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#25 TF2 update for 7/7/22 in TF2 General Discussion

There shouldn't be any downside to using a higher picmip setting on modern systems.

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To put simply: it makes the ingame texture resolution higher, which in turn means they take up more space in RAM.
Modern GPUs have a LOT more VRAM (Video-RAM) than old pc's used to have. Usually multiple GBs compared to a couple of MBs (when tf2 launched the current high-end nvidia gpu had around 512MBs).
As long as you don't fill up the VRAM you shouldn't see any performance issues and even if you do fill it up they will probably be minimal (there's a lot more to it than just VRAM being full or not...) . Things could in theory take a tiny bit longer to load though.
From my very simple testing tf2 used up around 500MBs of VRAM with picmip 2, 1 GB with -1 and around 1.2GBs with -10 when running the benchmark1 demo.
Prolly because there doesn't always exist a higher resolution image for tf2 to load.
I'm simplifying a lot of things but that's pretty much the gist of it
posted 2 months ago
#3 Memtest86 errors in Hardware

I'm not that experienced with memtest and related things so this is all just an educated guess:

Since all the errors occur on the exact same address and all the errors are just "bitflips" (e.g the value 00200000 is just one bit flip off 00000000; surprisingly all the bitflips occur on exactly the same bit), I'd guess it's a ram issue.
That being said I'm not entirely sure if that would bring down your whole system (depends on if your OS is using that address for something critical). Definitely do what Rockz said it is very likely just one stick of RAM acting up since it's the same address each time.

But I'd also recommend booting up Windows' Event Viewer and look for the most recent crash. It could state something interesting or it might just say something like "unexpected shutdown" definitely worth a shot though :)

posted 10 months ago
#30 - TF2 stats collected from in Projects

Hey there!
Guy that spent way to much time trying to recreate the parser as closely as possible here:

"Average time before healing" most definitely corresponds to the event "first_heal_after_spawn".
All it does is just save all the times logged by that in a list and average it out at the end.

The reason it takes 20.1s before the event gets logged is because of the decision made by F2 (who wrote the medicstats SM plugin) which is to wait at least 20 seconds from when the last round ended before saying that the medic "spawned".
You can see the relevant lines related to logging the event "first_heal_after_spawn" here and the code where it sets the "MedicInitialHealSpawnTime" here.
Hope that clears up all the confusion around it :)

posted 11 months ago
#30 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events
PuoskariYeah I'm aware of the protection it gives from severe disease, I'm not opposing vaccinating people who belong in the group that's at risk of getting it which are mainly older people. Mainly children, to whom so far the disease hasn't seem to been as dangerous, I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Here we have started vaccinating children between 12-17. I'm not sure how's it going around the world but I think it could be a good idea to at least wait a bit before starting vaccinating children. I understand the issue though if not enough people who belong to the risk group aren't getting the shot, the hospitals could overflow.

I think what's really important to realize that there's people who can't get the vaccine because of underlying medical conditions (e.g see this). If they also fall in the risk group (which they most likely do) they basically don't really have any options and rely on others to get vaccinated to reduce their chance of dying.
I think a lot of people are aware that this is an issue facing a lot of younger children due to the anti-vacs "movement", (there's loads of information out there if one want's to read up on it), and since COVID most likely won't "vanish" in the next couple of years (if ever) this will be an issue facing a lot of people in the future as well as currently.

Also I'm not sure if it was said but like you also mentioned there are still death cases among people who have been vaccinated but you can further reduce these cases simply by more people getting vaccinated and also wearing masks and whatnot.

In general: getting vaccinated (or wearing a mask) isn't only about protecting yourself but also very much about protecting others.

posted about a year ago
#9 Why is Badlands not in any big league map pools? in TF2 General Discussion

I pretty much feel like badlands isn't played anymore because we started to introduce a pro version and inevitably split the community due to the fact that some preferred the shorter last cap time while others liked the longer one.

Yet another example of "given tf2 players options is a bad idea"...

posted about a year ago
#44 Graph Map of 2021 TF2 Players in TF2 General Discussion

To all the people asking about why their name is weird:
Afaik arcade is using my api to get player names (from and it gets the player names in the following order:
etf2l, ozfortress and then Rgl killed their api a while ago and ugc never had one to begin with and was giving me some issues.
I do have a solution for them (which isn't online rn) so if arcade want's to he could just rerun the name fetching and it should be a lot more accurate.
Edit: rgl uses cloudflare protection stuff so there isn't a easy way to request things automatically via the website without some more complicated workarounds

posted about a year ago
#7 rahThread: Faceit 6v6 comp queue in TF2 General Discussion
DrHappinessAbsolute Must Nots: Listen to random content creators for legitimate advice.

This I think is really important. Although I wouldn't say don't listen to a random content creator but instead: "Don't listen to just one individual".E.g. just because someone has played comp tf2 for many years and is playing prem/invite now doesn't mean that their opinion reflects the entire tf2 comp community.
Best case scenario in my opinion would be to either let the community vote (which requires some good voting options in the first place) or to just draft a bunch of tf2 players from different divisions/continents and ask them/discuss with them what they'd want.
Since I'm pretty certain neither of those things are going to happen I think the easiest thing for them to do would just be to be transparent on what they are trying to implement and then listen to community feedback and make changes but only if they absolutely feel like they must (sometimes I feel like the tf2 community rebels against certain ideas/implementations only to later enjoy them).

posted about a year ago
#9 -> Demo Ticks (Python Script) in Projects

I don't want to discourage you in any way of creating your own way of finding events for fragmovies but I do want to point out that there's
I'm currently in the work of rewriting a lot of the code but it should soon be open source as well (the parser is already). And I'd love to replace the beta "demo file selection" I currently have with this.
I think the idea of creating some sort of tool to make it easier to find mistakes in teamfights etc. would be very cool but I think it's very hard to find those just via the logfiles. I think the demo viewer from is great for this though.
Anyway best of luck to you!

posted about a year ago
#6 good internet router in Hardware
ArieI could suggest some high speed OpenWRT router with proper SQM support, but if your internet line is shit, it won't help a bit.

Out of personal interest which ones would that be? My current router has been acting up recently and I'm looking into replacing it...
EDIT: For anyone who cares I asked Arie personally and this is what he said:
For speeds below 200Mbit, Ubiquiti ER-X (no wifi, stock firmware)
For speeds 200-700Mbit, Linksys WRT32X flashed with OpenWRT
And the reason for the differentiation:

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Traffic shaping takes a lot of cpu power for a router, the ER-X CPU can't handle shaping above 200Mbit. You want shaping so you can share a connection, torrrent, stream, while gaming without lag.
posted about a year ago
#15 who is winning? in TF2 General Discussion
Stepanextwiikuu made a python script

Didn't know about the mega archive that's dope!
I'll download the files today and will post the results in one or two days! Thanks a lot!
Downloading the last 500k logs should be faster with my internal stuff I've setup for so I'll use that instead.
Edit: Current ETA to download the last 500k logs: ~4 hours I'll create a proper stats page soon for should hopefully be done by the end of the week.
Edit2: Saw waldos post but just in case anyone cares here's a basic overview for the data for the last 2400k logs

posted about a year ago
#12 who is winning? in TF2 General Discussion

Based on the current data on :
Logs in the DB: 25k of which ~5k are duplicates
That leaves 14957 6s logs.
Blue wins 6482/14957 (43%) of the time and red does so 6943/14957 (46%) of the time.
I know that this doesn't even come close to the 2.8 million logs on but it might be a decent approximation (at least for more recent matches)
Pretty sure the guy who hosts could easily give you a better approximation.
I feel like looking at ALL logs from is a bad idea since from my experience you can easily ddos the site when requesting too much data.
I'm considering adding more logs to the DB but I'd at most get the last 1 million logs or so. If that would satisfy your desire of finding out which team wins more on average let me know! (I'd publish more stats for maps etc. as well)

posted about a year ago
#4 Internet speeds on average in Hardware

Honestly I'd recommend looking at the companies website instead of talking on the phone. At least there you can "clearly" see what you will get. There is a chance that you might miss out on some deal the sale's guy would have offered you but I feel like the chances that he offers you some other bullshit are a lot higher.

If you want to get the best deals you should probably check their prices/packages every year or so because A: The usually lower prices because of competition (but that of course only applies to people who get a new contract) and B: "new" customers usually get some sort of 15% off or whatever for the first year.

My experience comes from dealing with german companies but I feel like most of this probably applies to your case as well.

posted about a year ago
#2 Why don't casters use in game spec over STV at LAN in TF2 General Discussion

They have been doing that somewhat at grand finals and such, actually they still use STV but without delay.
But they don't do it because with the delay they can determine when what happens and offer a better viewing experience.
I think at some point they went down to 5 seconds of delay at grand finals for i58 or something but I'm pretty sure at the more recent lans they got rid of the delay altogether.
And they use STV because you can run tf2 in unsafeinsecure mode meaning that they can use plugins that offer seeing players/stickies through walls etc.

posted about a year ago
#4 My mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in Off Topic

If you're using a ryzen cpu:

posted about a year ago
#21 I got high-ass frametime. How do I reduce it? in Q/A Help

Obligatory comment about making sure that your windows power plan is set to high performance.
Also from my experience tf2 really doesn't like cpu's that run at a low frequency so honestly there might not be much you can do about it.

posted about a year ago
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