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#27 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion

Hello tftv humans.

There are points that could be made as for reasons why each of the 3 teams mentioned should play prem, most of which have already been mentioned in this thread. I’ll give my individual reasoning behind joining my team and playing div1 since I’ve been specifically mentioned by opti, as well as make a few admissions with the power of hindsight. I’ll also give my opinions on why I feel my team aren’t the biggest offenders in this mess.

If it wasn’t for corona virus I wouldn’t be playing the season, for the past couple of years I’ve only been playing tf2 when I’ve been off uni at the holidays, taking multiple months off at a time. Then corona happened and I was home early meaning I’d be able to play the season. I had intended on playing scout and played in the lockdown throwdown thing which didn’t go brilliantly. I realised that I didn’t enjoy playing scout anywhere near as much as I enjoyed soldier. I hadn’t fully made my mind up if I wanted to play the season until I noticed Funs had joined a div1 team after being asked by Graba. Funs and I are quite close, and I asked if his team needed a roamer, at which point he asked Graba and I trialed for the team and joined. Throughout doing this it hadn’t even occurred to me that we could be accused of sandbagging, although it probably should have. I hasn’t aware of deli’s record in prem and I thought utka was just some funny little russian bloke who wasn’t very good (he is). I knew Graba had played prem years ago and I knew silves and that he hadn’t played prem. Obviously I was aware that me and Funs have both been on top prems teams on the same classes we are playing now. I can only speak for myself here but I don’t consider myself being anywhere near as good as I once was and I thought that me not having played in a team in two years would have been justification enough to play div1.

Opti_But, from what I have heard (correct me if I'm wrong there), chris and funs said that if they were put in prem, they would simply not play.

Yes, this is true although once I again I cannot speak for Funs. I hadn’t intended on playing prem from the start. I’m not willing to put as much time into the game as I once did in order to play at the best level I can which I would feel compelled to do if I played prem. I wouldn’t be happy playing at the top level whilst not trying my best and committing to the game. I’m also only playing this one season so playing prem and not enjoying myself seemed pointless. Throughout the process of joining the team prem was never mentioned once, the idea behind the team was to have a chill season in div1 so when people started suggesting that we should have to play prem due to another team dropping out, I wasn’t a fan of the idea. So yes, I did tell my team that I wouldn’t want to play If we played prem. There was never any intention of putting the admins in a tough spot and I apologise for that. It wasn’t as if anyone on the team strongly wanted to play prem. Most people were only ok with the idea of playing prem if we were forced to, but would rather play div1. I'm aware the my reasonings behind not playing prem will not be sufficient enough for most, but I'm simply being honest. As for the comments that me and my team are “pussys” for not playing prem all I can say is u are what u eat.

In hindsight, if I’d know the actual ability of the people on the team before joining, I’d have been more reluctant to join as the sandbagging accusations would have been more predictable.

Having said all of this however, this situation would not have happened had boinicle not decided to first agree to play prem and then suddenly change their minds. Sure, my team and others would still be accused of sandbagging and what not but the outcome of the current situation is that a team that most feel shouldn’t be in prem now are which is far from the desired outcome. It’s a very regrettable situation but as I said, in my opinion this situation would have been avoided if boinicle where told they couldn’t suddenly decide they didn’t to play prem anymore, despite going through qualifiers.

funhaver1998its like a chess player with 2600 elo deciding never to compete in tournaments and just playing vs homeless people in washington square park

I also want to use this quote to point out some of the hyperbole when talking about this situation. It's not like my team or either of the other teams mentioned in this thread are playing in open, we're playing in the tier below prem. There will be close games against other div1 teams not mentioned in this thread.

posted 2 months ago
#3317 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Cheers, by newer titles I meant games released in 2018 and onwards. I'll play around with these and make a decision regarding how much I want to spend.

Thanks again.

posted about a year ago
#3314 PC Build Thread in Hardware


Recommend me the most suitable sticker

posted about a year ago
#3312 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I'm from Northern Ireland, so a UK site would work fine. Good fps as in 90+.
That amount of storage is suitable.

As a note I would prefer Intel over AMD simply because it's what I am used to, if price is the only advantage to switching to AMD, I'd rather stick with Intel.

posted about a year ago
#3309 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Hi Setsul, I will be buying the parts online. The goal is to be able to play newer titles in 1080p on high/ultra settings whilst getting good fps. As for tf2 I'd like atleast a stable 200+fps (with an fps config) and be able to stream without taking a huge performance hit. Perhaps I should have said the most I am willing to spend is 1.4k, I am not looking to spend 1.2k for no reason.

I would prefer a SSD+HDD setup.

posted about a year ago
#3305 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Thank you for your suggestion sir

posted about a year ago
#3303 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I don't have a pc right now and I think I'm entitled to do what I want with my money, even if I'm being impatient.

posted about a year ago
#3301 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Hey, I'm looking to build a new pc with a budget of anywhere between 1.2 - 1.4k euros. The pc will be used for general gaming and streaming. I would be able to overclock and I want to build this asap, I don't care about waiting for the new cpus.

If possible, I would prefer a smaller case with either a micro atx/mini itx motherboard, whichever one you deem to be more suitable.

Thank you in advance!

posted about a year ago
#3 reason yllen wont go to lan !!! in The Dumpster

posted about a year ago
#1 stream in Requests

chris - ireland

posted about a year ago
#16 A Level Results 2018 in Off Topic
Iatginkgot into my first choice which was swansea B)

omg same :3 >.<

posted about a year ago
#87 To all MGE lords in TF2 General Discussion

If you dont think making friends, traveling, making memories and getting life experience out of something that youve put thousands of hours into is a good thing, then there really must be something wrong with you.

Youre calling me pathetic? Enjoy sitting alone in your room playing mge all day bud.

VisAbout my attitude, I've said it a lot before - I'm only acting to people the way they act to me. It's not my problem that people cannot realise how they are acting themselves and can only give etiquettes to others. If making friends means being hypocrite to everyone like the vast majority of 6s players, then no thank you.

Keep telling yourself that.

posted about 2 years ago
#85 To all MGE lords in TF2 General Discussion

vis youre actually a deluded mess

VisI personally do not agree with the statement that you should play really hard, fast-paced or never letting go of the W key, actually focusing on what you are doing will have a greater impact on your skill than anything else.

With this personal belief u have managed to stay an open medic main for a long time, maybe its time to listen to those who are better than u and maybe youll improve.

VisDespite the prominent belief, there is not a good amount of DM gods on soldier anymore, with the best of them had already quit the game.

Literally all of your logs are ultiduo with some scattered lobbies, youve never even played a pug with good players in it. If youve never played a pug nevermind an actual match vs top soldiers how would you know what level of dm soldiers have? Yea u might beat a prem soldier in mge or some shit by playin like an idiot but theyre not gonna waste their time playin the same way just to win, because thats what it is, a waste of time.

This shit frustrates me man, when i was in open i wanted to get to prem really bad, and i played mge etc like everyone else to build up my dm, but this only works to a certain point. I wanted to have something to show for a hobby, which is all this game will ever be to me, a hobby whilst im in school. Then u get people like vis who sit on a practice mod doin all this dumb hiding shit that does nothing to help them at all, then they come to the forums acting like they know anythin about this game. If u put ur time into playing like an actual human in mge, playing in teams, having a better attitude and not being an arrogant idiot who doesnt listen to those better than you, then maybe you would get somewhere with this. This game has allowed me to travel and make many friends. The way youre going, youve already made a lot of people think ur an idiot and youre going to get nothing out of something youve put thousands of hours of your life into.

Dont come to these forums pretending like you know anything about this game until you have actually have accomplished something.

posted about 2 years ago
#5556 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

made a minmode softhud/m0rehud edit with a few colour differences

more screens

gotta use cl_hud_minmode 1 otherwise its just a recoloured m0rehud

posted about 2 years ago
#4 possible to get settings like this in 2018 in Customization

r_worldlights 4 and dx9

posted about 2 years ago
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