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#28 Insomnia65 announced with Team Fortress 2 in News
TwiggyDrHappiness1) I don't believe so, IIRC they have people go round at night to make sure that isn't happening. There is indoor camping which is considerably cheaper, which isn't too bad but doesn't beat a Hotel obviously
Allright, thanks.
Are pc rentals done thru insomnia or with another company?

They are through insomnia, you pay the rental on the same site as your BYOC ticket (normally another company sponsors the rentals but yeah).

posted 3 months ago
#18 Insomnia 63 Medals - The current situation. in TF2 General Discussion

The list the medals were distributed from had a couple of players in the wrong places, so they received lesser medals, this should now be resolved for those affected receiving their higher, expected tier.

posted 7 months ago
#6 Insomnia 63 Medals - The current situation. in TF2 General Discussion

I now have the medal promo IDs in my possession so distribution will happen within 24 hours.

posted 7 months ago
#2 CClientSteamContext OnSteamServerConnectFailure lo in Customization

Usually that error is Steam not able to connect out, either something on your PC or router is likely dropping out. Do you run on wifi? try hard wiring possibly?

Other solutions I've seen point to DNS issues, you could try changing your DNS servers in windows to Cloudflare's ( or Google's (

posted 7 months ago
#9 What Router and or Modem do you use? in TF2 General Discussion

shitty puma6 cable modem in modem mode with a TP-LINK Archer C8 Router

posted 10 months ago
#67 REALTALK.TF in TF2 General Discussion

its back online :O

posted 11 months ago
#97 SWEDEN????? in LAN Discussion
klassybearodactylAll_Over_RSi would love to go to sweden lan but it might cost too much and idk if many other people plan to go. i also will have school around that time sothis^
idk how easy it would be to get there especially as someone who has never been to sweden before, and the price might be an issue especially for people flying across the pond (rip americans, at least rewind will be a thing hopefully...)
Any lan in any swedish town but Stockholm and Gothenburg is gonna be a drag to get to for foreigners because those are like the only cities with intercontinental airports, from there its train/car only if u wanna get to Lidköping, Växjö or Jönköping (Dreamhack). Not to mention trains in Sweden are expensive.

Swebus? :) We used it for DHW 2016 from Gothenburg to Jonkoping

posted about a year ago
#65 SWEDEN????? in LAN Discussion

This is gonna be gooood!

posted about a year ago
#8 Allebvai in Berlin SOS in TF2 General Discussion

Find a tf2 player in Berlin who can do an Amazon order maybe if you're struggling finding one in shops?

posted about 2 years ago
#162 i61 cu@ thread in LAN Discussion
DuMmTmany reason why essentials guys insist on using their cannel and arent just given access to tftv aka the channel people who arent following the developements of the scene too much are familiar with

Because the whole production of the event is being run solely by Essentials.TF and not TFTV production staff

posted about 2 years ago
#36 The Spire - new TF2 news/coverage website in Projects

Time to go to germany

posted about 3 years ago
#19 TF Spring Tourney - Sponsored by Serveme.TF in Projects

Well. I'm out now.

posted about 3 years ago
#4 TF Spring Tourney - Sponsored by Serveme.TF in Projects

Added you

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Grand Final 24/01: Strong Opinions vs. Chessclub in TF2 General Discussion

BlackOut TV – Sunday 24th 21:00 CET / 3:00PM US East / 7:00AM AEDT – Tourettes Chessclub vs. Strong Opinions

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen. After an epic season of 9v9 shenanigans, it all comes down to this: CeeJaey and Scissors tussling head to head in a no holds barred cage match to the death. Tourettes Chessclub have been waiting patiently in the wings throughout the playoffs, sipping from the glorious cup of the #1 seed and watching the lesser mortals scrap among themselves for the right to challenge for the title, while Strong Opinions proved themselves the masters of payload by breezing through their semi-final match with Highpander© way back at the start of January.

Both sides are capable of taking the title tonight, despite the public’s view on the standings. Tourettes Chessclub have their public appearances to back up their claim to the title, double-time victors of Highlander Seasons gone by (7 & 8) defeating former opponents PremTech and Highpander© respectively. On the other hand, Strong Opinions have some of their own off screen stunts with Scissors‘s team failing to match up to them during practice matches away from the weekly games. However when it came down to the official in Week 4, Tourettes Chessclub sat back and plucked 6 points from CeeJaey‘s hands on cp_steel, the first map picked for tonight’s game. (I’ll let you decide who chose that one)

So with literally everything to play for; Tourettes Chessclub wanting the chance to become three time champions of European Highlander, matching SNSD‘s record across Seasons 1, 2 & 3 while Strong Opinions are looking to end that title for them and install themselves as victors despite this being their first Premiership season, demonstrating their skill and determination for all to see. Who win win a tidy €500 and who will walk away with the €350 and egg on their vest? Tune in at 21:00 CET / 3:00PM US East / 7:00AM AEDT on BlackOut TV with Bulow & sigafoo on the mics and Jon on the camera!

posted about 3 years ago
#1 ETF2L High Final: The Bureau vs TC: Ambition in TF2 General Discussion

BlackOut TV – Thursday 21st 21 CET / 3PM EST – UnitedKingdom The Bureau vs. England Team Colonslash: Ambition

It’s the most wonderful time… for TF2! Get your ammo loaded and your grenades primed for the grand final of the High division of ETF2L’s Highlander Season 9 powered by! If you have been hibernating for the last week our final match for High is The Bureau vs. Team Colonslash: Ambition, two very capable sides. Team Colonslash: Ambition showed their “ambition” when they outplayed their sister squad of Team Colonslash: Express during the semi-final games despite losing mid-season to them.

On the other side we have The Bureau who way back when in Week 1 (can you believe that was November 3rd?) defeated their opposing side on pl_upward 2-1. At the time of writing, the money is currently on The Bureau to win (75% on with Team Colonslash: Ambition moping with the rest. The winner of this game will carry on to play in Premiership of Season 10 Highlander later this year while the losing side is doomed to play off against Stacked in the relegation playoff so potentially both teams we see tonight could be playing in S10 Premiership irrelevant of the outcome.

Tune in with Maxi, asadawarf & Jon on BlackOut TV from 21 CET / 3PM EST for all the frags and results live!

BlackOut TV stream link
Match Link

posted about 3 years ago
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