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#1 Prem/Div1 player MGE tournament 17.12 in TF2 General Discussion

This saturday we shall find out who is the ultimate MGE kingpin of high level european TF2.
Featuring some of the best aimers in the world, such as:

& more!

- Start 17:00 cet
- Pricepool 50€, winner takes all
- Soldier only, gunboats only, shotgun allowed only if both players agree
- Bo3 Double elim knockout bracket
- Bo5 Finals
- Map pool
- Bland mid
- Spire
- Gully mid
- Gran mid
- Ammomod MGE

Will be streamed at, casted by the highly talented Alexander "Wandum" Bøhme.
Tune in at 17:00 CET on saturday!


posted 1 month ago
#7 CSG Autumn Season 22 Fragmovie in Videos
ShearsAMSI also appreciate any feedback on things you liked and/or didn't like, those things I can take into consideration as I begin to work on the i69 fragmovie as my next project. <3
AMS edits are always a treat to watch, and this one was no different! Loved the atypical song choice and production quality in particular.

Some personal nitpicks:
-Feels like the specific keyframing of ramping in and out of slow motion could use some more detail and attention in some places for optimal impact IMO, many times it felt slightly too abrupt or perhaps slightly mistimed. From the beginning to about 1:20 feels close to perfectly paced but after that it loses focus a little bit in some sections.
-Some of the transitions, smooths, and camerawork felt like they dragged a bit, or were perhaps filler to help pad out the length to match the length of the song. This might tie back into my first point about pacing.
-Could use a few more smooths where the camera isn't moving in a completely straight, linear path for variety

Many have told me they weren't a fan of the excessive velocity keyframing. I will admit I got lazier with syncing it precisely to the music later on in the movie, its good to hear you noticed that to get confirmation that people will indeed notice the distinction between a precise sync and a lazier one. :D
I appreciate the feedback very much! I will look into ways to create better & more diverse camera movement for stv smooths and use less velocity to not break the flow of the movie so much, and will spend more time getting the sync right.

posted 1 month ago
#5 CSG Autumn Season 22 Fragmovie in Videos

Shameless bump to let you know I've added a DL link for higher quality viewing.
I also appreciate any feedback on things you liked and/or didn't like, those things I can take into consideration as I begin to work on the i69 fragmovie as my next project. <3

posted 1 month ago
#1 CSG Autumn Season 22 Fragmovie in Videos
Hope you all enjoy


posted 1 month ago
#9114 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#12 Team comms for casts, why did we stop doing it? in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreezeimo if you want this kind of content out there, (and im sure a lot of people also do), you should record+upload or stream your own pov. this kind of content is done a lot better after-the-fact than live, because we can curate actually interesting parts. the chance of casters going to ur comms at an arbitrary time and actually experiencing the whole tense atmosphere of a team, and still having enough % of the game casted by actual casters is pretty low. from memory of this happening in the past, most of the live randomly chosen lets-go-to-comms moments were very boring, or in the worst case, people were gamer-wording.

i think in the best case, we could have recordings of the whole thing and go to replays or highlights of the comms, which is what most other esports streams do (for the above reasons + strats leaking). but imo its probably better for the teams to do this content themselves, because logistically we just do not have enough producers or enough time to do that stuff, and im sure a lot of the teams wouldnt comply with wanting to use a different mumble, people listening in etc.

Fair points. I personally would not have an issue with occasional strats being leaked seeing as anybody can get their hands on the STVs of our games anyway and be able to decipher most of the strategic adaptations or any pre-set up stuff from just that alone, but I can see how many players might not agree with me on that and be would uncomfortable with it.

As for the void of such content in the game right now, I may be looking to fill some that in the future the best I can. This post was aimed at just the TFTV casts and their production, as this is a topic I've wondered about previously and felt I was lacking answers for why we weren't doing something that would in my opinion improve the spectator experience so much. <3

posted 2 months ago
#9 Team comms for casts, why did we stop doing it? in TF2 General Discussion
ArieFrom memory, but it's been a while:
  • Getting teams to join, sometimes on short notice
  • Finding a Mumble server location that both teams won't hate due to ping and routing reasons
  • Trusting teams not to use certain words that get you in trouble with Twitch
  • Having someone host and babysit the mumble delay bots (fix mumble flood protection settings so the bots can mass join for example)
  • Dealing with desyncs during pauses. The delay bots are out of sync as soon as a pause starts until 90 seconds after the unpause.
  • Getting casters to use the comms during interesting moments, breaking up their flow / desire to talk

First of all, I much appreciate you taking the time to respond.

As an example, let's say we tried implementing this in the current ETF2L season. Since setting them up seems to be a fair bit of extra effort and since some teams don't have english comms, it wouldn't be necessary to set them up for every single game that was casted.

If we attempted to have team comms for matches between wG, tf2easy, league of shadows and my team, I can almost guarantee that with these teams you wouldn't have to worry about people using "certain words" that would get us in trouble with twitch. You could have the teams play their pre-match scrims in the mumble so that you have more time to set everything up. I have never heard of people complaining about lag in mumble, is that a thing? As long as the mumble server is in europe and is functioning properly, that is a non issue. I think the casters taking a small break at times to listen to the comms is not necessarily a bad thing, they get a little breather and they get insight into what the teams is thinking, insight which they can use to create a higher quality cast.

As for the issues regarding pauses and technical details, I'm not going to pretend I know how much of a pain all that really is. If it really is more hassle than it is worth, then fair enough. It is a shame if that is the case, because from my perspective they added so much to the entertainment value of the cast and got the viewers way more engaged. It adds personality to the mix, which I feel is currently very much lacking since there isn't many player interviews or even post game interviews anymore. I feel that is what most people tune in to watch, they want to see their buddies win or the people they dislike lose and hear their turmoil in the mumble.

I'm sure I speak for many high level players when I say I am eternally grateful for all the people still working on TF2 production and those who have in the past. My intention is not to push you to take on more work than you can manage, especially since I'm sure there is an overload of work with TF2 production already anyway, and very little reward for it. I will however keep my hopes up, that in some way we can spice up the production of these casts, because I think there is potential for much more than what were currently doing.

posted 2 months ago
#4 Team comms for casts, why did we stop doing it? in TF2 General Discussion
Surnyhonestly, beyond even the chance for gamer words, the biggest hurdle is just the logistical nightmare it is for production.
it may be decently easy to do at a LAN event or something similar cause you've got all the stuff there, but online I can't imagine it being trivial

Could you elaborate? To the best of my recollection it just requires the casters and the players to use the same mumble. Is the problem recreating the 90sec delay bot that had been previously used for it? Does it take long to set up? Other than that it is just requires the producer to link the channels when they want to hear the comms. Something I'm missing? What do you mean by "all the stuff" that is required and not present for online games?

posted 2 months ago
#1 Team comms for casts, why did we stop doing it? in TF2 General Discussion

We played a really intense official agaisnt /for fence with my team yesterday. Tension was through the roof as we were trying our hardest to win the first map that came down the wire. You could feel the passion, excitement and fear of losing in the mumble toward the end of the map.

After the match was over I was still so into it I proceeded to watch the vod of the cast in its entirety on tftv straight away. The peak energy that had saturated our mumble for that evening was not in any way to be perceived in the cast. It was just another boring tf2 game, with the chat complaining about neither team winning rounds and the game dragging on too long. People in the chat seemed to perceive the closeness of the match as the teams playing poorly and dragging the game out. Perhaps theres truth to that, thats besides my point.

I'm not in any way looking to blame the production team for anything. I thought the casters did a great job analyzing what was going on and I enjoyed it regardless. I thought the camerawork was great and the quality of production was overall very good.

When thinking about this I just wish there was a way to transmit to the people watching how into it we were, how dejected we felt after some of the major blunders we did and how passionate we were.

Therefore I would love to try to open the discussion about having bits of team comms during the matches again, like we did back in the day. I've discussed this on my stream on occasion, but I feel I've never received a satisfactory answer for why we don't do this.

If some teams don't want to be involved, they wouldn't have to be. I'm sure most teams would have no problem sharing bits of their comms to make the casts more entertaning.
If it is about people using vile language or saying slurs, surely we can agree to not do that if we have agreed to our comms being partially broadcasted, and those who are not able to follow those instructions will simply not be involved again?
If I recall correctly someone was saying that is dumb because "no other e-sport does it", but I don't really consider that to be an argument that holds up at all, or makes much sense for TF2 currently.

Is there any arguments agaisnt this that I'm missing, or why is this not something we could start doing again? I think it would massively improve the entertainment value of these casts, and add a new layer to the viewing experience.

An example of what I'm talking about:

Thanks for taking the time to read and any thoughts on this are much appreciated. ;)

posted 2 months ago
#36 are steroids worth it ? in Off Topic
fooqpbetter physical condition gives you more confidence
saying women care more about personality isn't true, they judge by ur looks at first then comes ur personality which is normal. like do u really think if i look like a mess, woman at the first date would care if i know what Bataille wrote in 1944?

I'm defo not saying you should try to impress women with your philosophy knowledge. :D
You can see buff dudes who are crazy insecure about themselves everywhere you go, you can also see skinny and even fat guys with really hot girlfriends everywhere you go. As a man your first assumption is going to be that women are more interested in good looks because that is likely how you rate women, but it generally doesn't work the same way the other way around.

Yeah sure you can improve your confidence by bodybuilding, but as you can see here it alone won't bring lasting and sustainable high self esteem, because that comes from the inside and has less to do with your looks, financial situation or social status.

posted about a year ago
#34 are steroids worth it ? in Off Topic

Like sam said the problem you are having has very little to do with your physique and clearly stems from self-esteem issues.
Confidence comes from the inside, you don't build lasting self-esteem by building your body. If you take this approach you will never be satisfied with your looks, because the deeper problem of low self-esteem and self acceptance hasn't been addressed. Bodybuilding is clearly an incredibly beneficial and rewarding activity, but in this case it alone wont solve your problems.

As for the dating aspect: women care way more about your personality than your looks, which will be hard to accept if you are coming from this alpha male bodybuilder perspective.
Obviously being in good shape and being physically attractive is a plus, but when it comes to dating what you should focus on is how you carry yourself: your confidence, sense of humor, social skills, independence, emotional stability..
Really if your goal is to have a lot of sex with a bunch of different women aka do pick up, there is lots of resources out there for how to do it and your physique is definitely not gonna be a limiting factor.

I know you will make the right call on this one niko, its not worth ruining your health and longetivity over this stuff.

posted about a year ago
#112 pegging in Off Topic

I get why that stuff is pretty funny to read on twitter but I really think a lot of people here are seriously lacking some perspective.
My bro was exactly like this when schiz kicked in for him, constantly making up bullshit theories for normal everyday stuff happening in life, believing everything is connected to everything. He constantly thought he was being followed, slept next to knives and other weapons and had frequent panic attacks. Even those closest to him in his life he did not trust and he made up stories about how everyone was manipulating him.
It is a truly miserable existence.
He acknowledged he was suffering from the illness yet that didn't change anything, it only kept getting worse.
This is why saying something like "if you act like a retard you should expect to be made fun of" just seems ignorant as hell.
I'd suggest it would be better to try to understand what he is going through and try to apply some compassion.

posted about 2 years ago
#1 amppis tf2 guides in Videos

I'm gonna be making more content like this in the future covering other topics, I'm also taking any suggestions if you guys have great ideas :D
Lmk what you guys think!!

posted about 3 years ago
#7 CONDAWG in Videos
toothSick jukes, and ya I can only guess that he probably would have died on granary last had he not managed to land on the tire. Still awesome though

Hey man this is kinda random but like 7 years ago I was addicted to this fragclip you made and it's pretty much what made me want to start playing soldier in 6v6. I just saw your alias and it somehow came back to me just now and I found your youtube again, kinda cool anyway thanks for the comment :D

posted about 3 years ago
#1 CONDAWG in Videos

the movie

posted about 3 years ago
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