

Digi is a really nice guy. I've played with him for a couple of seasons. He has played Pocket and Roamer, though he is certainly more comfortable on Roamer. I played as Scout, so he was often on flank with me and we were able to work together well in terms of cleaning up damage and helping out each other if one of us got outnumbered. As advertised, he is open to criticism and he evidently practices his deathmatch a lot, because it really is good. On the managerial side of things, he is very reliable; he's not going to be a liability like some players who show up to scrims whenever they feel like it.

posted about 5 years ago
#12 Increasing DPI vs. increasing in-game sensitivity in Q/A Help
stabbyWhat's the mouse?

The native CPI is probably a multiple of a divisible of the max DPI. Don't go with something your max DPI can't be evenly divided by. Keep your DPI as low as you can while keeping sensitivity below 2.7128, I'd recommend.

Why 2.7128? I understand that in your example you defined that at 400 CPI, my cursor would move 400 pixels as a result of one inch of physical mouse movement. However, I am not sure how you derived the constant 2.7128 for 1080p (which is the resolution I play at, by the way).

posted about 5 years ago
#10 Increasing DPI vs. increasing in-game sensitivity in Q/A Help
stabbyIn-game sensitivity is a multiplier. It takes the counts of movement recorded by mouse and multiplies it to determine the final distance your cursor moves.

DPI or CPI = Dots/Counts per inch. Using an in-game sensitivity of "1.0" and a CPI of "400", if you move your mouse one inch your view will move 400 pixels on your display.

If your sensitivity is too high (above 2.7128 for 1920x1080 displays), you will be unable to move your view by one pixel at a time, rather 2+--this is called "pixel skipping".

Do note that higher DPI is not always better. Certain mice have "native" DPI steps which you should use. Most mice also get tracking errors at lower speeds with higher DPI's. And as was mentioned, on multimonitor displays it can cause your cursor to fly onto the other screen out of game (this can be rectified with an .exe called "CursorLock" btw).

So...use the in-game sensitivity that will allow you to use a native DPI step while keeping your in-game under 2.7128 (for other resolutions, use this to calculate the number).

Very informative. Thank you.

My mouse has a customizable CPI, and I am unable to find the sensor's native CPI. What would you recommend in that situation?

posted about 5 years ago
#5 Increasing DPI vs. increasing in-game sensitivity in Q/A Help
downpourcertain dpi values can make you click out of screen more easily
changing in game sens wont make this happen

What do you mean "click out of screen"? I play on fullscreen, if you're referring to windowed mode.

hektikBy increasing cpi instead of in-game sensitivity you will achieve a faster sens without altering the angle each count moves your crosshair. Your sensitivity will still be faster, but without becoming more jumpy/snappy.

At least that's my understanding.

EDIT: I believe Downpour's post is referring to something that's only relevant if you don't use raw input, if you do, the issue doesn't exist.

Could you elaborate a little bit on what "without altering the angle each count moves" means?

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Increasing DPI vs. increasing in-game sensitivity in Q/A Help

What's the difference? I know that both will result in me having to physically move my hand less to turn the same amount in-game, but are there any differences?

posted about 5 years ago
#14 Audio Technica ATH-M50S for $109.99 in Hardware

I bought these recently. Phenomenal pair of headphones. For their price, they have exceptional sound quality, and the manufacturer didn't skip on the build quality either. The only problem with them is that they do not have a microphone like a headset. However, I solved this by purchasing a ModMic and attaching it to the headphones.

posted about 5 years ago