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#2 Name change in Requests

changed name from aleph to Fw

posted 1 month ago
#67 rahThread: The story behind your alias in Off Topic
i65 ama12 year old me wanted to make a YouTube channel about the xbox360 vs ps3 vs Wii called ConsoleWarsGamer bc I was a Nintendo fan and wanted to point out Nintendo fucks. Carried through as my username on steam when I discovered competitive tf2 and downloaded the game. Shortened to TF2Console when I started helping host pugs and got interested in moving up from UGC to ESEA, and went to Console- because everyone just called me Console- in pugs and I had friends that put dashes in their name for stylizing.

Came out as trans, shifted from Console- to Connie :)

posted 2 months ago
#5 lf valorant friendos in Off Topic


posted 2 months ago
#11 what's the best tf2 server provider atm? in Q/A Help

Between 2015 and 2017 was using a St Louis server from, occasionally would find someone with poor routing (frenzy had poor routing from southern florida, only person off the top of my head I can remember complaining at the time) but overall never had any issues with the server. Don't know how their service is nowadays but they were pretty reliable for me when I was running teams and PUGs, used it basically daily through those 2 years.

posted 2 months ago
#16 Team Jerseys in Off Topic

these are super sick and I absolutely love seeing them, however statusSpec hasn't been updated in years and there was a *shitton* of work put into in-game team jerseys, especially every time we had new teams or new orgs pick up teams

Unfortunately a lot of the time when a thread pops up and asks "why don't we do x anymore?" there's one of two pretty conclusive answers

1) said action was a hardcore time/effort sink and there's no one with the knowledge, freetime, and drive to do it for free
2) no one's running around with the money to pay anyone to work these projects

I think that these would be definitely neat to bring back for major events (Prem/Invite playoffs, online cups with large draws, LAN events) but unless someone with the skillset decides to work on it I don't see these coming back

posted 2 months ago
#30 Shoutouts thread in TF2 General Discussion

Shoutouts To SimpleFlips

posted 4 months ago
#4 RGL HL S8 W2 Challenger Power Rankings in News

go fygg! <3

posted 5 months ago
#2 stream request in Requests

Hello -Toss, unfortunately you do not meet the criteria required to be added to the sidebar, specifically:

enigma, Stream Request Guidelines and FormatStreams:
- Be an active member of our community (an account at least 90 days old OR having at least 30 posts)

Once you have fulfilled this requirement feel free to bump this thread with a reply or submit a new request thread.

posted 5 months ago
#2 stream request in Requests

added to sidebar, looking forward to seeing y'alls coverage :D

posted 5 months ago
#2 name change in Requests

changed from MisterDanny to danny
inactive user danny changed to danny01

posted 5 months ago
#2 Name Change in Requests

changed from GyroThesia to Miffty

posted 5 months ago
#15 please help me cure my addiction in Customization

spongebob HUD has similarities, only way I was able to wean myself off the last few months; also a rayshud gamer since 2014 so I respect the drip

posted 5 months ago
#2 server request -- deathmatch server in Requests

added to server list

posted 5 months ago
#2 name change in Requests

changed from feroKMA to rmx

posted 6 months ago
#5 console won't open in Q/A Help

posted 6 months ago
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