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#80 NA Invite Top 100: Hub Post in News
glasssorry to bump, could you update the hub post with the last two links?

issue has been resolved

posted 1 month ago
#46 if u could see 1 retired tf2 player play again in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#13 RGB 5 LAN Photos in LAN Discussion

Left to right: MarioManz, Themicrocheeze, MikeLowrie, Connie-, Rogue, DolphiN

posted 1 month ago
#90 RGB LAN 5 (January 2023) in LAN Discussion
cayorneTheFragilewas super fun, although next time logs would be nice, i dont know anything about the server hosting situation so if sourcemod is too heavy its chill

from what I understand, the reason the server issues were persistent was due to them being reliant on TFTrue (being based on the same setup we had at RGB4 from what I know) and TFTrue no longer being maintained; Had not forseen this as I had imagined I would have had to give the full installs from scratch for servers when asked to help, and tried to scramble and send over the correct packages between groups and playoffs while running production but am unsure if those changes that got pushed ever did anything significant to fix the issue.

For RGB6, the plan is likely to find a new dedicated TF2 server op during the weekend (a role DubThink and before that drshadowpuppet filled) to avoid having the issues we did this weekend.

posted 1 month ago
#5 RGB lan shoutouts thread in LAN Discussion

Shoutouts to LANFest for providing (among other things, they made this event so sick) prizing for TF2, cameras and headsets for the stream, a small kickback to casters and production helpers, and a bigger platform for us to grow our charity fundraising efforts. RGB6@TMG is gonna be insane, keep an eye out.

Shoutouts to everyone who came over and helped with the stream (in no particular order, Themicrocheeze, MarioManz, DolphiN, Rogue, tonyb). We really wouldn't have been able to have a stream without you guys, and i'm excited to see what RGB6 will allow us to refine.

Shoutouts to Prograde for taking me to microcenter for stream things, and for providing a super chill environment via the BBQ. Good vibes and good food, was a nice break from the high energy in the venue.

Shoutouts to hypnosis and MarioManz for vibing at Hooters on Sunday (and shoutouts to b4nny Football POV)

Shoutouts to Lou for the mini duckies! They invaded everywhere including the caster desk and it was great!

Shoutouts to RainofLight for always being pleasant to chill and talk with, always a friendly face i look forward to.

Shoutouts to wG6-150 for bringing home the gold, and shoutout to healthy hebrews for putting up a fight in the final!

Shoutouts to all of my fellow RGB staff for making all of the rest of our non-stream gears turn. The community we are building with this LAN is amazing and its amazing every event to see more and more TF2 players engaging with our broader community.

Its 1am monday in my hotel so if i missed ur name it is simply brain gone mode

Monday morning update:
Shoutouts to Fireside Casts for helping provide coverage while we were putting on PUBG and CSGO on saturday morning/afternoon, as scuffed as the STVs were glad that we got to showcase most of the TF2 tournament.

Shoutouts specifically to jayy for organizing and octet for providing an on-site STV tunnel

Shoutouts to saam and tracker for being the realest ones, was solid vibing w y'all. Next LAN will match yall :)

posted 1 month ago
#81 RGB LAN 5 (January 2023) in LAN Discussion

The caster application form is now open! If you are attending the event in-person and would like to cast (TF2 or otherwise), you must submit an application.

posted 2 months ago
#40 wats yr fav old-school tf2 vid? in TF2 General Discussion

can't believe this is turning 10 this year

posted 2 months ago
#47 wat is ur least fav comp map u have played in TF2 General Discussion

HL - glassworks
6s - cp_cardinal, pl_tapline (that wierd tap-to-push PL map from the TFTV New Map Cup)
4s - plr_hysteria, sd_doomsday

posted 2 months ago
#57 RGB LAN 5 (January 2023) in LAN Discussion

team spreadsheet, if you have a team going or are LFT and wanna be added to the LFT page DM me on discord (Connie#0420)

posted 3 months ago
#2 name change in Requests

changed from "MarioManzofAwesome" to "MarioManz"

posted 3 months ago
#5 i want to delete this thread in Requests

As responded to in Discord, the thread will remain up, barring reason to lock such as obsessive derailing or excessive posts breaking rules/guidelines.

posted 3 months ago
#1 DH Atlanta 2022 Thank You Thread in LAN Discussion

Just woke up hungover in my hotel room so not going to make my full post but wanted to get the ball running, been a fucking hell of an event.


Shoutouts to broadcastTF/EssentialsTF for putting this on and involving me this weekend. Been a hell of a ride trying to help build out the NA LAN circuit and I am grateful to have been brought on once again. Jon, ArchRhythm, Drhappiness, Kirstysoda, and eepily have been putting a ton of effort and investment into NA and are making waves, can't wait for what the future holds for us.

Shoutouts to eXtine for providing YaoooSauce, good vibes, and some great casts on a slew of games this weekend. Sometimes it really doesn't feel like a *proper* TF2 event without your voice.

Shoutouts to Scream for finally being able to meet after playing on my first *real* competitive team with you. Been amazing to watch you go from bottom open playoffs with us to the absolute monster scout u are now, love u to death <3

Shoutouts to AvoidJoker for being just about the most versatile LAN staff here, from casting to producing to observing to playing, literally did it all this weekend. Actually just built different.

Shoutouts to ire and nyna for making it out for y'all's first LAN event, had the best time spending the weekend with you 2 and hoping we can reunite soon.

Shoutouts to greg club. greg club

Shoutouts to G6 for being ballers and taking home the gold while putting on a super entertaining show

Shoutouts to Rumpus and Millie for coming on and casting day 2, y'all were great and it's always nice to see new faces get to shine as LAN talent.

Shoutouts to all of the non-TF2 people who helped make this weekend successful, between Narith and DefenderNull from RGB LAN and all of our BYOC casters and observers, we would not have been able to pull DreamHack off without you guys.

Will probably edit with more later but tummy hurt, can't wait for next LAN, CU@RGB5 and hopefully CU@ DH San Diego

posted 3 months ago
#65 favorite teammate in TF2 General Discussion

entropy, ChaseDuck, DubThink, Scream + JDuff

posted 4 months ago
#2 name change in Requests

based name change, you do you homie
changed from CaptainZidgel to MozzarellaFireFox

posted 4 months ago
#20 TF2 LAN LA SOURCE#2, 11th and 12th November in LAN Discussion
twiikuu@TFTV mods, why is every other November LAN global stickied and this is only category stickied?

oversight on my part when i went to do category sticky fixes for this/RGB/RCADIA LAN, will fix now

posted 5 months ago
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