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#1540 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

Grandpa is pissed was automatically assigned to team BLU
Grandpa is pissed : GOD DAMN KIDS ON MY LAWN

posted 10 months ago
#79 Please have S37 in autumn 2020. in TF2 General Discussion

RGL isn't an option for me because I now work closer shifts, would just like to be able to play on a team again and make some friends across the pond that I can hang out with when LANs finally start happening again :(

posted 10 months ago
#9 witness lft high main/low adv in Recruitment (looking for team)

really nice and caring dude, super friendly and has a really good team mentality :)

posted 10 months ago
#3 Tips on making a decent TF2 production in Q/A Help

CastingEssentials and a HUD that utilizes its features are gonna be your best bet when it comes to in-game observing quality graphically/utility-wise. your best bet at the moment is CastingEssentials r21-red06 and EssentialsHUD.

CastingEssentials and the HUD will both go in your tf\custom folder, and you will need to launch the game with the


launch option. This means that you will be required to join in an STV slot and cannot directly spectate on the game server.

The other utility you'll need is a production config to actually take advantage of the CE plugin. As an example I've linked the config I was using during ESEA S27-31 to spectate games; the most important sections to look at (CE Commands and Binds) are all commented out. There's also pretty good documentation for how stuff works on the CE Wiki.

If you have any other questions about in game spectating, or have other production-related questions feel free to DM me on steam/TFTV. I'm sure there are plenty of other producers/observers that would be happy to throw you some info as well

posted 10 months ago
#3 any support for a cp_badlands return? in TF2 General Discussion

as much as I know some dislike badlands, especially the difficulty in pushing out of last, I think it would be nice to see it back in the map cycle after a few seasons of it missing. It's been interesting to explore new maps like clearcut and villa, but a lot of public opinion has been mixed on how these maps play out and it might even feel refreshing to come back to the map after nearly a year out of the map pool in North America.

posted 10 months ago
#158 yomps has passed away. in TF2 General Discussion

Every time I stepped into an STV for a match cast or production your name was the first that my head would go to watching a fight. Genuinely one of the most talented players of all time both on soldier and scout. Beyond that you seemed like a genuinely nice guy on stream and had an entire community of people who loved you.

Rest in peace yomps.

posted 10 months ago
#13 yomps cancels reservation at Dorsia, branslam gets in touch in News

posted 11 months ago
#2 stream change in Requests


posted 11 months ago
#3 stream request in Requests

added to sidebar

posted 11 months ago
#2 name change :) in Requests

changed from Cheeseier_ to 22imon

posted 11 months ago
#2 Fight Songs Expansion + Music sheets in TF2 General Discussion
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fuck sibelius, MuseScore and Finale gang only

this is actually super sick ngl, will be peeping the PDFs for sure

posted 11 months ago
#2 Name change in Requests

name changed from Aaron234425 to Jsix

posted 11 months ago
#3 stream request in Requests

added both back to sidebar

posted 11 months ago
#2 stream request in Requests

Name changed from Blame-_- to tiram_

stream added to sidebar

posted 11 months ago
#2 name change request in Requests

changed from robingoeschirp to krit

posted 11 months ago
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