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#2 STV problems in Q/A Help

RecordSTV can change the name and location of the recording. If you haven't set any of the RecordSTV variables, it should look something like this in the "tf" dir:


If you also start using you won't have to worry about FTP-ing and looking for the files of course.

posted 10 hours ago
#6 Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson has passed away in Off Topic
JynxiiHow old was he? I know pretty much nothing about starcraft and the personalities in that scene, but from the reactions this is pretty unexpected


He had a blood cloth (DVT) back in 2013 and recently had to get an infected abscess removed on his leg.
Still very very unexpected, his last stream was Saturday and he seemed fine.

posted 1 day ago
#7 tf2 servers can't determine my country?? in Q/A Help

Your ISP probably bought some extra IP addresses formerly used in India, GeoIP databases can take a while to catch up and not everyone updates them regularly (looking at you TF2Center!).

Not much you can do about it yourself, you could try submitting a correction here:

posted 1 week ago
#19 mumble doesnt connect to some servers in Q/A Help

I can't wait to hear about a more modern piece of VoiP software, especially one that's:
- Free
- Self-hosted
- Open source
- Secure
- Light on CPU
- Light on memory
- Light on bandwidth
- Provides amazing audio quality with a codec like opus

Please do tell

posted 1 week ago
#14 mumble doesnt connect to some servers in Q/A Help
GrapeJuiceIIIit stopped after the first hop (which i scratched out because i assume that is ddos/dox territory)

Could be your router blocking access. If you can login to it, see if it has flood detection or other useless security voodoo and disable it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 mumble doesnt connect to some servers in Q/A Help

I can ping both those IPs, so you're either IP banned by both, or there's something wrong with your connetion. Run a "tracert" to the same IPs.

In the same cmd prompt: tracert ip-address-here

posted 2 weeks ago
#115 - free server reservations in Projects
bearodactylThere seems to be a bug where the servers can't load in to new maps that were recently added

Cheers, I made a mistake when creating the more recent NA servers, so they were missing a bunch of maps. Fixed now.

posted 3 weeks ago

Sigafoo for FIA boss please

posted 1 month ago
#3 unloading stv does weird things in Q/A Help

Just forget about "_off" configs, they're rarely complete and it just easier to issue an "rcon restart" or a real server restart to get a clean slate.

League configs also really need to stop touching things that are none of their business. Slot limits, sv_contact settings, server names, STV names, to name a few.
Having 128 clients in your server STV is a really bad idea anyway, since TF2 server runs on a single CPU core. That means the STV specators eat up a bunch of capacity of that single CPU core, leaving too little for the game itself. Especially now a lot of leagues use a tv snapshotrate of 66 and other settings that boost STV accuracy at the expense of more processing power.

posted 1 month ago
#2 Is it possible to install TF2 faster? in Q/A Help

Right click in your steam library, "backup game files" or click on the menu item named "Steam" and select "Backup and restore games".

posted 1 month ago
#113 - free server reservations in Projects

A bunch of new developments that might be interesting:

- Thanks to Gameye, we've added a new feature, cloud servers. These servers get launched on demand (takes just 20 seconds) and this gives us more capacity and locations. Locations already live: Warsaw (PL), Moscow (RU), Frankfurt (DE), London (EN) and Sao Paulo (BR). Soon we'll have some more USA locations for this service as well, most likely New York and San Francisco.
- 8 new Dallas, USA servers from a new host/datacenter we haven't used before
- And soon, 8 new Los Angeles, USA servers

This should give some more capacity now ESEA will be out of the picture soon.

posted 1 month ago
#184 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

I'm a little late to the party, so first of all, good luck Sigafoo with this first season of real competitive TF2 at RGL (lolhl). You've shown your dedication and tenacity in your previous leagues, so I'm confident you have the skills to make this 6v6 league a success.
I am still hoping for some competition though ;)

Like others before me in this thread, I was hoping to change your/RGLs mind about two things planned for this first season:

The whitelist:
Using the global whitelist instead of a modified ESEA one would be great. You could still modify it mid-season if stuff seems broken, exactly like it's mentioned in the current rules for the ESEA whitelist. Basically a RGL-version of the global whitelist, but only if it's needed. No bureaucracy required.

External casters
I get the technical concerns about allowing more people on STV, but simply attaching an STV relay yourself (a good idea anyway) or requiring 3rd party casters to bring their own relay solves this.

That just leaves the exposure for the sponsor and the stream viewer numbers. I think more streams get more people to watch a game, not less, so just request 3rd party streams to use your sponsor's assets when casting RGL games. Seems fair to me. I'm willing to provide STV relays to any caster that needs them.

To anyone unhappy with RGL or Sigafoo and thinking it's unfixable, please support those working on alternatives and actually try to help them, because it's going to take the amount of effort Sigafoo puts into RGL to deliver a better product and he's already done this before.

posted 1 month ago
#11 black mirror s5 in Music, Movies, TV
gbjwikipedia says theres 19 eps, i dont think theyre releasing them all at once

It's just 3 episodes, unfortunately. There were 19 total episodes of black mirror when S4 finished.If you include Bandersnatch, there are now 23 episodes total.

Loved Smithereens, the other two were pretty good too. Surprise Nine Inch Nails was nice :)

posted 1 month ago
#35's incredible review of tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#111 - free server reservations in Projects
_KermitJust had a server that shut down the instant a map ended, logs or stv aren't available, and the server doesn't show up as a reservation I've played in. Is there a way either of them will be available at all?

Sorry about that, I see you were playing on a cloud server in the UK. These currently can't be used for two consecutive matches due to a misconfiguration (servers get killed x minutes after the first match has concluded), that's going to be changed this week, but that's why the server suddenly shut down during the 2nd map.

Logs and demos for these cloud matches get uploaded to and respectively, you can find the logs and demos of the first map there, but the server got killed before the logs and demos of the second map got uploaded. These can't be recovered unfortunately.

posted 1 month ago
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