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#1518 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

Got bad (no) file permissions for non-root when installing from mastercomfig-app-7.0.0-a.10.pacman, simply chmod my install. The .tar.xz is fine.

posted about 5 years ago
#1505 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

From testing, it seems "mat_texture_reload_frame_swap_workaround 0" fixes the problem. I'm running Arch Linux / amdgpu // Ryzen 1600 (3.8 Ghz) / 3200Mhz 2x8GB RAM / RX 580 4GB.

FPS gain/loss seems negligible with either option so I set it to 0 in custom.

posted about 5 years ago
#1504 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization


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//Default: Viewmodel FOV
alias vm_fov "viewmodel_fov 78"

//Default: Intel on Uber/Cloak
alias m2_drop "dropitem"

//Default: Drawvmset
alias drawvmset "r_drawviewmodel 0"

//Default: Item Preset
alias loadcurr "load_itempreset 3"

//Default: Projectile Handedness
alias vmflip "cl_flipviewmodels 1"

//Class Switch
alias class_last "join_class random"
//Weapon Switching
alias qs_set1 "none"; alias qs_set2 "none"; alias qs_set3 "none"
//Pyro M1 set_fov
alias set_fov "viewmodel_fov 0.1"

bind INS "demo_pan"
bind DEL "ds_mark"
bind w +mfwd
bind s +mback
bind a +mleft
bind d +mright

alias none "" //Empty Alias

alias +screensht "hud_achievement_tracker 0"
alias -screensht "screenshot; hud_achievement_tracker 1"

//Toggle Quickswitch Loadout
alias qs_load1 "none; +quickswitch; alias qs_loadout qs_load0"
alias qs_load0 "-quickswitch; alias qs_loadout qs_load1"

//Toggle drawvmset
alias vmset_1 "alias vmset_tog vmset0; alias drawvmset r_drawviewmodel 1"
alias vmset_0 "alias vmset_tog vmset1; alias drawvmset r_drawviewmodel 0"
alias vmset_tog "vmset_1"

alias wpn_slot1 "slot1; ws_1; qs_set1; qs_now1; qs_load0"
alias wpn_slot2 "slot2; ws_2; qs_set2; qs_now2; qs_load0"
alias wpn_slot3 "slot3; ws_3; qs_set3; qs_now3; qs_load0"
alias qs_lst1 "alias qs_slot wpn_slot1"
alias qs_lst2 "alias qs_slot wpn_slot2"
alias qs_lst3 "alias qs_slot wpn_slot3"

//Common M1
alias +m1 "+attack; drawvm; spec_next"
alias -m1 "-attack"

//Toggle Dropping Briefcase on Uber/Cloak
alias droptogon "alias drop_set dropitem; alias droptog droptogoff"
alias droptogoff "alias drop_set none; alias droptog droptogon"

//Demoman M2
alias +demo_m2 "+attack2; +reload; spec_prev"
alias -demo_m2 "-attack2; -reload"

//Engineer M12
alias +engie_m1 "+attack; drawvm; engie_vo; spec_next"
alias -engie_m1 "-attack; alias engie_vo none"
alias +engie_m2 "+attack2; alias engie_vo voicemenu 2 7; voicemenu 2 7; spec_prev"
alias -engie_m2 "-attack2"
//Engineer Eureka Effect
//alias +eureka_base "slot3"
//alias -eureka_base "eureka_teleport 0"
//alias +eureka_exit "slot3"
//alias -eureka_exit "eureka_teleport 1"

//Medic M12
alias +med_m1 "mannheal; drawvm; spec_next"
alias -med_m1 "autoheal"
alias +med_m2 "drop_set; voicemenu 2 5; slot2; +attack2; spec_prev"
alias -med_m2 "-attack2"
//Medic Autoheal
alias autoOFF "alias mannheal +attack; alias autoheal -attack"
alias autoMON "alias mannheal -attack; alias autoheal +attack"
//Medic Radar
alias +findteam "hud_medicautocallersthreshold 450"
alias -findteam "auto_thresh; auto_thresh"

//Pyro M1
alias +pyro_m1 "+attack; drawvm; set_fov; spec_next"
alias -pyro_m1 "-attack"

//Spy M12
alias +spy_m1 "+attack; chng_off1; drawvm; spec_next"
alias -spy_m1 "-attack"
alias +spy_m2 "drop_set; +attack2; r_drawviewmodel 1; spec_prev"
alias -spy_m2 "-attack2"
//Spy Disguise
alias chng_on0 "alias chng lastdisguise; alias chng_set chng_on1; alias chng_tog chng_off0"
alias chng_on1 "alias chng lastdisguise"
alias chng_off0 "alias chng none; alias chng_set none; alias chng_tog chng_on0"
alias chng_off1 "alias chng none"

//Record Demos
alias record_pan "ds_record; alias demo_pan finish_pan"
alias finish_pan "ds_stop; alias demo_pan record_pan"
alias demo_pan "record_pan"

//Viewmodel flipping
alias vmflip_tog "vmflip_r"
alias vmflip_l "cl_flipviewmodels 1; alias vmflip cl_flipviewmodels 1; alias vmflip_tog vmflip_r"
alias vmflip_r "cl_flipviewmodels 0; alias vmflip cl_flipviewmodels 0; alias vmflip_tog vmflip_l"

//Null Move
alias +mfwd "-back;+forward;alias checkfwd +forward; hud_medicautocallersthreshold 49"
alias +mback "-forward;+back;alias checkback +back; hud_medicautocallersthreshold 49"
alias +mleft "-moveright;+moveleft;alias checkleft +moveleft; hud_medicautocallersthreshold 49"
alias +mright "-moveleft;+moveright;alias checkright +moveright; hud_medicautocallersthreshold 49"
alias -mfwd "-forward;checkback;alias checkfwd none"
alias -mback "-back;checkfwd;alias checkback none"
alias -mleft "-moveleft;checkright;alias checkleft none"
alias -mright "-moveright;checkleft;alias checkright none"
alias checkfwd none
alias checkback none
alias checkleft none
alias checkright none
posted about 5 years ago
#1500 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

Launch: -novid -noassert -nojoy -nosteamcontroller -softparticlesdefaultoff -reuse -NoQueuedPacketThread -nostartupsound -nohltv -threads 8 -gl_enablesamplerobjects

viewmodel_fov 100
alias class_set "alias class_last join_class heavyweapons"


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cl_autoreload 1
alias qs_loadout "qs_load1"
alias drawvm "drawvmset"
alias ws_1 "r_drawviewmodel 1; alias drawvm drawvmset"
alias ws_2 "r_drawviewmodel 1; alias drawvm drawvmset"
alias ws_3 "r_drawviewmodel 1; alias drawvm r_drawviewmodel 1"
alias wpn_lasti "lastinv; qs_slot"
alias qs_now1 "alias qs_set1 none; alias qs_set2 qs_lst1; alias qs_set3 qs_lst1; alias qs_prime0 wpn_slot2; alias qs_prime1 wpn_slot1"
alias qs_now2 "alias qs_set2 none; alias qs_set3 qs_lst2; alias qs_set1 qs_lst2; alias qs_prime0 wpn_slot1; alias qs_prime1 wpn_slot2"
alias qs_now3 "alias qs_set3 none; alias qs_set1 qs_lst3; alias qs_set2 qs_lst3; alias qs_prime0 qs_prime1"
alias qs_prime0 "wpn_slot2"
alias qs_prime1 "wpn_slot1"
bind z "voice_menu_1"
bind x "voice_menu_2"
bind c "voice_menu_3"
bind 8 "slot8"
bind 9 "slot9"
bind 0 "slot10"
bind 1 "wpn_slot1"
bind 2 "wpn_slot2"
bind 3 "wpn_slot3"
bind 4 "voicemenu 0 6"
bind 5 "voicemenu 0 7"
bind e "voicemenu 0 0"
bind j "dropitem"
bind q "wpn_lasti; qs_load0"
bind f "+reload"
bind g "incrementvar cl_autoreload 0 1 1"
bind h "incrementvar tf_use_match_hud 0 1 1"
bind r "taunt 0"
bind t "+taunt"
bind y "say"
bind u "say_team"
bind i "say_party"
bind ALT "+movedown"
bind CTRL "+strafe"
bind SHIFT "+use_action_slot_item"
bind BACKSPACE "pda_click"
bind KP_PLUS "cl_decline_first_notification"
bind KP_MINUS "cl_trigger_first_notification"
bind KP_SLASH "vmflip_tog"
bind KP_DEL "changeclass"
bind KP_MULTIPLY "toggle tf_scoreboard_mouse_mode 2 0"
bind TAB "+showscores"
bind NUMLOCK "vmset_tog"
bind PGDN "qs_loadout"
bind LEFTARROW "class_last; class_set"
bind RIGHTARROW "class_set; join_class random"
bind DOWNARROW "changeteam"
bind MOUSE1 "+m1"
bind MOUSE2 "+attack2"
bind MOUSE3 "+attack3"
bind MWHEELUP "qs_prime0"
bind MWHEELDOWN "slot3; ws_3; qs_set3; qs_now3"
bind KP_END "load_itempreset 0; alias loadcurr load_itempreset 0"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "load_itempreset 1; alias loadcurr load_itempreset 1"
bind KP_PGDN "load_itempreset 2; alias loadcurr load_itempreset 2"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "load_itempreset 3; alias loadcurr load_itempreset 3"
bind KP_INS "loadcurr"
bind UPARROW "loadcurr"


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echo "==========~~~~~~~~~~ CUSTOM ~~~~~~~~~~=========="
exec common
exec aliases
fps_max 300
mat_texture_reload_frame_swap_workaround 1 // Work around texture data being unnecessarily stored on some drivers by doing frame swaps
// Commented by default due to possible issues on Windows systems
tf_mm_custom_ping_enabled 1
tf_mm_custom_ping 25
net_queued_packet_thread 0

////----------Mouse & Crosshair
sensitivity "1"
m_filter "0"
m_customaccel "0"
m_customaccel_scale "0"
m_customaccel_max "0"
m_customaccel_exponent "1"
m_mousespeed "0"
m_rawinput "1"
m_pitch "0.022"
m_yaw "0.022"
crosshair "0"
cl_crosshair_red "51"
cl_crosshair_green "255"
cl_crosshair_blue "102"
cl_crosshairalpha "255"
cl_crosshair_file "crosshair5"
cl_crosshair_scale "20"
tf_scoreboard_mouse_mode "0"

ds_notify 1
ds_sound 1
ds_dir "demos"
ds_screens 1
ds_log 1

//cl_logofile "materials/vgui/logos/lasik.vtf"
cl_allowupload "0"
cl_allowdownload "0"
cl_customsounds "0"
//cl_downloadfilter "mapsonly" //"none", "mapsonly", "nosounds", "all"
cl_disablehtmlmotd "1"

////----------Game Play
cl_vote_ui_active_after_voting 1
cl_flipviewmodels "1"
hud_fastswitch "1"
tf_remember_activeweapon "1"
fov_desired "90"
cl_mute_all_comms "0"
hud_classautokill "0"

tf_medigun_autoheal "0"
hud_medicautocallers "1"
hud_medicautocallersthreshold "49.9"
hud_medichealtargetmarker "1"

zoom_sensitivity_ratio "1"
tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom "0"
cl_autorezoom "0"
tf_sniper_fullcharge_bell "1"

tf_simple_disguise_menu "1"

tf_use_match_hud "0"
tf_enable_glows_after_respawn "1"
tf_spectator_target_location "0"
tf_healthicon_height_offset "0"
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health "0"
tf_hud_target_id_alpha "255"
tf_hud_target_id_show_avatars "1"
tf_hud_target_id_offset "0"
cl_hud_minmode 1
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 1
closecaption "0"
hud_combattext "1"
hud_combattext_batching "1"
hud_combattext_batching_window "2"
hud_combattext_doesnt_block_overhead_text "0"
hud_combattext_red "255"
hud_combattext_blue "255"
hud_combattext_green "20"
tf_scoreboard_ping_as_text "1"
tf_hud_show_servertimelimit "1"
cl_use_tournament_specgui "1"
cl_mvm_wave_status_visible_during_wave "1"
r_drawviewmodel "0"
viewmodel_fov "78"
viewmodel_fov_demo "85"
tf_use_min_viewmodels "1"
glow_outline_effect_enable "1"
hud_escort_interp "0.1"
tf_time_loading_item_panels "0.05"
tf_backpack_page_button_delay "0.05"
vgui_cache_res_files "1"
tf_colorblindassist "0" //Jarate+milk icons.
hud_deathnotice_time "6"
tf_dashboard_slide_time "0"
hud_achievement_tracker "0"

sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning "1"
tf_romevision_skip_prompt "1"
cl_showhelp "1"
hud_achievement_description "0"
hud_achievement_count "0"
tf_contract_progress_show "2" //Show only active contracts.
tf_contract_competitive_show "0"

cl_hud_killstreak_display_alpha 255
cl_hud_killstreak_display_fontsize 1
cl_hud_killstreak_display_time 0

////----------Net Graph
net_scale "3"
net_graphpos "0"
net_graphproportionalfont "0"

mat_monitorgamma "1.4"
mat_phong "0"

tf_dingalingaling "1"
tf_dingalingaling_effect "0" //hitsound.wav
tf_dingaling_volume "0.7"
tf_dingaling_pitch_override "-1"
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg "60"
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg "120"
tf_dingalingaling_lasthit "1"
tf_dingalingaling_last_effect "0" //killsound.wav
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitch_override "-1"
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmindmg "100"
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmaxdmg "100"
tf_dingaling_lasthit_volume "1"
tf_dingalingaling_repeat_delay "0.25"

tf_preround_push_from_damage_enable 1
r_drawtracers_firstperson "0"

cl_ask_favorite_opt_out 1
cl_ask_blacklist_opt_out 1
replay_quitmsg_dontaskagain 1
cl_ask_bigpicture_controller_opt_out 1
tf_explanations_store 1
tf_explanations_discardpanel 1
tf_explanations_backpackpanel 1
tf_explanations_charinfopanel 1
tf_explanations_craftingpanel 1
tf_explanations_charinfo_armory_panel 1
tf_training_has_prompted_for_forums 1
tf_training_has_prompted_for_loadout 1
tf_training_has_prompted_for_options 1
tf_training_has_prompted_for_training 1
tf_training_has_prompted_for_offline_practice 1
cl_showhelp 0
tf_taunt_always_show_hint 0
sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning 1
tf_coach_request_nevershowagain 1
tf_show_maps_details_explanation_count 0
tf_show_taunt_explanation_in_class_loadout 0
tf_show_preset_explanation_in_class_loadout 0
cl_hud_playerclass_playermodel_showed_confirm_dialog 1
tf_find_a_match_hint_viewed 1
tf_quest_map_intro_viewed 1
tf_warpaint_explanation_viewed 1
tf_inspect_hint_count 1
tf_mvm_tabs_discovered 1
tf_time_loading_item_panels 0.0005
posted about 5 years ago
#1498 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

I have a similar issue to Owen's: my game temporarily freezes after I select Heavy, for whom I have the most tame _c config. This tends to occur once after each map load. The freeze does not happen with -default or with mastercomfig removed.

posted about 5 years ago
#4893 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
ZetosDo you happen to know where I can extract that snippet? Improved Default HUD doesn't have it, and the github that tracks the core files isn't working.

The repo was split up. Here's hudanimations_tf.txt. IIRC you can make an event with just braces in your custom animation file to disable it.

posted about 6 years ago
#111 The Jungle Inferno bug mega thread! in TF2 General Discussion
SilvvyDouble donking seems impossible. The hit will only register as a standard minicrit instead of what it should be

It is functionally the same (no splash fall-off, unless boosted oddly enough, and huge knockback), but yeah, it is not as exciting without the extra bits :( .

posted about 6 years ago
#3876 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

@Tsarbucks, as Cubekoi stated, you should have most everything.

I also have a stock HUD repo (config files only), with additions/removals described in the linked wiki page.

For updates, I recommend following and/or this tracker (feed).

@Koncept, try

tf_disguise_menu_controller_mode 0

If you are using a controller, I do not know if using the mouse+kb menu breaks your ability to disguise.

If you need to modify the controller disguise menu, most of the files you need to tinker with are in /resource/ui/disguise_menu_360/ or /disguise_menu_sc/. Search for guides on how to edit a HUD - it is easy. As for stock files, you can dl from the repos shared above. If you want to reposition the disguise menu (or even move it offscreen to hide it), see "HudMenuSpyDisguise" in /scripts/hudlayout.res.

posted about 7 years ago
#3855 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

@XenThePybro #3852: basechat.res is packed in /Team Fortress 2/hl2/hl2_misc_dir.vpk. I'm not even sure if it has ever been touched for stock HUD changes. Here it is in my repo.

@JB #3854: Try looking at the questitemtrackerpanel* files in /resource/ui/quests/.

@Lyreix #3853: Following XenThePybro #3855, you likely have another TargetNameLabel, perhaps named TargetNameLabel2, TargetNameLabel_ or similar. If you want to keep floating health, you can try pinning that extra label to TargetNameLabel by adding the following to that extra label's section:

		"pin_to_sibling" 	"TargetNameLabel"
		"pin_corner_to_sibling" "PIN_TOPLEFT"
		"pin_to_sibling_corner" "PIN_TOPLEFT"
posted about 7 years ago
#3698 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
XenThePybro I can't find it in MatchmakingGroupPanel, MatchmakingCatagoryPanel, LobbyPanel and LobbyPanel_Casual.

It is in matchmakinggrouppanel.res, "BGPanel". I'm fairly certain it is not one of those random, stubborn HUD elements, so you can do what you want to it.

posted about 7 years ago
#16 The Vaccinator is Currently Broken in TF2 General Discussion

As far as I know, the bonus charge never applied. I had posted on the wiki page's talk page a week after the update.

I wonder if the change was considered but ultimately not released, and by mistake it made it to the patch notes. It was not in the item's in-game description, and I do not recall the bonus ever appearing in items_game.txt either, but it could be hidden in addition to being broken.

posted about 7 years ago
#43 Is Valve overcomplicating weapon stats? in TF2 General Discussion
MessyRecipeIs no one even gonna mention the stock sticky launcher? Has damage rampup and falloff, unless the sticky's been out for 5 seconds, in which case it does base damage regardless of the demo's position. Explosion radius expands over time in the air, unless it lands on a surface, in which case it's instantly full radius. Charging alters speed/range/arc. Absolutely none of this has any indication to any other players as to what state it's in, and even the demo has to pretty much just feel it out. And there's no actual stuff in the game explaining most of this. How is someone supposed to even know about it unless the go searching out old blog posts, update logs, etc.?

I think feeling it out is sufficient, and when someone needs finer details, finding an article or asking another player isn't too much of a burden. I can't recall information that is still mostly hiding in an old patch note or blog; players do cite those pages when informing others, but I admit they seldom turn up at the top of search results. It is unfortunate when that is the case, because the info can be made more accessible.

Most of the SBL's properties can be discovered by players with damage numbers enabled (I'll admit this statement seems optimistic, as most people I know believe they are above-average). At minimum, players should know that charged stickies are useful for extra distance. With damage numbers, players should definitely realize that charging does not add damage to stock stickies, and that after some time, stickies deal more damage at a distance. Some might even notice that traps deal less damage when camping close to an entrance. The decrease in damage with reduced radius is small enough that it probably continues unnoticed until a player frequently connects airdets about its edge, but players should discern that stickies deal more damage at the feet (granted, for additional reasons).

Some other mechanics that should flick on light bulbs when revealed include: crit heals, ubercharge rate (at least when paired with another heal beam), disguised spies being immune to most knockback, larger knockback while mid-air/crouching, and of course, melee random-crit chance.

Some things are harder to discover alone, such as disguise smoke, mini-crits being linked to the player or how to airstrafe better. One of the most frustrating experiences for me was testing and learning about the clusterfuck that is the on-hit effects against ubered/bonked/cloaked/disguised/cloaked+disguised players, and the dead ringer. Valve should clean up those interactions so they're easier to learn in normal play.

Although wikis and guides exist, I agree that more details need to be in-game, if Valve wants players to improve a bit faster. Updated tips and item details, and easy access to them in-game would be nice, particularly for new players that do not have many items. Still, the bulk of learning the game should, and already does, come from first-hand experience and the community, as opposed to static documentation.

Regarding complex weapons, I do fear the possibility of memorizing damage/effective health tables becoming more than trivial for decision-making. There might be a peak where Valve adds the ability to see or even batch ally damage, or make enemy IDs visible for all players, just to recover some quality of life when damage output becomes ridiculously volatile.

posted about 7 years ago
#35 To: HUD DEVELOPERS Subject: MEET YOUR MATCH in Customization

My repos' diff.

posted about 7 years ago
#20 why are original and rl's reload speeds different? in TF2 General Discussion

Whoever posted data for the Original probably took the minimum interval between firing a rocket and firing after reloading a rocket.

It is useful information, but not very useful for some cases, ie. manual reloading or switching weapons. For example, if the RL clip is emptied then another item is held for a while, it should take ~0.9s to reload and fire a rocket after switching, so a rocket can be fired ~1.4s after switching back to RL.

Regarding damage, it could simply be old data. With damage spread, max fall-off is 50%, and it still is, but nospread is the default setting now; the way nospread works caps normal weapons at ~53%.

posted about 7 years ago
#18 Viewmodel Script for a specific case in Customization

vm_* are aliases, in the second block of my script. My script is customized for classes via redefining them in class cfgs, as in the example. You can add more commands as you like within the quotes, with semicolons (;) separating them.

I don't know the commands for xray and cart glow, but you can search online or use "find" in console, eg. find xray.

posted about 7 years ago
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