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#18 RGL let me have a team logo/avatar in TF2 General Discussion

ETF2L NA league anyone?

posted 1 day ago
#3 BlapBash 2021 nearly at $100,000 raised! in TF2 General Discussion

$100,000 REACHED! HOLY ****

posted 3 days ago
#2 BlapBash 2021 nearly at $100,000 raised! in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 days ago
#1 BlapBash 2021 nearly at $100,000 raised! in TF2 General Discussion

BlapBash 2021 is so close to raising over $100,000 for SpecialEffect. ($96,000 at time of writing).

Everyone show your support for the charity and you'll get some sweet medals in return! ($5+)

If we get over $103,000 then we'll beat the all time total record for Blapature Co. charity events!

Donate Here

You can donate cash and/or eligible TF2 items (via

posted 5 days ago
#2 BlapBash 2021 - A Two 12-Hour Charity Stream Event in Projects

Rahmed not making a rahThread, treason!

But seriously, everyone tune in and donate!

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 rahThread: EU vs NA girls-only teams in The Dumpster
jetzElenaManettaWould there even be enough girl players to fill up two teams that could face each other, play their main, and the skill disparity wouldn't be drastic across all the teammates?yes if trans women count, if not then no way

Trans women are women.

posted 1 month ago
#3 TF: Source 2 in TF2 General Discussion

Okay, this is neat.

posted 1 month ago
#8 What's with RGL playoffs happening at bedtime? in TF2 General Discussion

This sounds like a plot to stop b4nny playing...

posted 1 month ago
#22 DreamHack Beyond TF2 Events in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#20 DreamHack Beyond TF2 Events in TF2 General Discussion

Beyond The Limit - TF2 Jumping Competition
The server information for players and spectators are live now:
Our leaderboard page is now live too:

The servers are open for 2 hours a day in each region for players to set their best times on each map every day between July 24th & July 30th:

North America Servers
9 PM to 11 PM EDT
each day

Europe Servers
6 PM to 8 PM CEST
each day

Asia & Pacific Servers
8 PM to 10 PM SGT / GMT+8
each day

Teufort Fashion Show & TF2 Clips Challenge
Don't forget we also have our Teufort Fashion Show and TF2 Clip Challenge also taking place on Twitter between July 24th and July 30th with $500 to be won! More info available at

posted 1 month ago
#19 DreamHack Beyond TF2 Events in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactyli hope theres some hard t6 maps that boshy will lose to kaptain/other ppl cause that would be pretty lame if after cheating on tempus he won all the money from this

also cant they just say if you're banned from tempus u cant play? i feel like RGL cheater bans wouldnt be able to play weekend cups either but i guess u could argue cheating bonuses isnt as bad and they can just check the demos for this

From what I understand, boshy currently has an active ban for ban evasion but not for cheating on Tempus. The cheating ban ended (EDIT: its been extended til August but the reason is "Bonus/Trick admin abuse"). Apparently the cheating Bonus/Trick abuse was from abusing administrator powers and not for using hacks. With that in mind, boshy at the present moment shouldn't have any problems with being able to play in this competition. And as the cheating Bonus/Trick abuse was done previously with admin powers, that won't be a problem for this event.

Our event site has rules around players who can participate and player behaviour:

1. Players:
1.1 No cheating of any kind is allowed.
1.2 Exploitation of bugs is not allowed.
1.3 Offensive nicknames and avatars are not allowed.
1.4 Offensive content in-game is not allowed.
1.5 Players that have an active ban for cheating on Jump Academy servers, Tempus servers, ETF2L, RGL, or a league of similar status in their respective regions are not eligible to enter the competition at all.

2. Administration:
2.1 Any communication required with competition administrators is to be held on the EssentialsTF Discord.
2.2 Administrators are allowed to make changes to the rules and/or make final decisions on situations during the competition not included in the written rules.
2.3 Any rule breaks will be punished by the admins. Penalties include but are not limited to verbal warnings as well as disqualification of set times and bans from competitions and Jump Academy servers.
posted 1 month ago
#8 DreamHack Beyond TF2 Events in TF2 General Discussion

So far we've announced the first 3 of the 7 days of maps!

Round 1: jump_beyond_b3 (Soldier)
Round 2: jump_shelter_b1 (Demoman)
Round 3: jump_sauciix_v4 (Soldier)

posted 1 month ago
#10 Steam Deck in Hardware
Wandumhasnt this kind of device been made like 1000 times

GPD Win 3, AYA NEO, etc.

posted 2 months ago
#1 DreamHack Beyond TF2 Events in TF2 General Discussion

TF2 is heading to DreamHack Beyond...
July 24th - 31st
EssentialsTF are excited to announce three new Team Fortress 2 competitions that we are organising for DreamHack Beyond!

We’ve got $2,000 in prizes up for grabs across the week from July 24th to 31st featuring the largest TF2 Jumping competition ever, our Teufort Fashion Show where you can flaunt your drip and our TF2 Clip Challenge where your best moment or failure can be immortalised forever!

Join our Discord Server to get updates about our events instantly!


Beyond The Limit
No, this isn’t your usual competitive TF2 event. The difference? Only Soldier and Demo are allowed. Also it’s a Jumping competition. And also there’s $1500 to be won.

Not jumping like doing star jumps and remembering a dark long-forgotten time from a high school sports day, but instead jumping around specially designed courses in a flurry of fire and explosions in TF2.

Introducing Beyond The Limit, brought to you by DreamHack & EssentialsTF.
TF2 Clip Challenge
Think you’ve got an amazing in-game moment from a match or just a daft WTF moment captured during some pub action? Maybe you got a nice multi-kill or hit a really nice airshot?

Send us your clip or short video on Twitter using the hashtag #TF2Clips.

Our esteemed judges will pick their favourite 5 clips and each winner will receive $50!
Teufort Fashion Show
Ever wanted to show off your loadout but rather than receiving a swift scattergun to the face, you instead found yourself showered in fame, glory, and perhaps some prizes? Then we’ve got the perfect event for you!

Send us a photo of your most dapper TF2 loadout on Twitter using the hashtag #TF2Fashion.

Our ever-fashionable judges will select their favourite winners for 5 categories and each winner will receive $50!
posted 2 months ago
#5 HExHUD in Customization
ShooshHexagons are the bestagons

This is the truth

posted 2 months ago
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