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#70 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
DubThinkWe haven't included older maps in recent surveys because the spot in the map pool isn't open to them - we'd much rather have a map with mixed opinions that's in development and will improve than one that has similarly mixed opinions and will never improve (i.e. granary/badlands).

Maps like reckoner and logjam have been discussed for inclusion in map cups, but are generally pretty static in their current states and have had lukewarm receptions in other regions, so we focused more on maps that have seen less exposure and are newer for this cup.

For the first chunk, if you dont want it to take the place of a new map, could they perhaps be put in a rotation (similar to how you're doing koth maps) with the least liked staple maps? Having something like metalworks come out for a season in order to shift badlands or granary back in for a season would help the map rotation still feel "fresh" from season to season while still being staple maps.

For the second chunk, I understand wanting to look to other leagues for maps like reckoner and logjams reception, but every region is different and map tastes vary region to region (Sticking with metal, I know a lot of NA players who like metal, but for a looooong time it was despised in Australia). I understand focusing on the other maps, but I kind of wish RGL NA players got the chance to play either of these maps to actually form those opinions.

posted 2 days ago
#52 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
alfaWhat if we skipped this whole fucking process and just make a POLL with what maps WE WANT

I didn't ask this directly, but I did ask why are Badlands and Granary not being considered for maps and was told:

RGL Admin"here's the thing, you put back granary or blands it'll poll well with tftv, but not with the playerbase"

My question is... if it doesn't poll well with the player base, why not include it in an actual poll for the player base? Hell, if you really want options, what I would do is:
take entries for maps the community wants to play
run a poll where you choose maximum 4 from the submitted list
run an offseason cup (NOT THE DAY BEFORE THE SEASON) where the 4 maps that won the previous poll are the map pool (like they're doing now, but with community chosen options not admin options)
run a poll where players can vote on which of the 4 maps from the cup they want to play that season.

If granary and badlands really poll poorly with the majority of your player base, then there is no harm including them in a poll, because they wont get voted in.


zx37-announce a season ahead/run pugs-

If you really want us playing a new map, this at least gives us 2 major things:
1. Motivation to playtest them and provide feedback (If the map they pick is broken or needs things changed, feedback can be given and changes can be made before it even sees a minute of match time)
2. Time to actually prepare. (Normally my teams would spend some time in the lead up to the season actually looking over the map and getting a feel before you have to actually play it. The current system is giving us zero time to prep. And either RGL puts it early in the season and forces us to learn quickly, or gives us time but forces us to play the map with serious stakes involved late season.

posted 4 days ago
#43 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

Alright, took some time to look over the maps. My opinion that doesn't matter because we havent actually played them


All 4 need a lot of work IMO, but there's some potential with Mannbase workflow and craneway. I feel like mist needs too much to be viable.

Workflow I'm not a fan of mid from how I think it will play, with a couple tweaks I think second could be solid and a tweak to lobby was my only thought for last.

Mannbase I didn't like last, but the rest of the map I think is the best of what's there.

Craneway intrigues me, but sort of reminds me of budget reckoner. I think the mid could be alright, although it feels relatively condensed due to the big buildings. Second is a little spread, not sure how I feel about it. Last I really dislike the walls on the side of the point.

(I still want to play reckoner or logjam and im sad we never played either in NA)

posted 6 days ago
#21 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

Not a fan of these map moves, would have rather seen reckoner or even log jam get considered. Of course bringing back granary or badlands would be worth considering as well.

I also don't like the fact that they mention Viaduct will be pulled the following season.

posted 1 week ago
#57 What legacy will you leave for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
THEBILLDOZERi spent a lot of time thinking about how i wanted to respond to this thread, because there was a point where i definitely wanted to leave some sort of legacy,

You left a legacy for sure:

The legacy of the Donuggie


posted 3 weeks ago
#15 Tf2 comp history records in TF2 General Discussion
kbtoDreamboat...agreed a thorin type thing where someone with a lot of knowledge discusses players histories and stuff is something i feel like this game really deserves

Personally, I never felt confident in my knowledge to do it myself, and at one point pre covid I felt motivated and pulled a small group together to do it, but then I had a flood and was without my setup for 3 months, and then covid happened and I just haven't had motivation or time to try and do it again.

posted 4 weeks ago
#3 Tf2 comp history records in TF2 General Discussion

I really wanted to get people who had been around for ages, guys like Marxist, the Fragile, eXtine and do a youtube series talking about who old school guys were and what their legacies in the game actually are. Wanted to do something like thorins who is X videos and in cases where the person was accessible doing something like his reflections videos.

The closest we ever got were sideshows brief on the point series and kritzkasts recent talking with ... live stream series is good as well although it is much less sixes focused.

posted 4 weeks ago
#26 rahThread: An honest discussion in Off Topic

rahThreads dont appear at a high enough volume.

We need more.

posted 1 month ago
#13 slippi lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

I found him highly entertaining to pug with. Seems like a good dude.

posted 1 month ago
#18 How did you get into TF2 and then TF2 comp? in TF2 General Discussion

High school friends were all playing TF2 and had to struggle to convince this idiot to play it.
Person on my hockey team found out I played TF2 and suggested we try and play a competitive season. I then was hooked.

posted 1 month ago
#36 What legacy will you leave for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

As much as I'd like to pretend its for something good, it's probably this:


posted 1 month ago
#27 aoshi steps down in TF2 General Discussion
SurnyYeah the problem with "don't do it if you don't want to, nobody is forcing you" is that there's barely anyone that wants to do it in the first place or has the experience to easily take over a crucial role.

The biggest thing i've noticed is on this part is

People say dont do it no one is forcing you
Person listens and steps down
New person doesn't do as well as old person because of lack of experience in the role or the role cant be properly filled
People say WTF why is new person so much worse than old person?

From my personal experience, when I was active casting people would ask for other casters instead of me because they viewed them to be better. Then I ultimately stopped casting but then returned to play on a team a year later, people would then ask me if I was going to come back casting because they perceived me to be better than the casters active at the time. Now, I didn't leave because of criticism, but it's definitely a pattern I've seen regularly.

The other pattern I've seen is that powers that be and talent can have their frustrations develop into an us (people working for the scene) vs them (people in the scene) mentality, or alternatively don't conduct themselves in an endearing way on the forum and can come off as pompous or condescending. An example being Ire, I don't think anyone dislikes the job he's doing running NA coverage (I am out of the loop so I could be off base on this, but from what I've seen he gets games casted and news posts out so something is going right) but comments like the one Reero posted in this thread certainly will sour the view of the community towards him, which in turn leads to increased levels of backlash.

I guess if I'm trying to make a point, the ideal world would be:
community: keep the criticism on those contributing to the scene civil. Keep pushing them to be better and keep telling them how you think they can be better. You can still drive change, but don't call them a stupid motherfucker, and dont try to push them to leave the scene.

talent/staff: Listen to the criticism, dont be condescending, be professional, and for the love of god if someone doesn't like what you do or how you do something, dont tell them to shove it, dont tell them to go elsewhere or dont tell them to do it themselves.

posted 1 month ago
#33 alfredodan lft 6s in Recruitment (looking for team)

Al fredodan pounds. Never heard a bad thing about him either.

posted 1 month ago
#17 zaboomafoo lft in Recruitment (looking for team)
DreamboatYou better not be bailing on me and nehcro...

This guy is super nice and fun to be around. Assuming everything goes forward he's dragged me back to this game twice now after saying id never touch it again.
DreamboatPlease dont pick him up so I can force him to play with me for another season

Both of these again. He actually fucks at demo so hard, I'd love to see what he could do on a high advance low invite team.

I'd also love to see him off class with me on another iteration of frantic. So... yknow, maybe also dont pick him up :D

posted 1 month ago
#4 Food/Esports interview w/eXtine in Off Topic

This is awesome.

Also if anyone gets a chance, definitely try eXtine's hot sauces. He brought me some last time we crossed paths and I LOVED IT, highly recommended.

posted 1 month ago
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