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#26 What do u want in e-Sports
THEBILLDOZERI like games where you have to keep track of numbers.
If I could hit airshots in pokemon showdown I would never look back

I mean hitting a nasty double switch is a pretty similar adrenaline rush for me haha

posted 3 months ago
#66 really good music thread in Music, Movies, TV
BrockTropical Fuck Storm, this track has these really great Mars Volta / De-Loused in the Comatorium strings with a taste of blond redhead, but the vocals, my god, everything just builds up in this one so well:

if you dig TMV you might like these aussie blokes

posted 5 months ago
#14 Help me pick a stethoscope in Off Topic

fr stunting a littman classic iii while laughing at those peons with a classic ii is the feudal system of medical school

posted 6 months ago
#67 dexit (Pokémon) in Other Games

scarf rotom doesnt work because gyara gets faster with dynamax flying. yeah cinderace when it gets protean is gonna be pretty nasty, pyro ball is some strong stab

posted 7 months ago
#65 dexit (Pokémon) in Other Games

yea giving nec ddance is a fuckin horrid idea

also i came up with a novel counter to gyarados but u cant tell anyone its a secret okay

grass resist berry rotom-w

posted 7 months ago
#62 dexit (Pokémon) in Other Games

yea dmax will have to be banned, there is literally nothing to beat dmax gyara. even scarf ditto loses sometimes because if you dynamax with your scarf you lose the speed in exchange for being able to change moves

posted 7 months ago
#59 dexit (Pokémon) in Other Games

none of that shit in the post above me even comes close to dynamax gyarados
moxie gyara dynamax flying with power whip and crunch coverage is insanity
basically nothing checks it atm, its literally waterfall/bounce/ and then u have to guess if its power whip EQ or crunch
you can even put barrascewda on the same team and if your dyna gyara dies the rain is up for your barrascewda to just slap shit with liquidation

i think hydreigon is better with scarf than nasty plot/dd
choice items are fucked bc if you dynamax you can switch moves????

and yeah dragapult is going to be ubers for sure, he's impossible to speed control and has so many options, insane special coverage, dragon dance sets, really strong typing

yea when cinderace gets protean and rillaboom grassy terrain comes out those guys will be dope absolutely.

sleeper OP is corsola-galar with eviolite. 100 def + sdef and gets all kinds of annoying shit like willowisp. this guy is going to be a goat wall and pure ghost type is really good defensively.

also Hatterene is pretty nutso, magic bounce guy with good setup (tr, calm mind) and lots of coverage (mystical fire lets it exist vs ferro/exca). really good with AV and nuzzle too. TR might be pretty viable there's lots of slow heavy hitting tanks like copperajah and cursola

also if any MFs play ubers necrozma is even more fucked than he was last gen. Last gen he was insane because he could be so many sets that were all really threatening and if you guess wrong you lose. his most threatening set was double dance (SD+rock polish) but that limited his coverage options so he could get walled by skarm. now he gets fucking DRAGON DANCE so he can boost his speed and attack with 1 moveslot and this mf is going to be nasty

posted 7 months ago
#25 Pokemon Sword & Shield Gen 8 in Other Games

i actually don't care what they do (they're certainly committed to bloating the game by adding megas and ignoring them, z moves and ignoring them, now dynamax) but for the love of fuck please just nerf scald

i've said all along that scald should have a 20% chance of lowering attack by 1 stage. why is the only type that is immune to being burned weak to the move? it makes no sense F scald

posted about a year ago
#3 My rock and roll album is finally here! in Music, Movies, TV

the main idea with mastering is to make all the songs on a given record consistent between eachother and optimise them to sound good on as many setups as possible (laptop speakers, fancy headphones, etc...)

essentially you're making all the songs on the album consistent in terms of volume, doing some limiting/compression and maybe some stereo enhancement/gentle eq (usually to the very low and very high frequencies)

posted about a year ago
#32 TF2 is a nice guy in Off Topic

tf2 actually changed my life pretty significantly - the first band i ever joined was through a person i met on tf2, i joined a band i still play in now from a tf2 person i met in 2011 and joining the music scene has become a really integral part of my social and creative life

also just made a bunch of really good irl friends that i met ingame/on teams

posted about 2 years ago
#17 FUNKe: TF2's State of Specialists in TF2 General Discussion

This script went through so many minor revisions and big changes, so I'm glad that people are getting useful discussions out of it at the very least, even if they disagree with some of the points.

posted about 3 years ago
#34 how do i make the boy i like like me back in Off Topic

posted about 3 years ago
#1454 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

I'm too attached to silent alarm so I'm super biased and not really a fan of the production. it's a catchy pop song though, and the chorus is cool. the hi-hat samples are kinda piercing and the vocal delivery is a bit off even for kele standards.

posted about 3 years ago
#10 i made my first knife (and second) in Off Topic

needs a cheesy video of you effortlessly slicing onions and shearing paper in half

joking aside this is really cool and looks really cleanly done

posted about 3 years ago
#41 SGDQ 2016 in Other Games

Yeah this overlay is much more space efficient than previous GDQs, Lange's done a great job

posted about 4 years ago
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