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#109 Problem with RGL Policy in TF2 General Discussion
dbki feel like yall have constantly found SOMETHING to be mad about since rgl started, like even when I agree i cant help but feel there will still be people crying regardless of the situation. the only reason people didnt do this with esea is there was never an opportunity to do so.

No the reason people didn't do this shit in esea is because if you were to much of a massive idiot lpkane would start handing out permanent "refunds". Even after he stopped doing much on esea admins usually just ignored your complaints or told you to deal with it. Exception being Tri who had way to much on his plate anyway.

posted 5 days ago
#61 Problem with RGL Policy in TF2 General Discussion
edinits unbelievable how people on tftv literally can not read or understand a single concept unless they are specifically addressed and babied

rgl is spreading lies about cember and people like rebite just spread the lies even more calling him out for "using slurs"

first of all you need to learn to read and second of all you need to grow up

Pretty sure I read this correctly.

VirgilHere is what caused him to be banned (seen in chat here

PREDICTABO! the ni you fuckin
PREDICTABO! and that other ni you fuckin

So if RGL and Rebite are lying what is "ni" supposed to mean then edin? It sure as fuck isn't Nickel. Perhaps a typo but the only word I can imagine being typed that can lead to that typo is "no" but that word doesn't fit with the rest of those 2 statements.

Maybe you're just trying to be ultra pedantic with the "using slurs" part because technically cember didn't use a slur he used an abbreviation and that's a reference to a slur. Either way he still deserved a ban.

edinrgl took cembers money, his teams money, banned him for a meme, spread lies about him, and still you guys somehow make cember the villain

Cember and his team all gave money to RGL and then cember broke a rule and got banned for it after the season began. Maybe the RGL wording wasn't 1000% correct but it's hard to have sympathy for someone who should've known better from the get go and should've known exactly what could happen due to their own teammates having done similar things recently.

VirgilHe hangs out with bad boys. Ok, so this one implies it has NOTHING to do with who he is or how he acts, the ONLY thing that matters is that he plays with Scratchh and Ekh0.

Of course cember's given extra scrutiny. Literally all it takes is someone saying "scratch's team again... look at this" and bam the entire chat from the log is looked at for ALL players. Technically people who consistently scrim and have matches against this team are also subjected to additional scrutiny because of this as well.

VirgilIf this is the case, then RGL is treating players unfairly, and doesn't actually consider a players actions when handing out punishment

Sounds like they actually did look at his action and also considered his background with a bunch of other players who've been banned and warned for this exact same behavior multiple times. Can cember really say he didn't know what could happen if he displayed ANY signs of toxic behavior?

VirgilThis implies that the teammates you play with is more important than your own actions, which is just kind of bullshit, especially if you have NO history of toxic behavior.

A real argument could be had here if cember hadn't been playing with people who've received this exact same ban before just earlier this month and further back and has been playing with them for quite awhile now. Hell I'd be inclined to agree with you if this was cembers first season with these guys, or if he was a 2nd string backup who's never played with them before or if cember was on a team where other players didn't have a history of this and hadn't played with players like scratch for a few seasons.

VirgilFurthermore, consider the fact that his punishment history is "consistent behavior problems", which implies that him hanging out with people is a BEHAVIOR problem, which is just kind of gross tbh.

How many times has cember tolerated literally all of the behavior problems of his teammates? I can only imagine how numerous the number of times he tolerated and turned a blind eye/ear to this.
Has cember ever reported any of his teammates for said behavior problems that could lead to bans? I doubt it, but idk.
Did cember display said behavior problem his same teammates have consistently had? On the 19th he definitely did.
Did cember know what would happen if he or his teammates continued said behavior? He should have and if he didn't he's incredibly naive.

posted 6 days ago
#23 The TF2 Aimbot Crisis in Videos
4hpin eu we're talking about people coding bots to flood casual and make it unplayable, I imagine it's not even that much of a time waster for them once the bots are functional. Idk if they feel important knowing valve won't stop them so they can effectively grief thousands of people at the same time, or if they developed a hate for the game and want to run it to the ground.

Either way I'm pretty convinced this is a bigger threat to the future of tf2 than anything that happens in the comp community. Pubs are the heart of the game.

I can't remember where I saw it but the last time this happened with catbots the maker said they were doing it because they wanted to force valve to do something about the game. Can't find the exact source on that but there's some posts from the catbot maker on tftv

Only Valve can update VAC to be effective enough or patch these exploits. Probably they think it's just not worth the money and it's better to grab another bunch of community-made items, pack them into a tiered cosmetic case and get some more profits instead, they've been doing that for a while already and it works good (for them).

You can loosely infer what I said above from this quote. Pretty sure there's a more straight forward post/screenshot of chat somewhere though.

I'm not saying this is the right way to get Valve to do anything with the game and clearly at this point for as long as this has been going on it doesn't seem to be working anyway. Sucks for everyone trying to play on those servers though :/

zandait's pretty bad even on NA servers. today I was trying to pub + 7/10 games I played had at least one hacker

The handful of times I've ran into someone obviously cheating in NA servers they all seem to have been an actual human player and not just some bot with a pathing AI/script

posted 1 week ago
#23 NVIDIA and ASUS team up for 360hz monitor in Hardware
SetsulWell it is G-Sync, which is pretty much the only sensible way to run 200+ Hz. Constant 360+ fps obviously aren't going to happen.

And in all fairness you should look at the 24.5" 240 Hz panels, which are slightly faster, but I still expect the overdrive voltage necessary to hammer it down below 3ms to do terrible things to the overshoots.

Perhaps you're right but even the reviewed 24.5in Panels still fail to meet a margin for 360Hz in over 40% of possible transitions.

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q
Asus ROG Swift PG258Q
Acer Nitro XF252Q
AOC AGON AG251FZ (this monitor has really bad RTC overshoot at the OD settings you would need to use for 240Hz or even 144Hz as the lower ones are to slow)

Of those 4 the Asus PG278Q is the most consistent in terms of pixel transition only 2/30 transitions TFT central reported wouldn't be able to be within the timeframe for 240Hz. However 21/30 wouldn't be within the time frame for 360Hz.

The Acer Nitro XF252Q has 3/30 transitions that can't meet that time interval for 240Hz. However and this is where you're technically correct it fairs better on average for 360Hz where only 14/30 can't transition within the 360Hz refresh time. Of those 4 monitors this the only monitor where the pixel response time on at least 1 transition was so slow that it would still be present after 2 refreshes at 360Hz (255 to 200 transition = 5.8ms). On a bit of tangent but this certainly seems like the best 240Hz TN in terms of overall pixel response time and how rarely RTC overshoot happens.

Side note for people who're wondering "What is RTC overshoot?" This is the amount a pixel overshoots it's desired tone and TFT central displays this as a percentage. The AOC AGON AG251FZ has the worst transition from the tone level 50 to tone level 200 at 49.8% which means it reached tone level ~274 before settling back to 200.

This is an image that shows the PG278Q with it's various OD settings. Off is when the pixel transition is to slow but there's no overshoot. Normal is close to perfect for minimal overshoot and pixels transitioning fast enough. Extreme is really bad overshoot.

posted 2 weeks ago
#19 NVIDIA and ASUS team up for 360hz monitor in Hardware


I can only assume this is going to cost far to much to even remotely justify it barring FPS professional players, perhaps even professional players in Racing games?

But even FPS professional players what games with active competitive scenes can actually achieve 300+ FPS, let alone 360+ when you actually need/want it? Especially if said players are using LAN PCs that haven't exactly been setup to really be able to push that kind of FPS, afaik LAN PCs even for CSGO majors don't have i9-9900ks's @ 5.0+ GHz with C states disabled.

The things is I can't think of any unless it's some ultra-specific scenario that may very well be map dependent in a game like CSGO. Ex. AWPing double doors on Dust 2 on a high end PC that hasn't been super optimized would likely still be around 360fps on low settings.

So the use scenario for a display like this is exceptionally limited, with what will likely be a high cost barrier, but it still gets worse from here...

Pixel response times in IPS, VA and even TN 100% without a doubt can not support the color transitions necessary for 360Hz. Taking even the best recorded pixel response time recorded from a 240Hz display by tft central in terms of the lowest Average with minimal overshoot we have a display that can't even 100% consistently do a pixel transition within the refresh of 240Hz at with the time interval of ~4.17ms between refreshes.

At 360Hz with 2.78ms between refreshes we see that over 60% of those pixel transitions would be to slow...

This monitor has basically everything working against it.

  • Limited pool of people this would be relevant too
  • Pool becomes even more limited due to virtually no games offering that kind of framerate
  • The few use cases for this monitor are extremely map and/or role dependent for the games that can even come close to supporting this kind of FPS on modern hardware and are still active.
  • Due to the fact the panels themselves needing to be binned means availability of this monitor at reasonable prices is going to be non-existent. If it's retail price is reasonable it'll just be bought out instantly and resold for much more by scalpers.
  • Given the best pixel response times measured for various 240Hz panels odds are even well binned panels can't keep up with the pixel transitions necessary on a 360Hz display.

TL;DR This monitor is a tech demo that can be bought and nothing more. Also very likely to have some major QC issues if the binning specification is to loose.

posted 2 weeks ago
#49 Christmas presents thread 2019 in Off Topic
SnackHuggesWool socks
I love socks

Definitely me, however I think part of the reason is the socks I got as a kid (that I remember) were all generic white cotton socks. Now I actually get warm wool socks or stuff with cool designs.

Wife and I got a 2nd Nintendo Switch for ourselves. Finally got Breath of the Wild...

posted 1 month ago
#101 What's your 2019 resolution? in Off Topic
WizardTF2Try and learn to program with C++ and C# more often in the new year.

Some advice. Pick one, commit to it until you're comfortable even if you get discouraged about it's relative usefulness/job prospects versus the other language. Once you know 1 language it's a lot easier to pickup another and knowing 1 language good enough is a lot better than barely understanding 2 or more languages.

Since you have picked 2 already if you have a hard time deciding flip a coin.

Also would recommend picking a comprehensive project that's relatively within grasp early on.
Ex. A bug tracking program. You're going to learn a lot of different things and it will cover far more than making tic-tac-toe or some other tiny game. It also has the plus unlike a lot of other possible comprehensive projects of having been done by tons of people in basically every program language in basically every job field, so finding resources/help should be attainable. Though doing 2 or 3 basic projects first to get your familiar with what you're doing would still be recommended. You also don't have to work exclusively on that project if it starts to burn you out, also try using said bug tracker for your other projects (including itself).

posted 1 month ago
#44 girl advice in Off Topic

Noticed this thread and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in on a couple things mastercom said.

mastercomsif she just says she is busy she might be trying to tell you no in a nice way so please don't be pushy about alternatives.

If you're the kind of person that will just rethink this over and over In this case I'd recommend asking if she was just trying to be nice and if she's just not interested. Say goodbye, and leave them alone if they're not interested.

Generic and admittedly rather blunt response example:
You: Is there another time/day that you would be available, or are you just trying to say no nicely?
Them: I'm not interested, sorry. / I'm already with someone else.
You: Thank you for being honest, have a good day/night. and If applicable you could end with "See you in class tomorrow." or "See you at work next week."

At this point walk away, don't sulk, try looking on the bright side you just approached someone and asked them out and even if rejected that's still a small victory.

In most cases you really don't want to make a significant conversation after this as it'll just be creepy and or awkward for both of you. That being said this isn't 100% true for everyone but odds are if you're asking/looking for this advice you should probably get out of the conversation sooner rather than later. This is also assuming you don't know this person all that well to begin with.

If this is someone you run into regularly via work/school or they live right next to you just treat them like you would any other random person you kinda know and think is an ok or decent person.

mastercomsplease dont impose yourself physically or force her into some really uncomfortable position like against a wall. it's really nerve wracking and almost a red flag.

I would say that's definitely a red flag unless it was done to prevent serious bodily harm...

@op and tbh most US guys in general

A large percentage of women in the US have been a victim of some form of abuse (sexual or otherwise). Early on in a relationship the last thing you would want to do is trigger (even accidentally) memories of said abuse and have them be associated to you in anyway. Unfortunately you can't know what all those triggers are (unless they tell you). However you can mitigate a lot of common ones. Don't grab wrists/shoulders, in general avoid grabbing unless you absolutely have to (ex. preventing them from getting hit by a car) or they make it abundantly clear they want you too. Don't position yourself between them and easy exits. Avoid using an angry tone if at all possible. Stay sober, 1 or 2 drinks is probably fine but that's it. After a date offer a ride/walk home (or to their car) if they refuse do not ask again.

posted 1 month ago
#14 A bear is released into Meat Market in News


I visit this forum to see 4 players accused of soliciting images from minors

what the FUCK happened has most of the context
response from tambo and others was sparked by this thread

Jesus Christ I missed some shit...

NGL not terribly surprised by a few of those names, however I am a bit surprised some old names didn't get brought up...

i love when ppl say this shit and just leave it at that
either say who it was and provide some proof or just dont make a comment about old names at all

It's why I didn't name anyone, I don't have saved Pastebins or Screenshots of convos I had with people from 5+ years ago.

1 name I can mention for sure was Lennon a sniper main from UGC Silver S8 turned heavy main who masturbated to a picture of Sdogg2m and his daughters and posted a picture of it on the UGC forums sometime around S11 or 12. Not a particularly noteworthy figure in the TF2 community but was probably the most egregious example of someone in the TF2 comp community.

posted 3 months ago
#12 A bear is released into Meat Market in News


I visit this forum to see 4 players accused of soliciting images from minors

what the FUCK happened has most of the context
response from tambo and others was sparked by this thread

Jesus Christ I missed some shit...

NGL not terribly surprised by a few of those names, however I am a bit surprised some old names didn't get brought up...

posted 3 months ago
#94 job thread in Off Topic

For anyone in the US who's looking for an IT career I 100% recommend avoiding Telecoms. Having worked at one and knowing several people in that industry it's safe to say you don't want to do it unless you're a masochist for work.

List of the primary gripes I've experienced or I know a lot of other people experience.

  • US customer service "standards" are fucked. Quite often you will get customer who will bitch hard enough that you will get told by management or corporate to do things you normally get told to "never" do. As an added bonus if you do it enough Management and/or Corporate will bitch at you for doing it.
  • This ties into customer service point, but the Telecom and Cable industry is the lowest customer satisfaction industries to be in. This commonly means if you get in touch with a customer (business or residential) odds are fairly good you will get someone who hates you just by association, and have fun with that call or in person meeting when you're expected to give top notch customer service.
  • You will become aware of customers with issues that they rightfully complain about, but you can't do anything about it and the only solution requires better hardware near that customer and may take YEARS to actually get "fixed". "Fixed" as in nothing is technically wrong but the only solution is say a closer DSL cabinet for speed or waiting for Fiber. As a worse tie-in it may be an apartment complex where the owner refuses to repair/replace internal wiring that they own...
  • Damn near everyone (including coworkers) you talk to who comes to you with an issue knows next to jack shit and are reluctant to do anything for themselves. Just imagine trying to explain anything IT related to someone who hates computers, or only knows how to use a smart phone, or is elderly and rarely uses a computer.
  • On-call is an utter nightmare as you will get calls about everything, from internal hardware or software issues or businesses and occasionally insistent residential users at any moment.
  • Most companies in the US that have night-shifts pay more at night. However if you have to work a maintenance at say 12am to 5am you get paid the same as if it was 12PM to 5PM (at least this was true for me and everyone I talked to). To top that off if you're hourly for pay it's a massive pain in the ass to get hours in if you work several maintenances a week unless you go in with sub 6 hours of sleep later that same day.
  • Telling friends and especially neighbors who you work for always leads to people complaining to you about everything your company does most of which you have 0 part in.
  • Unless you become a supervisor or plan on staying with a company for ~10 years expect to have a job title that makes it sound like you're entry-level at best and probably do mostly helpdesk or low-level installation (even if you don't and have Associate/Professional level certifications)

I can say there is 1 big upside (that may not be true for particularly large Telecom/Cable companies) that's also a downside in that you have to be capable of being a System Admin, Network Admin, Server Admin as well as helpdesk Tier 2+ so it's decent to get some experience in but is also really stressful as you pretty much have to do everything. On top of that if you do try to find a new job almost no other company will believe you did all of those things unless you got certifications for each individual thing.


Here's an example of an email I got.

ENDUSERI need to get the [REDACTED PROGRAM NAME] set up on [REDACTED]’s computer she is going to be a back up would, she is out of office today - can we get this set up tomorrow have a file ready to download

All of that text was in the subject line with a blank body field.

posted 3 months ago
#257 ESEA Intermediate S31 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
SpaceGhostsCoffeeSpaceGhostsCoffeeJust Ban Snakewater Lol

And risk making it a pain the ass to find people to scrim on Product, Badlands or Propaganda? When everyone else pretty much only want to play or willing to play Gullywash/Process/Sunshine/Metalworks/Snakewater.

It's funny but map banning actually shrunk the effective size of the map pool after years of people begging for maps.

Just looking at map stats and playtime for the league it looks like

A Tier maps <- If you have a hard time finding a scrim on these maps, odds are people/teams just don't like you.

B Tier maps

C Tier maps <- This is where grumbling about a map within a team occurs often but usually isn't a problem.

D Tier maps ___The Line of maps to avoid if you want to find scrims with minimal bitching/baiting____

F Tier maps

This is based on playtime statistics from ESEA however inaccurate the times may be, the spread of how much each map is played is not really that surprising. Considering I was expecting Badlands to be ahead of propaganda and possibly be close to product playtime and that granary is ahead of process are the only things that actually go against what I expect and even then that's just by 1 map placement.

posted 8 months ago
#191 ESEA Open S31 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Definition of abacination in English:

(also abbacination)
The action of blinding a person by placing red-hot irons or reflective metal plates in front of the eyes.

posted 8 months ago
#16 Create a team purely based on DM in TF2 General Discussion
beatriceComangliaI'd be more interested in seeing maximum chaos teams.

Hildreth (several former members of lowpander tbh)
imagine not including broking on this list

Imagine making this comment when you probably haven't even seen half of these players play.

posted 8 months ago
#10 Create a team purely based on DM in TF2 General Discussion

I'd be more interested in seeing maximum chaos teams.

Hildreth (several former members of lowpander tbh)

posted 8 months ago
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