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#10 why are americans obsessed with height in Off Topic

Well it aint like they gonna brag about their weight

posted 7 months ago
#7 burger blocker 9001 in Projects

can i use it on other websites?

posted 8 months ago
#57 Remove NURBEY from the Live Streams list please! in Site Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#8 How to enjoy drinking water? in Off Topic

Put drugs in it

posted 8 months ago
#6 Why do you come to tftv? in Site Discussion

To find out about the most recent player to be exposed as a racist/rapist/pedophile

posted 8 months ago
#9 so aparently... in The Dumpster

posted 9 months ago
#26 I need your terrible inventions in Off Topic

tf2 promod

posted 9 months ago
#48 Halo Reach MCC release date in Other Games

I think its great but #41 is right, High Noon with DMRs is literally the worst thing I have ever played.

posted 9 months ago

start an onlyfans

posted 9 months ago
#34 Hey guys, didn't you hear tf2 is dead? in TF2 General Discussion
SylentAs cool as a promod would be (tf2classic or whatever already exists) (no hats, everyone gets 300 fps on max settings), there's already enough arguments for whitelists and map pools as it is, imagine making a promod with a few hundred people arguing whether or not demo stickies need to be unnerfed in the mod, med scout speed as well as a shitton of other possible changes like nerfing scout/hitscan air knockback, making soldier RJs take less hp, giving pyro a LG or fucking with airblast and all that crap people have been ironically or unironically suggesting over the years. The arguments would never end and more people would be mad than happy

What makes you think everyone gets a say? TF2promod wont be some pathetic democracy where we all sit at a round table having gentlemanly discussions whilst sipping tea and eating scones. TF2promod should be an absolute dictatorship, ran by an icefrog-type figure who makes all the major decisions. Sure people can voice their opinions about "how removing all the crossbow buffs was a step to far". But just know that such dissident talk will get you sent to the gulag (blacklisted from the promod).

posted 9 months ago
#9 we must stop being sexist on the teamfortresstv in Off Topic

Despite making up <1% of the population, gimps account for 100% of /r/tf2 subscribers

posted 9 months ago
#9 Disney+ in Off Topic

its funny how a vpn cos so much less than all of that and piracy is free

posted 10 months ago
#15 Favorite iCarly Ship? in Off Topic

pl4nny platinum x b4nny

posted 10 months ago
#39 Would you kill if God asked you to? in Off Topic
blazeIf "god" is an all-powerful entity that created the universe and approached me, an insignificant being, with such a mindless request.. I would be disappointed. What all-powerful entity would ask you to kill another life form that would ultimately decay and go through the cycle to form life once again?

Its not like your puny mortal mind could ever comprehend the complexities of Gods scheme. This is an all-powerful being, I'm gonna say he knows more than you do.

posted 10 months ago
#19 Communication in Customization

True gamers use push to talk in order to verbally abuse their teammates in moments of rage whilst not bringing the toxicity into the comms. Calling people "retards" off comms allows you to vent and refocus quickly and also won't make the described "retards" play any worse.

posted 10 months ago
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