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#13 Hackers in dm in TF2 General Discussion
hooliget a demo next time

asianriceguy is an insanely good player and definitely strikes me as the kind of guy who would only call someone out for cheating if it was blatant.

posted 1 day ago
#9 does nvidia lod tweak increase fps? in Q/A Help
creeprootthanks comanglia
btw whats match hud again

It's the part of the hud that shows what classes your teammates are on, how long of a respawn they have, how much HP they have and how many people on the enemy team are dead and what class they were playing when they died.

posted 1 day ago
#7 does nvidia lod tweak increase fps? in Q/A Help
creeproothm. then what more is there to increase fps noticably after configs and overclocking? do you know?

OS tweaks and minimizing background programs

Ex. Setting a PC to high performance in power options, closing all background programs (chrome, mouse drivers, anti-virus software)

I guess technically you go the hacking route of it and inject lower poly models and replace particles with nothing, very likely to get you VAC banned though and can cause all kinds of bugs; definitely not worth the trouble.

And while technically a config thing, if you really want the max fps you can get make sure you turn off the showfps and netgraph commands along with the match hud.

cl_showfps 0
net_graph 0
tf_use_match_hud 0

If you find you really like having the match hud at times you can bind it to a key to toggle on/off.

bindtoggle KEY tf_use_match_hud 0 1

note: toggling this part of the hud on or off will cause a significant dip in FPS for a short period ~1s.

posted 1 day ago
#3 Crit boosted ambassador also has damage falloff in Q/A Help
EoNheadshots and therefore crits for amby were nerfed a long time ago

I'm aware of this, but this isn't how the ambassador was noted in the jungle inferno patch

That being said the ingame notes seem to imply that all crits are effected.

Basically the notes say Headshots specifically not all crits, but the ingame description "Critical damage is affected by range" implies all crits.

posted 1 day ago
#1 Crit boosted ambassador also has damage falloff in Q/A Help

As can be seen in this clip, I get kritz'd and I hit a 99 damage shot on a scout.

Granted this shot was also a headshot so it may have still done 102 if it wasn't a headshot. Need further testing but seems like a really dumb bug to me.

Things that need to be tested.

1. All ambassador crit shots have damage falloff.
---A. May only apply to shots that have no spread?
2. Ambassador crit boosted headshots are still subject to falloff while crit boosted bodyshots are not.
---A. Do crit boosted headshots beyond 1200 units do non-crit damage?
------I. Do crit boosted headshots beyond 1200 units do full crit damage?
---B. Do crit boosted shots that hit the head hitbox but are not the first no spread shot (thus not technically being
capable of a headshot) are treated like a headshot with falloff or not at all?
3. Do crit boosted shots of any kind do non-crit damage beyond 1200 units?

posted 1 day ago
#80 ESEA Open S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
alfaJohn_Milter is just a fucking savant to you guys. I could point out a lot of dumb shit all of the teams we beat did but I guess at the end of the day any argument is negated by John_Milter's phallus according to all these posts. What an unstoppable force of nature that man is.

Let me fix this for you.

alfaJohn_Milter is just a fucking invite player to you guys. I could point out a lot of OPEN level shit all of the OPEN teams we beat with 2 former Invite players, but I guess at the end of the day any argument is negated by John_Milter's experience according to all these posts. What an unstoppable force former invite players are in OPEN.

Like I would get the argument if you guys dropped down to IM or if you were IM players going into open. Hell I had no issues with you playing open cause 1. you've been gone for so long and 2. you were the only player with that kind of experience.

1 last thing.
True or False. "MrPoPos Newbie Mix" team would have lost vs BLANC and JuJu's team with ANY other scout in OPEN as a replacement for JM.

posted 4 days ago
#71 ESEA Open S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
gloperzmr_popostuffhe kinda has a point...
jm also on soldier this season so i think people are overreacting

jm was on backup last season and probably wasn't going to play at all and definitely not become a starter according to Alfa.

Mr.Popo can say whatever about any of the individual rounds, if literally any other scout in open was playing in JM's place for that match they would've lost both maps. While we had issues the only reason those issues were exploited so well was because of JM and Alfa not some established or insane new open/low-im players.

Snakewater JM stats
54 Kills (+19 over the next closest player)
297.1 DPM (+42 over the next closest player Alfa)

Gullywash JM stats
56 Kills (+18 over the next closest player)
331.2 DPM (+17 over the next closest player Alfa)

The vast majority of the "chokes" we had was JM literally out braining/DMing us with support from Alfa.

mr_popoI suppose you can close you eyes and put all the blame on the two evil sandbaggers for your loss. But if you never own up to your mistakes you never improve.

That's some strawman + cognitive dissonance right there. Talking about why/how a match is lost is exactly how you begin to improve. What was the biggest factor in Blanc's eSports loss? Being outplayed by John Milter. How do we counter that? Better DM , gamesense and teamplay. After that specify things to adjust/practice to improve on those aspects. Does any of that change the outcome of that match? No cause we already lost it and why? John Milter.


Also we did improve we played pretty much identical iterations of your team on gullywash 2 weeks apart and went from losing 5-2 to losing 5-4.

posted 4 days ago
#9 Lenovo 1440p 240Hz 0.5ms GtG monitor in Hardware
Artz_HispanianAny recommendations for a 240hz? 27in+ preferred

Currently the only ones I know are available are

$599 - BenQ XL2740
$599 - Acer Predator XB272
$449 - LG 27GK750F
*prices are the MSRP

All of them are 1080p, the BenQ has the + of being on the "G-Sync compatible" list from Nvidia so enabling G-Sync on it should be relatively easy. Even if you don't enable it the compatibility approval means that the monitor actually has pretty decent OverDrive settings and relatively minimal pixel overshoot.

I personally wouldn't get the LG one 2ms rated GtG and LG tends to make pretty meh gaming monitors.

Otherwise you have to wait for the coming 1440p 240Hz 27in monitors of which I wouldn't be surprised to see one from basically all the typical brands Acer, ASUS, BenQ and a strong likely hood of seeing Samsung, LG, Dell and Viewsonic along with the already mentioned Lenovo monitor all here in the next 6 - 18 months.

posted 1 week ago
#7 Lenovo 1440p 240Hz 0.5ms GtG monitor in Hardware
Twiggywhats the point of esports in 1440p? Nobody plays it for its graphics. Marketing error imo. I'd go as far as saying playing esports on a monitor that large is a disadvantage because it requires more eye movement.

What makes you think this is targeted at eSports specifically?

HDR? - almost everyone is used to 8bit (6bit + RFC) in esports already and this offers no real advantage anyway

Actual G-Sync module. - BenQ studied this specifically and they found the vast majority of pro and upcoming FPS players specifically didn't want/didn't use this feature.

1440p monitors is going to be where it's at for high refresh gaming for the next ~4 years, and potentially longer. 2160p requires to much graphical power, and requires to much bandwidth on video cables

To save myself time I'm going to quote a reddit post I made

Show Content
ComangliaIt's hard to say "when" after reading alot of the comments that have been here for a few months it seems people are neglecting a few details. 1440p 240Hz WILL be a thing.

Why? 1080p is a dying market, now it's not going to die fast BUT for high-end eSport targeted monitors almost none of them will be 1080p in a year or so and with basically every top FPS player in the world using or wanting a 240Hz monitor 4k WILL NOT be the resolution of choice it just takes to much bandwidth 1440p on the other hand is already technically doable especially if you want to start to throw in things like 10bit (8-bit + FRC) with no subsampling and 4k at anything over 120Hz just isn't going to happen for awhile with that kind of support at those refresh rates.

Lets take the ASUS PG27UQ the top of the line gaming focus 4k monitor. It supports 144Hz, G-Sync, 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) etc. But it can't do all of that at the same time. Going past ~98Hz on the monitor makes it either lose 10-bit color and go to 8-bit or you start using chroma sub-sampling 4:2:2 at 144Hz you HAVE to use Chroma sub-sampling but you can still use the 10bit color space. At this point I must ask... Why? 4:2:2 2160p should have the same amount of color information as 4:4:4 1440p assuming same bit-rate. TL;DR good, high refresh, plus 4k is a LONG way off.

Basically the eSport niche of wanting super high refresh rates + general consumer demands is going to cause the death of 1080p panels in the 22in-30in range should lead to 1440p panels with 240Hz since 1080p 240Hz already exists and no one at the top level of a esport will downgrade refresh rate for more pixels.

A 24-27in 1440p panel with true 8-bit or 8-bit + FRC that's capable of doing 240Hz + Freesync or G-Sync would likely be a major success. Hell 24in 1440p would have enough PPI to have pixels be indistinguishable for ~50% of users at their normal view distance.

Tangent about DP I also wouldn't get my hopes up to high with DP 1.5 for 4k beyond 120Hz 8-bit (let alone 10-bit) technically speaking the PG27UQ is operating outside of spec for DP 1.4 at 120Hz (8-bit 4:4:4) with ~9.9Gbps per channel where DP 1.4 which uses HBR3 is specified for ~8.1Gbps per channel. Given how VESA has been pushing the spec of DP and what is already being said about DP 1.5 it'll likely be ~10.8Gbps per channel 4k 144Hz 8bit would still require more than this at 12Gbps. But DP 1.5 assuming it's 10.8Gbps would be enough for 1440p 10-bit 240Hz (think about that a HDR 240Hz panel with about 110-125ppi)

Links to various sources PPI (Pixels Per Inch) calculator
Display Bandwidth calculator
VESA specification sheet for DP (check page 13)

The 240Hz and the 0.5ms GtG are their mostly to say that it IS a definitive upgrade over any previous gaming 1440p panel and since it's 1440p it already distinguishes itself from other 1080p 240Hz panels.

Plus the whole thing about 27in being to large is actually really wrong, before 240Hz monitors were released an extremely large portion of CSGO pros used 27in 1080p 144Hz monitors.

posted 1 week ago
#7 Other Gamers Traveling to LA/Hanging in the Area? in TF2 General Discussion
Tery_dot_for real though the airlines wouldnt even refund you with credit?
Obligatory fuck American Airlines

I 2nd this motion.

posted 1 week ago
#3 Lenovo 1440p 240Hz 0.5ms GtG monitor in Hardware
Nvidia will be allowing users to use "G-Sync" on all vesa adaptive sync (this includes freesync) monitors if you manually configure it in the drivers in the next driver update that's expected to be released on January 15th.
i'm not that smart but does this mean I would be able to use g-sync on the freesync monitor I have?

most likely if you set it up correctly in the next driver update.

No idea exactly how it's done yet but I look forward to trying.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Lenovo 1440p 240Hz 0.5ms GtG monitor in Hardware

Lenovo Legion Y27gq

LenovoThe Lenovo Legion Y27gq is an ultrapowerful monitor that elevates your gaming experience. This monitor is designed to dominate with an impeccable blend of 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response time, and the latest NVIDIA®️ G-SyncTM HDR technology. This 27-inch gaming monitor with its NearEdgeless QHD display and detachable Harman Kardon certified speaker takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Some extra specs I've been digging up.

TN panel
0.5ms GtG with OD and 3ms GtG without OD for comparison most 1ms TN panels are 1ms GtG with OD and 5ms GtG without OD.

most likely 10bit color (8bit + RFC)

Since this monitor has the actual G-Sync chipset on it this means it will have really really good VRR as well as an auto controlled OD setting to Nvidia Certification spec requirements, so a lot of things like Ghosting, Blanking, and other artifacts common among alot of other non-gsync TN panels that use vesa adaptive sync (this includes freesync) should not occur or be a lot less noticeable.

But since it is

  1. 27in
  2. 2560x1440
  3. 240Hz
  4. G-Sync
  5. HDR

Expect having to put a 2nd mortgage on your house, selling your car and walking to work, and selling at least 1 of your kidneys in order to afford this.


Nvidia will be allowing users to use "G-Sync" on all vesa adaptive sync (this includes freesync) monitors if you manually configure it in the drivers in the next driver update that's expected to be released on January 15th.

Update Jan. 10th 2019

TFT CentralThe Y27gq is expected to be available around April at a retail price of $999.99 USD.


posted 1 week ago
#201 The Mouse/Mousepad Thread v2 in Hardware
ScrewballWhat's the current meme lightweight (around 80 grams or less) mouse at a reasonable price for large hands and fingertip grip? My Ninox Venator started disconnecting during scrims today and my backup mouse (g302) i HATE WITH THE FORCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS OF HATEFUL FURY. Needs to be CHEAP. I don't have much money ATM so the Air58 is out of the question.

Some options (basically I'm looking for stuff close to or less than 80g that's $60 or less for the majority of this list)

Not Released Yet
Glorious Odin $50 sub 70g supposedly Q1 this year rumor is PMW3360
Ninox Astrum 70g-75g depending on configuration PMW3360

Questionable Quality/Sensors

Cooler Master
MasterMouse S ~80g with weight removed? otherwise it's 89g PMW3330

Mad Catz
R.A.T 1+ 60g no sensor listed but probably something bad
R.A.T 2+ 70g PMW3325
R.A.T S3 80g PMW3330

Aurora ~70g ADNS-3090

Zowie ZA13 ~80g PMW3310 $60 though

Requires some modding

Impact ~84g PMW3310
Sica ~83g PMW3310

Harpoon ~85g PMW3320

G100s off eBay Also would need to remove the 10g internal weight to get it to ~75g, though you would be limited to 500Hz and a pretty miserable max tracking speed.

G203 normally $40 and I've seen this as low as $25. Starts at 85g, has some older style LED lighting with relatively large bulbs, could clip those out and get it to around 83g pretty quickly and probably remove several other bits of plastic if you looked for them.

Abysuss V2 $35 from Razer 83g PMW3329 (Razer's version of 3325) pretty sure you would have to drill holes/sand all kinds of crap to get below 80g

Good Sensors

Dream Machine
DM 3 Mini ~77g PMW3360 (can't seem to find in NA)

Requires some modding

G403 I've seen this get as low $40 recently might be a pain to find for less than $50 currently. Starts at 87.3g removing the plastic weight cover and magnets for holding it in place + removing alot of the plastic on the bottom of the mouse for the weight holding area will get the mouse at or just below 80g.

There's a ton of other mice that are really close to 80g and small changes can easily get them there but most of them are ~$55 or more

DM 1 FPS ~83g PMW3389
DM 1 Pro S ~85g PMW3360
Nixeus Revel ~85g PMW3360 $35 right now on amazon
Zowie Divina S2 ~83g PMW3360

posted 1 week ago
#31 worst config thread in Customization

wtf I want gold rocks...

posted 1 week ago
#3 NVIDIA Game Filter in Off Topic
kevinkruse26This is really great work. Thank you for sharing such a good and useful information here methodology dissertation in the blog for students.

this user has been signed up on here for about 6 months and has 2 posts (1 of which I presume is nuked) yet somehow isn't banned?

posted 1 week ago
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