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#73 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
VouriChris_If Ukraine suddenly began an unimpeded assault on the entire western portion of Russia, resulting in many tens of thousands of deaths, i think sympathy would shift rapidly

I agree that many are using the actions of the Israeli government to justify antisemitism

Hamas are a detriment to the wellbeing of all Palestinians, and to catch up on the thread, they are ultimately a terrorist organisation regardless of motive. honestly i have no idea how to hold hamas accountable - institutional responsibility would suggest that israel should start in qatar, or lebanon like they did today, but at a time like this others will just take their place. any solution i offer that excludes (or attempts to punish) those sympathetic to the ideology of hamas involves state/peace planning that no one smarter than me has figured out yet

I really just don't understand how you either can't see or won't admit that what Israel is doing is genocide

I appreciate the response,
As for the last point, simply because the Israeli governments goal post 7th of October is understandably to wipe out hamas in Gaza. Not Palestinian people (= genocide) but Hamas (=anti terrorist war). Hamas has led to as many if not more of its ‘own’ people’s death by the nature of its operation and existence than Israel has or would have if it wasn’t for Hamas’ existence. They’re literally a circular reference of terror. We’re all siting here on tftv arguing that the current death toll in Gaza is on the back of the Israeli government being bored and wanting to make use of the financial years worth of iron dome miles.

If anyone wants to tell me the death toll isn’t accountable also to hamas then I’m talking either to professional devil advocates or antisemitic terrorist sympathisers

posted 1 month ago
#67 Palestinian Genocide in World Events

That’s on wild rumpus to concede.

posted 1 month ago
#65 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
Wild_RumpusChris_ I simply wish to know why people are so quick to make linear narratives and comparisons between Ukraine and Russia and Israel and Palestinei actually agree that russia/ukraine doesnt really make for a good parallel to israel/palestine. there are far more apt examples of settler colonialism such as the aforementioned apartheid south africa, the jacksonian united states & the trail of tears, or nazi germany's lebensraumChris_Care to give me your take on how Hamas or the PLO benefits in any way the Palestinian people or cares about the civilians in Gaza? this ones easy, theyre the only real resistance against israel. if you dont like that, and there is plenty not to like about hamas, then take it up with the israeli government for not only assassinating leaders and destroying more secular resistance movements, but actually supporting hamas exactly so that people like you can look at the flawed resistance as a reason to continue oppression

If you believe that Hamas is ‘resistance’ as opposed to a terrorist organisation, then you hold no validity to further claims on the matter, you simply support the barbaric killing and raping of civilians in the name of Jihad & antisemitism. Must be nice to be able to have your antisemitic deep thoughts be given a foundation through modern day western cheerleaded ISIS.

posted 1 month ago
#64 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
Wild_RumpusChris_You have this idea that there is loss on both sides, that you know of people that both died defending their homeland and who died serving in the idf, and as a result both sides are suffering and a peace needs to meet in the middle. this is no more nuanced an idea than claiming that apartheid south africa is actually "too complex" because both boers and indigenous south africans suffered death, and what really needs to happen is for south africa to "free" the bantustans from anc terrorism. otherwise the very real genocide of white south africans would happen, unlike the "buzzword" genocide of indigenous south africans
Its easy to understand how ridiculous this sounds because of the benefit of hindsight, but the power dynamics in israel are nearly the same, as theyre both settler-colonial apartheid states. So why is it so difficult now?

I dislike comparisons between current or previous wars & or genocide as they don’t hold in truth to the history of what is actually happening now between Israel and Palestine, in history between Israel and Palestine or in history between Arabs and Jews, it’s just a comfort blanket for otherwise, non-geographically related, history minded people to try their best to draw parallels.

Israel is not a genocidal state, and in an attempt to ascribe it as such would be discrediting its history long before we non Jews decided to recognise the relevance of Jews. (See 6 millions deaths WW2).

posted 1 month ago
#62 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
that's a nice and well thought out post you've written with a fun character assassination at the end but take a step back and think, if politically disconnected people such as charlie are disavowing people due to their support for the israeli government, maybe the israeli government is taking the wrong path. what israel is doing to the people living in gaza is pretty difficult for anyone, lay person to law professor, to argue against being genocidal.

for all the nuance you claim to have, you're doing a very good job trying to justify the murder of literally tens of thousands of people.

normal disclaimer i am unequivocally against hamas and their actions - but i ask that you consider how you would feel if you and your family were living in gaza right now, and ask yourself how current israeli military action is doing anything to prevent something like that happening again.

It is not a character assassination by any means, it’s to highlight the disconnect and startling irony of what is right and what is wrong in naive minds pantomiming as woke individuals.

I wish not a single Palestinian would die not a single Jew would die in this horrific war, I make no justification for the actions of the Israeli army by large, I simply wish to know why people are so quick to make linear narratives and comparisons between Ukraine and Russia and Israel and Palestine, surely a starting point then is who started it if we’re using Russia and Ukraine as of 2014 let’s say, and Russia is the aggressor, why are we seeing something different here if in October 7th Hamas was the aggressor? My point initially highlights that we can’t pick and chose when history starts for countries conflicts. This conflict didn’t start on 7th of October that’s right but no one is mentioning the history leading up to it, and my original OP is that it also doesn’t begin in ‘48. If Russia’s death toll now in the next 6 months grew massively outgrowing Ukraine’s, would our POV and sympathies shift?

What makes the atrocities so much more speculative to us between Israel and Palestine then say the actual genocide in Sudan, Yemen Iraq & Syria ?!

There is a strange fetish with Jews and their actions and their activities around the world throughout history, and it’s only repeating itself. I’d hate to think how an actual Jew feels.

Care to give me your take on how Hamas or the PLO benefits in any way the Palestinian people or cares about the civilians in Gaza? You place a lot of emphasis on the people in Gaza and the Israel government and I concede it’s wrongdoing, but can you tell me how you hold Hamas accountable?

posted 1 month ago
#54 Palestinian Genocide in World Events
EnzoDBThanks for derailing my serious thread guys, glad to know how serious everyone takes this topic

How serious are you willing to take this topic?

I have far too much to say on this topic but I will give you my very very brief take.

I’m neither Jewish Israeli nor Christian/Muslim Palestinian, I don’t consider myself religious by any stretch of the imagination & as far as politics go I consider myself central, flirting with both left and right depending on what party is currently less insane.

I know Israelis and I known Palestinians,
I have palestinian friends whose grandparents were displaced as a result of the Arab spring war and have since moved from refuge in Lebanon to London, they have strong feelings against the state of Israel. I have friends who’s grandparents were born in Israel before ‘48 as Jews and who’s great grandparents were born in Israel as Jews way before ‘48, who’s grandfathers died during the Yom Kippur war, they in contrast hold strong feelings towards the recognition of the state of Israel. It may come as a surprise to us non Jews but indeed Jews in small numbers have existed in Israel before modern day recognition and in vast numbers if you care to dig up on history.

My friend who’s ‘Palestinian’ has had cousins killed since he’s left sought refuge in Lebanon, who he would tell you died fighting a good cause for the plight of the Palestinians since ‘48, sidestepping the fact that he attacked unarmed civilians at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

My friend who’s ‘Israeli’ grandfather married an Iraqi Jewish woman who fled Iraq due to the prosecution of Jews around the time of 48. He would tell you if it wasn’t for Israel where would have been safe for his grandmother to escape prosecution for being a Jew? Sidestepping the innocent Palestinian lives lost in defence of the state of Israel.

It is a fools errand to believe Jews and Israel have a history only as young as ‘48 and it’s a problematic, seductive idea for those quick to preach free palestine whenever a war breaks out between Israel and Palestine.

Your thread comes at a time when Israel Gaza war has reached a heavy toll on the Gaza death toll, however you make no mention nor have made a thread at any point to Hamas’ attack on Israel and its people on October 7th. A massacre against innocent civilians were children women and men were murdered, raped and kidnapped in the most barbaric fashion. It would take serious brainwashing of a normal human mind to believe Hamas who govern the people of Gaza are anything other than brutal barbaric genocidal fundamentalists who seek very little outside the entire destruction of the state of Israel and the Jewish people. In fact it’s their entire mantra, in horrific detail. Hostages are still being held by Hamas in Gaza through a war they most recently started, yet you make no mention of this or plea for their release.
Palestinian civilians should not pay the price by death for the terrorists that govern them, but it is not Israel who should be held accountable for what is happening to Palestinians in the Middle East, it is Hamas and its fractions who hold and seek no moral values even closely resembling an acceptable civilisation.

What does free Palestine to you all mean? From the river to the sea? Hand over the state of Israel to Palestinian leaders? To PLO to Hamas? Will you then in 2 months make a thread about the literal and actual genocide of the millions of Jews who live there that will 100% ensue ? To me free Palestine means free Gaza from Hamas (Israel has not occupied an inch of Gaza since 2005)to
Free Palestine from political antisemites and terrorists so Palestinians can live in a fair two state solution.

We live unfortunately again in an era where it’s okay to be antisemitic, or antisemitic behaviour is less of a problem than other issues, maybe over a month ago ~ 2 months ago, Charlie a popular streamer and prem soldier in the UK had responded to someone mentioning Ali G on stream saying no
‘Sacha Cohen is cancelled I don’t like him’ - Charlie
‘why?’ Person asks
‘He supports bombing of children or some shit’ ‘don’t like him’
‘Isn’t he Jewish?’ Person asks
‘Dunno’ Charlie responds
This guy amusingly continues to play Kanye west on his stream (a known outrageous Jew hater)

Genocide has unfortunately become a buzzword in peoples vocabulary that when numerically and morally analysed doesn’t hold a mirror to the truth.

posted 1 month ago
#12 Habib in TF2 General Discussion

Gutted. Well done on you for prioritising your health now and taking initiative and the appropriate steps to get yourself back to good nick.

posted 2 months ago
#3 Habib in TF2 General Discussion

Agreed, but what am I meant to do? Pretend I didn’t see it? maybe the bloke is suffering with health issues that we don’t know of and it could help bringing this to light, assuming he’s unaware.

admins/habib feel free to take down if required, obviously.

I literally mean no harm.

posted 2 months ago
#1 Habib in TF2 General Discussion

Watched the first minutes of a recent twitch video where you’re smoking in a car and talking about tf2. Can’t help but notice pretty severe clubbing in your hands. This in unique circumstances can mean nothing, but it can also be an indicator for health issues that should definitely be diagnosed. Only highlighting this to you in a thread as a UK nobody tf2 player I literally have no other way to bring this to your attention in good time.

I’m sure you’re fine, and it’s hopefully nothing to worry about but better be safe than sorry. For reference I only saw the first 1.40 minutes of the clip.

posted 2 months ago
#9184 Frag Clips Thread in Videos
see you @ the next holiday

posted about a year ago
#42 Fly high milkytf in TF2 General Discussion

Wow… rest in peace

Thoroughly enjoyed your streams & the pugs I seldom got to play with you, 109 is one of my go to frag movies to hype myself up before playing.

Incredibly sad news, sorry to all of you who were close to Milky.

posted about a year ago
#8936 Frag Clips Thread in Videos
Peace out tf2 - best game I’ve ever played!

posted about a year ago
#1 ETF2L S42 W2: top5rocket vs. Venomcrest Pythons in Matches

Looking forward to this!

posted about a year ago
#110 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
Mongif 10% of players cared about the game as much as jeven did we'd have a healthy and growing comp scene

I do wonder, if he was banned now for cheating on a first time offence with a 2 year no compete punishment, how many people would be as outraged/convinced this is a conspiracy. Rather I imagine it would be the exact opposite.

I respect you a lot as a player Mong, having subbed on your team last season and even learning from you, but I question your take on the reconciliation of players like Jeven and the growing competitive scene. Fresh blood is propelled into the competitive scene via mediums like rahmixes, other discord mixes and tf2center etc., not once in my numerous experiences with Jeven in these platforms have I seen him be close to pre-eminent in scene growth, rather the very opposite. I do not doubt that within his prem team discord he was different with how serious he took games & his commitment but that is not akin to growing a competitive scene, certainly not a healthy one in consideration.

posted about a year ago
#49 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
Mongme: careful consideration of the global role of ETF2L and its effects on perma banning people
Bravo reddit

It is just a case of does the punishment fit the crime, and when it comes to cheating in an FPS game, a permanent ban is entirely reasonable and arguably two-fold in the way it serves etf2l as a whole:
1. Player X who is a proven cheater has ruined the fun of many other people yet again and so is permanently exiled from the scene
2. Player Y who's been given a second chance to compete in etf2l after an initial 2 year ban is far less likely to be a repeat offender

The role of etf2l is a league where both 6's and HL competitions can take place in an entirely serious and competitive structure. The etf2l admins cannot play fast and loose, allowing repeat offenders to just keep getting 1-2 year bans for cheating just to come back to do it all again; the league will lose all of its serious/competitive credibility. Further, it creates an unmanageable workload for them to constantly keep tabs on people who've had their 1-2 year ban expire, you'd also be likely to see a bigger increase in people willing to cheat in the first place if the consequences aren't terminal.

However, I do believe there should be full transparency in the case of a permanent ban being issued, where the public can know why the person was banned, what type of cheat was used (walling, aimbotting...) etc.

posted about a year ago
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