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#559 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion
MrSmithers96were updating maps 1 week before we play them and then now making rule changes on forums on the wrong website 2 hours before officials

what is going on

Excuse me? I have only referred this information from our site to here. I can admit that the main site is barely functioning currently and that I had posted this really late today as I had other things to do during the day myself, but I really do appreciate the claim of thinking that we have suddenly started making rule changes on a wrong website as if we haven't made an attempt to do it officially on our site as well. Thank you however.

Posting these here for reference so this thread could get back on track once again after this post: -

posted 3 weeks ago
#557 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

Hey, just want to add in here that for the rc11 version of the map used in ETF2L Season 33, the map spots shown by gemm in post #546 will be prohibited from being used in all ETF2L matches as of 26th of June 2019. If any team has used these spots already before this date, ETF2L admins will not look into such match complaints.

From now on, using either of these spots can potentially lead to rounds being nullified or defaulted, alongside minor warnings given to teams that use these spots.

If anyone sees any team using either of these spots, please report about it to ETF2L admins in the Discord support chat most preferably.

posted 3 weeks ago
#63 TFTV DM Servers - Status Updates and Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Are so many special maps that have not been played in seasons for several years really needed for any DM server? I think it's the best when you play a map you not only will get constant action happening in but also have already gotten used to and will play in upcoming seasons and pugs as well, etc. and not something like Gravelpit that hasn't even been touched for in years and likely won't be in the future whereas Granary is still actively played but it's removed in place of 3 maps that never have been played in the past 4 years. Although I do agree that Granary is awful for DM.

posted 3 weeks ago
#63 [S33] Class Restrictions in TF2 General Discussion
JWBnot saying it's necessarily going to be an issue but is there a particular reason why Kars (Div 1 2nd place S32) cannot play medic in mid but CeeJaey (Div 1 2nd place S31) can?

He already emailed us with a proposed roster that he had in mind before the season had started, which included him playing Medic for the team, leading us on being fully aware of him playing Medic again then and knowingly placing his team in Mid tier with the rest of the restrictions put into place for the other players in his team.

TobLike league admin Proky having played prem sniper but being allowed to snipe in mid. AlesKee, his teammate, manages the class restriction thread. Not trying to accuse them of knowingly ignoring it but dear god that's such an oversight and shouldn't happen if the system in place was actually functioning the way it should

I'll correct something here, AlesKee did create the thread and the posts however but every league admin is able to manage the thread and the posts on it whenever needed. So it is definitely not completely up to him to decide who will not get to play what. I'm certain there would've been even more questions like this up in the air if I would've been the one to create it instead.

posted 1 month ago
#22 Lirik playing tf2 right now in TF2 General Discussion

Do keep in mind that Seagull has never used cam in his streams either, if I remember correctly. Good amount of people just happen to enjoy these personalities a lot behind their voices only that they aren't even required to show their face.

Edit: Just tuned into his stream and apparently he is using a cam nowadays lmao

posted 1 month ago
#7 waifu tier list maker in The Dumpster

None of these are even A tier

posted 1 month ago
#70 fast food tier list in Off Topic
AphS: Hesburger

F tier: Kotipizza

posted 1 month ago
#9 new steam chat app released in Off Topic

No, it's purely for chat only which is the dumb part about it.

posted 1 month ago
#60 Announcing ETF2L Season 33 in TF2 General Discussion

As for why Reckoner has not been tested, I haven't heard of that many things even about it for a whole year since the most recent rc4a version was pushed out. I'm rather surprised honestly of how many people suddenly have asked that why aren't we even playing rc2 version of Reckoner after the preseason cup now, or even the latest version for that matter. In most cases the simple answer would be that the map is not really in development anymore but popular demand can still change that as seen from the fact that EU is still playing an outdated version of Granary Pro. But honestly I'm not even sure am I out of loop all of a sudden because I myself do not remember any comments having been made about Reckoner until now, which I will keep in mind for the future. I mean, please, if you have any issues with ETF2L in any way, please let us admins know, public or private. I would've probably kept double elimination in Premiership playoffs yet again for this season had Starkie not made a public thread about it, but since he did and it provided a good amount of thoughts on what we could change with the playoffs, we did all that for this season now just because someone expressed their opinion out.

To comment on why we have been changing maps every season now, I do agree that it has become really messy since we haven't been able to keep up the map pool similar for even 2 seasons in the past couple years. Some might find it to add in a new interesting element to the table, but I can really understand the confusion behind it for the sake of consistency. I would want to keep things mostly similar to avoid making too many changes overall, but it's impossible to know of what the future has to bring to us. People like to say that "TF2 is dead" yet it still remains to get a lot of insanely great stuff made by the community that can take over older favorites.

And as a last note, I already personally spoke to Raf about what he said about having a proper yearly map discussion and a cup with prem teams playing in them and I would be really up for something like this where we can get not only the top players playing the maps they'd like to give a chance but also showcase some high level competition in them. I would still like to have new maps to test in ETF2L cups that we do before every season, but they can be said to be purely for general map testing only in a cup setting with ETF2L used as a base only and not as possible candidates for the upcoming season's map pool all of a sudden without people actually becoming more familiar with them beforehand. This is only a thought at this point, but I would be supporting this sort of thing really so that the smaller seasonal cups will remain to provide feedback for the map developers and the yearly discussion/showcase will be what would actually change up the map pool if needed, but it'd require for Premiership teams at the time to invest their time and interest into.

If you do spot several spelling mistakes then I do want to apologize on them, I wrote this all alone and didn't want to use any tools to check on broken sentences or such. In case something still brings up questions to you in one way or another then feel free to ask about them.

posted 1 month ago
#59 Announcing ETF2L Season 33 in TF2 General Discussion

I'll bite in to this one by one, if there's something missing out on what do you want to know then just feel free to ask me all you want.

First off, as for why Sunshine is being played only once while Metalworks is played twice simply comes from my thoughts on making EU more used to the map in general, it's already well proven in NA but keep in mind that the last time Metalworks was played in ETF2L was back in Season 17, in 2014. There's already a lot of information for people to seek further into, but giving it only a single week to play on is not going to make anyone feel like it would be here to stay, maybe it won't. However still, we as admins are completely aware of how Sunshine is already liked in ETF2L and has become one of the Top 5 maps to play in competitive 6v6 as per the poll that we did at the beginning of Season 32 so we do have proven data on that already in our hands.

As to how players are going to make a map veto with this many maps, it can be done with the already existing system that ESEA uses in their playoffs, for the people that are unfamiliar of it it's upper seed to decide who starts, AB to ban maps, AB to pick maps, ABAB to ban maps again with the last remaining map as the decider. Do keep in mind that this is not yet confirmed, we are still able shift around the ban/pick order so that at least teams taking part in the Premiership Qualifiers don't need to suddenly ban Metalworks and Logjam only to play Badlands for the first time in possibly 5 months. Whether that will also remain the same for the playoffs at the end of the season is up to a debate as well, but I don't see this having too many issues as of now.

EoN's #44 post brings up a really great point, I had overlooked this from even being a possibility. I would say expect a new rule update on that matter, most likely to include the first team to win the mid point if neither team has mid point in control even after the time is over, ensuring that round resets do force teams to start fresh.

I've probably said this enough to make it sound like an excuse at this point, but adding in Metalworks is a step towards having a similar map pool in line with ESEA, with Logjam just being an exception so we do not have to end up with a similar mess of opinions Cardinal had brought to us a year ago where the map got a heavy amount of critique that we couldn't give it a second change even afterwards, the fact that the map development stopped for it by that point didn't help that fact either. Personally I would also want Logjam to receive seasonal updates to bring it to peoples liking again like it did for the people that wanted to play Logjam again before it was added in Season 32. But just to touch on to the ESEA part still, we are aware that this will be the last season ESEA will have for TF2 and whether other upcoming orgs wish to alternate the map pool significantly is up to them to decide on, but if they would rather copy the map pool mostly from us then we already have a rather familiar template for NA to work onwards from then.

The reason why testing Propaganda has been skipped over in ETF2L is pretty much my fault, I do believe that the map could very well shape up to be a decent map at the very least in EU, I would be glad to test it out at least once. However before we had made our preseason cup to try out maps in, I got approached by lucrative, a key figure in NA that really wants to introduce new maps to a competitive format and help them succeed in the future. Not calling him out for doing anything bad, rather the opposite because he's pouring his heart into getting a kickstart to these new maps that could easily be ignored otherwise. Anyhow, he suggested for me to try out new maps that had done well in his map testing PUGs with plenty of positive results in some of the ones that were chosen for the preseason cup we had in last week. I would like to note however that Metalworks was not one of the maps lucrative suggested for us to try out, having that included was purely done because of people asking for it to get played in ETF2L. I wanted to add it into the cup to see if the playerbase would be a lot more fond of it now than previously, however had we not added it in I'm pretty certain we would have the same guys asking that why is EU not playing Metalworks still when it has been played in NA for many years already for now, that's not something I'm able to answer to but that's the reason why Propaganda could have been recently played instead. All the feedback regarding how much you want to play it will be kept in my mind for the next time we want to give new maps a similar chance.

Will continue in the post below to make sure I won't get annihilated by any possible character limit for a single post.

posted 1 month ago
#36 Insomnia65 announced with Team Fortress 2 in News
TaKinaDoes anyone know if we can rent a PC in insomnia and if we can, how many it will be cost ?

As far as I know you've always been able to rent a PC there, previously the cheapest option (with 144hz included) was £104.55, but that package only gives you the PC and the monitor. There are also options with a keyboard, mouse, mousepad and headset rental included which costs like £15 more.

posted 2 months ago
#232 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion
DreamboatThe good news is we can finally move to 30 minute time limits in every region. While i prefer win limit 5, NA moving to windiff 5 30 minute games would probably be for the best. IMO it makes the most sense to run the same format in every single region.

Dropping the two halves is okay, having windifference 5 however is a mistake and gives people the incentive to just be in the lead with 2 rounds and then park the bus. Winlimit should always stay so leagues can count the rounds scored and make the round difference based on those if needed, promoting teams that want to win 5 rounds instead of winning a map.

This doesn't of course help for playoffs as those should count for map wins only, but rather the main season itself.

posted 2 months ago
#14 Copenhagen Games Demos Thread in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 months ago
#15 My best LAN so far in LAN Discussion
DreamboatI think not going to iseries completely would be a mistake, they still have money theyre willing to throw at us, but i think the right move is prioritize CPG as the major international lan, while having iseries rotate to a less important LAN.

In general I do agree that i-series will still be a great option for people that do live in UK and are able to cut their own costs by a good amount with their own belongings. Just stated that for me personally it's so much more expensive that I could afford to go to CPH games almost twice for the price of going to Insomnia just once.

Aside from just talking about money that's getting used only, I do hope that giving us the chance of having the grand finals even on the B stage this time really did boost a lot of attention overall for TF2 within the higher organization of the event, especially since the TF2 section was right next to the entrance so anybody spectating was instantly able to sit down and watch the stream.

posted 2 months ago
#13 My best LAN so far in LAN Discussion

NGL I personally kind of want to just not go to i-series anymore and just focus every year on to CPH Games instead, not only has the organization and all the people behind the scenes been super amazing for the event this and previous year but also the event itself being nearly perfect for a good majority of us.

No hard feelings to i-series LANs at all, I've had my most competitive team experiences there and I still do cherish them just as well.

posted 2 months ago
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