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#1356 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

*DEAD* a) : wut
*DEAD* Asi Pasasi : what?
a) : i give you head

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 which medic main has the best dm on offclass in TF2 General Discussion

Demos used to pound on Demoman before joining Ora Elektro and becoming a medic there so he's probably a good contender aswell

posted 1 month ago
#20 ETF2L S33 W7: top5rocket vs. Ora Elektro in Matches
crib_From Section 1.2 in ETF2L rules
ETF2L Use only scores and opponents from “valid” matches (matches that were not default wins and were not against dropped opponents).
Def. loss != Def. Win, and it makes no sense that taking a default loss puts you higher up in tables and in premiership playoffs. Whoever made the algorithm probably had this in mind which is why they only mentioned default wins.

If Ora had taken a default loss, or if War & Sons played against Se7en, Ora would have a higher chance to be in playoffs, dependent on Faint-Ascent game. Maybe I'm wrong and the ETF2L rules are just ambiguously stated, but if so, that leaves a lower ranked team no incentive to even try against Se7en and ruins the competitive integrity. Not saying anyone did this intentionally, just that this is open to abuse.

If you are wrong and default losses are counted as valid matches, Faint have to get 3 or more points for Ora Electro to get into playoffs.

I hope I'm wrong because it seemed very weird for me as well that such abuse can happen (intentionally or unintentionally). If I am wrong about the rules then this chart should be right: (places where it says equal are when the tiebreaker scores are even so it needs to go over to the next tiebreaker but that's rounds scored and they both scored 27 rounds. if rounds lost also matter then WAR have 31 and ORA 38 so WAR would qualify but I think that in that case there would be a match instead)
Admins please confirm how the system works

chart has been updated

posted 1 month ago
#18 ETF2L S33 W7: top5rocket vs. Ora Elektro in Matches
crib_Asi_Pasasi ...
Se7en 6-0s goons and War tied with Ascent, so Ora's TB score increases if Ascent doesn't get points against Faint. Taking 0-6 gets Ora 43 and War just over 40. Did you divide War's score by 5 or 6?

I divided War's score by 6 because their match against Se7en isn't "valid" but I divided Ora's by 7 because they have 7 "valid" matches (and according to the points you presented War's is higher after division).

posted 1 month ago
#12 ETF2L S33 W7: top5rocket vs. Ora Elektro in Matches

if anyone cares here's an updated chart

This is the final one, unless I miscalculated or admins decide to leave this up to a tie match instead, War & Sons progress to playoffs

posted 1 month ago
#3 ETF2L S33 W7: top5rocket vs. Ora Elektro in Matches

and the other playoff deciding match (War & Sons vs Generation karnax) would be played at the same time.
Out of 49 possible results to both matches, 22 say top5rocket go to playoffs, 15 say Ora Elektro go to playoffs, 6 say War & Sons would advance, 3 present a tiebreaker between War and top5 for which every scenario results with War having a higher tiebreaker score, and another 3 present a tiebreaker between War and Ora which is much closer and heavily influenced by the 2 other matches.

If both matches are 6-0 for ORA and War:

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Let's assume Faint 6-0's Ascent and Se7en 6-0's Goonsquad, the tie scores would be about 6.30952 for ORA and about 6.13888889 for War, for every point ascent takes from Faint, this gap would close by about 0.130952, and for every point Goonsquad takes from 7, the gap would close by about 0.06746, meaning War would need Ascent to take 2 points, or for them to take 1 point and for Goonsquad to take another, or for Goonsquad to take at least three points by themselves.

If both matches are 5-1 for ORA and War:

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Same assumptions, everything is the same but War's "original" tie score is about 6.19444444, and ORA's is about 5.47619 , meaning War would win this tiebreaker regardless of the other matches.

If both matches are 4-2 for ORA and War:

Show Content
Same assumptions, we can see a similar trend with the updated "original" tiebreaker scores, meaning War would win this tiebreaker regardless of the other matches.

tl;dr There are 49 possible outcomes of these 2 matches, in 22 of them top5rocket get to advance their trenches another inch, in 15 of them Ora Elektro shocks the crowd and go into playoffs, in 11 of them War & Sons keep waging further S33, and the last possibility splits into another 49 and out of them 4 hold Ora Elektro's last spark of hope while the rest give War & Sons more supplies to keep going.
How many did we win? One.
(i might miscalculated something and this probably doesn't matter as it seems Ascent woke up since week 1 and won't lose to anyone that isn't Faint or Se7en)
(why did I even put a tl;dr it doesn't even shorten anything)

EDIT: if every possibility has an equal chance of occuring then top5rocket have a 44.9% chance to reach playoffs, Ora Elektro have a 30.8% chance, and War & Sons have a 24.3% chance to reach it

2nd EDIT: Here's a chart to help visualize what are the possibilities;

3rd EDIT: War & Sons get an even better tiebreaker score because I forgot to add Ascent's score 6 from last week's match, sorry for miss leading, that one possibility is also a WAR win.

posted 1 month ago
#16 how to get a jewish girlfriend in The Dumpster
sniffdemerolis she ashkenazi or sephardicaight i asked bro shes ashkenazi what does that mean
i think ed witten is ashkenazi, he's my favorite physicist

Ashkenazi means she's from relatively recent European (mostly eastern) heritage. Ashkenazi is pretty much the "White People" of the Jewish community but toned down.
How religious is she? that also changes the way you need to hit on her?

posted 1 month ago
#22 what's ur goto order from mcdonalds in Off Topic

Mc20 McChicken McNuggets McMeal with McFries and Coke Zero

or alternatively

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2 #9s, a #9 large, a #6 with extra dip, a #7, 2 #45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
posted 3 months ago
#77 Game of Thrones S8 in Off Topic

I feel like Theon got close enough to the NK to pull of pretty much the same trick Arya pulled and I would have preferred it that way because it would make the Theon character arc ending even stronger and because when Arya does it it just feels like someone pulling a WWE signature move out of no where.
I also agree with Eemes' analysis except for the Crypts part because i felt like because of Stark's history the bodies would be buried well enough so they won't be turned to zombies and try to kill everyone.
Also most deaths were pretty cool

posted 3 months ago
#5 Liberty Launcher rework idea in TF2 General Discussion

I think it won't benefit a soldier using gunboats at all so the only way this could work would be to run it with a shotgun but then it still seems lesser than running stock and gunboats so maybe adding a faster switch speed would also be needed.

posted 3 months ago
#14 SVIFT ventures into the rice fields for AsiaFortress Cup 15 in News
on1Spufor people not invested in asia fortress this roster is ridiculously stacked.

If you were (and people will inevitably) compare them to Xiao they are potentially a much more solid roster. In terms of scout combo, roamer and medic I'd argue straight upgrades. Teejay and Fwishy are about as scary a combo of scouts can be; Teejay is plain and simple the best aimer I've seen in TF2 period. AND is individually one of the smartest and most mechanically skilled people I've ever played with. banana is unfair, he's like an anime character I don't get how but his power just scales to always be on another level of the people surrounding him, Asia hasn't got a reputation for fantastic roamers but banana has broken that curse.

In terms of demo and pocket you couldn't find better replacements for cuteman and cloverella then with Ry4n and hsr, hsr is the only person who could contend with cloverella for his strengths in maincalling and aggressive strategy, and whereas cuteman had some of the best aim and dm in the region Ry4n is a super selfless player who's mindset lies solely in what his play can do to make his team's job easier.

where is this pasta from, i've seen it twice already

pretty sure it's from here:

posted 4 months ago

Happy birthday to one of the best scouts in the game

posted 5 months ago
#55 cyanic team fortress 2 in TF2 General Discussion

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edit: to clarify this is not in the context of using cyanide to suicide
posted 5 months ago
#5 ETF2L S32 W3: veu crever vs. MONGI MODE in Matches

Love won’t be the only thing in the air tonight

posted 6 months ago
#6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODIS! in TF2 General Discussion

Happy Birthday Bloodis! Thanks for the default win you gave my open team in my very limited time of playing.

posted 6 months ago
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