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#38 Songs you only associate with TF2 in Off Topic

posted 1 month ago
#39 Sponsored prem player refuse to pay back lost item in TF2 General Discussion

for anyone looking to check the history, these are the 3 (?) rifles according to - - -

posted 4 months ago
#6930 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

I have an issue where my game will crash to desktop if I join someone's in-game party but it only seems to happen on some HUDs. It either happens when they accept my join request or they send me one and I accept. Any idea what could be causing this?

posted 9 months ago
#1354 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization


posted 10 months ago
#35 ETF2L Admins: Blackmail, Bias and Censorship in TF2 General Discussion

Admins (kaylus in particular) have handed out bans/been wanting to hand out bans for dumber reasons in the past. Found this old pastebin of Hugo arguing with kaylus because he wanted to ban my entire team for not trying their absolute hardest in a game of highlander (lol) when there are numerous examples of teams taking the piss against other teams not being punished whatsoever

Hard to take most non anti-cheat related bans seriously when people like Middle get banned for killbinding mid offi as a joke. Not sure what goes on in the heads of league admins sometimes (AC admins doing god's work though)

posted about a year ago
#6 Logs from entire seasons of invite/prem in Q/A Help

I'll share what I have:

I've tried to compile a spreadsheet of logs with ETF2L prem matches I have the logs for. It should also contain logs for ozfortress and some RGL 6s seasons. I think I set it to public correctly but if not give me a heads up :)

Few notes:
- these are only up to 2021-ish, I gave up on the project I was using these for a long time ago
- no playoffs logs are included since I was using these in a project that would compare only stats for the regular season
- while I'm fairly confident the ETF2L ones are correct because of every match having a list of people who played in that match (due to uploaded status screenshots), I can't vouch for the accuracy of the RGL ones at all. There was no easy way for me to get these painlessly so there might be a few scrim logs in here I'm afraid.
- the ozfortress ones I did manually, the aussies were nice enough to post their logs on the match pages almost every single time :)
- with a few exceptions none of these are combined logs

idk what kind of target you're looking to train if you are planning to use these for machine learning, if you need something added I can check if I can add it to my db query

posted about a year ago
#10 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/5/22 (Scream Fortress XIV) in TF2 General Discussion

That SaveTF2 hashtag sure did a lot, Thank You Reddit

posted about a year ago
#57 See your medic's uber% on hud in Customization

Most modern games have charge percentages for ults etc available at a glance of their scoreboard, how would having this in TF2 for uber % dramatically impact gameplay outside of pugs and lobbies?

posted about a year ago
#25 How to you get people to pay RGL fees? in TF2 General Discussion

I feel like the main reason pay-to-play for European leagues would not work is because most people will not see any of this money come back their way and it will primarily be to fund prizepools for the top divisions and compensate community contributors. The amount of money would also have to depend on the country, due to income varying heavily across Europe. Would be a logistical nightmare. Either that or it would have to be such a low amount that it might as well not be worth the effort.

Also no shot anyone is (voluntarily) programming a payment system into the Wordpress mess that is ETF2L.

People who want to financially support ETF2L can easily do so by donating, there's been some fairly generous donations in the past.

posted about a year ago
#56 the competitive tf2 culture canon in TF2 General Discussion

MGE Police
axiomatic crying
damneasy on demoman
muma rollout
muuki telefrag

posted about a year ago
#1 Stream name change in Requests

From to

ty :)

posted about a year ago
#6858 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Downloaded a HUD and for some reason the matchmaking menu looks like this. Anyone know how I can fix it/which file I need to edit?

posted about a year ago
#3 Offi: browser plugin in Projects

This is great, thank you for sharing

posted about 2 years ago
#3 My brightness changes depending on what I look at. in Customization

Are you using a config like mastercomfig? If so you could try a different module preset for lighting and see what happens.

If not, look at config.cfg in the cfg folder and check if any of those keybindings could possibly affect the lighting. If it's really related to your keyboard I'd assume you've hit a keybind by accident while cleaning that does something unexpected. My guess is it would be one of these:

posted about 2 years ago
#2 Allowing the TF2-Ultimate-Visual-Fix-Pack in ETF2L in TF2 General Discussion

Reading through these I'm pretty sure most of these are fine but stuff like less obnoxious Pyro flame particles would be up for debate cause you could argue it's intended game design (although not great game design). Kinda similar like how you can't use that mod that hides props & bushes to remove clutter on ETF2L.

There is probably a middle ground to be had where stuff like that is not inside of the pack?

posted about 2 years ago
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