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#27 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

also idk if this would sound crazy, but how about teams switch sides when a team wins a round? I feel it would a way for both teams to play red and blue side equally

posted 3 days ago
#24 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion


bearodactylNoo don't do away with the halves rewind ruleset was good for lan but the half time is super good to allow teams to play strategically and comfortably while still having the possibility to come back and change their approach in the second half. With no halftime the first point that is won is easily the most important and it let's teams easily park the bus and force the other team to do crazy stuff out of desperation with the little time left.

With the half time the team that wins does so because they have actually cracked the other teams defenses and shown themselves to be the better team rather than simply getting lucky on one mid and wiping them and converting it to a round just to park the bus 1-0 with a sniper for the next 20 minutes.

Maybe I'm in the minority but the amount of comebacks I've seen enabled by the half time ruleset completely justifies the downsides (having to play a little longer I guess). Hopefully there's something in the survey though to gauge public opinion on it versus just going with what botmode suggested he wanted and sigafoo said he agreed he liked.

Maybe tac pause should be allowed or come into play more often if teams need some time to rethink their strategy. I know i am no expert on the situation but I feel that if teams were granted 3 1-2 minutes pauses per map it would give teams some time to think of strategies.

posted 3 days ago
#3 Help with disabling Secure boot option on MSI BIOS in Off Topic
PumYou probably already tried this but try setting up any Supervisor password and see if that enables the option.

If it does you can change it to disabled, then you can clear out the Supervisor password (by setting it to blank), and you're done

I tried that just now and sadly it did work. Honestly if there is a way i can add a uefi+legacy option that would be optimal cause most things that im finding state that secure boot is disabled with uefi+legacy

posted 5 days ago
#1 Help with disabling Secure boot option on MSI BIOS in Off Topic

Trying to disable the Secure boot option on my laptop so that I can install linux on the machine. The option is greyed out however and I can't simply disable it from uefi bios. I also don't have an uefi+legacy bios option on my latop sadly either.

posted 5 days ago
#6 ESL NA TF2 League Survey in TF2 General Discussion

5 hours left bois. Honestly anyone that would be fine with playing a free league in general should give this a try. This might be the only chance to have a free league with a somewhat professional platform (not saying that the other free leagues in history have been garbage but having a free league on a professional platform would be the best thing for new players to enjoy competitive tf2)

posted 1 month ago
#17 Avengers Endgame in Music, Movies, TV


posted 1 month ago
#68 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion
Aptdo not let sigafoo run any 6s league that isnt his meme league under any circumstances

Agreed, man dislikes the current 6s format so it would be ludicrous to think he would want to abide to our wants

posted 1 month ago
#9 post-esea theorycrafting / panic room thread in TF2 General Discussion

Honestly I think it's possible for a new na league to exist since the biggest competition is now gone. And maybe there is enough talent on this site to help build one. I myself don't really see myself running a league atm but I'm willing to offer whatever services I can provide for a new league

posted 1 month ago
#59 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion

Man this really motivates me to become a good coder and try to make a better tf2 i dunno everyone this dedicated to tf2 still deserves it at this point

posted 1 month ago
#24 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion

Honestly this could be a good thing maybe, Now we can fully commit to a new league where it might bring better opportunities/environment to your average player. Still it kinda is sad to see an era of 10+ years of tf2 comp to come to an end

highfivefuck dude

Please win.

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It would just be a perfect textbook ending lol
posted 1 month ago
#5 Notre Dame Cathedral Aflame in World Events

Hellfire... Darkfire

posted 2 months ago
#37 Quick! The Ice Cream truck is coming!! in Off Topic

posted 2 months ago
#30 Minecraft? in Other Games

Idk if you could ever make this but I remember playing a Halo pvp mod of minecraft and it was the best thing to me when I was like 13-14 years old, I played that shit religiously lol

I'm not a fan of the guy but this was the mod that I played a lot back then

posted 2 months ago
#76 Mass shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand in World Events

Holy fucking shit that image pisses me off, one cause fuck that guy for killing people and making a meme out of it, and two how the fuck did the ok meme become a white supremacist symbol in the media's eyes?

posted 3 months ago
#75 Mass shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand in World Events

I agree with a lot of your statements, but I wanna just say somethings since not every issue black and white (i'm sure you know that but I wanna just throw that sentiment in)

#1 Not every nazi was purely a nazi. Germany had been going through tough times economically. Also the nazi party was gaining power, so to join a group that offered a solution (not a good one mind you) to the economic problems of germany, and the fact that they were gaining power such it would be tempting to join because either A you want in on that power or B be forced to join because you don't want to be an outcast.

#2 Everything you have said could be flipped flop for both sides. Many outlets Demonize what would be normal conservatives as well as christian faith and radical Muslims have done attacks in the name of their religion or intolerance (Orlando Nightclub shooting and boston bombing, etc.) Not saying that any attacks on white supremacy is wrong btw or that people need to calm down on the white supremacy issue. Anything bad should be shut down no matter how many times it happens.

Basically issues like these are hard to put blame on someone/something. It's just important to just not immediately shut down a side for voicing their opinion

posted 3 months ago
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