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was in the lake district for a week

tall boye

posted about a year ago
#11 match.tf in Projects

looks fantastic, great work!

looking at the hlmixes tournament page I could see future tournament pages being quite cluttered in this format.

It would be nice to have additional options like a "coverage" tab on tournament pages where organizers could embed twitch streams/vods/youtube uploads, a dedicated fundraising/donations tab could also be nice since they tend to be quite elaborate & aren't always relevant to players entering the tournament itself.

A gallery for pictures of medals & maybe allowing for a banner graphic behind the tournament title at the top, also serving as a thumbnail on the tournaments overview would help keep different events distinct from each other imo.
Filters here to view only [6v6/HL/4v4/Ultiduo/BBall] or [Active/Upcoming/Past] would be great & lets you present the site as discovery/exposure platform to potential organisers.

An updates tab where organizers can post about any difficulties/changes to the tournament, announce plans/sponsors for upcoming tournaments etc would be great especially if players could reply/interact with these posts. Haven't applied for organising tools or anything myself but it does look like the main option for notifying players about changes is just editing the info page & hoping people notice.

Really excited about this though as someone that's been considering running small tournaments I'd like to try it out for sure! You should make a match.tf steam group too just for that 1.5% extra exposure ^^

posted about a year ago
#5 froyotech to i63 in TF2 General Discussion

holy fuck hype

posted about a year ago
#1 google chrome font change in Off Topic


customise fonts maybe?

posted about a year ago
#1 tf_contract_progress_show 0 in TF2 General Discussion

removes the "contracts available [F2]" thing if anyone wants to remove theirs

posted about a year ago
#21 fragmovie music in TF2 General Discussion

Spor - The Hole Where Your House Was
NAWAS - Wrong
josh pan - give it to ya
mr. carmack - solutions
Fox Stevenson - Hello
LUCIUZ - Last Forever
RÜFÜS - Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)

posted about 2 years ago
#16 What can I do to play?? in TF2 General Discussion

As someone who only recently (3 months) got into playing organised/competitive matches I hope you start being able to find ways to play soon & enjoy it as much as I do ^_^

It's quite unusual for someone with 60hrs of playtime to end up here, or in the scene at all really.
The 500hr requirement is there for a reason, but if you're as keen as you're coming across then I'd recommend you just keep the game running as much as possible to meet the requirement sooner.
I've heard you can use SAM to have tf2 'running' without having to launch the game

A good thing to do during the time between now & hitting 500 hrs is to make sure you're comfortable with rocket jumping. Check out jump.tf & jumpacademy.tf & play jump_beef , jump_academy & jump_4starters
If you find your pinky is hurting, try binding crouch to Shift instead of Ctrl
Even if you don't plan on playing soldier, being familiar with how they can & can't move is important.

If you don't have any of the following weapons ("unlocks"), add me & I'll give you them
Boston Basher (scout melee)
Cow Mangler 5000 (soldier primary)
Original (soldier primary)
Gunboats (soldier secondary)
Escape Plan (soldier melee)
Iron Bomber (demoman primary)
Crusader's Crossbow (medic primary)
Kritzkrieg (medic secondary)
Ubersaw (medic melee)

Sorry if all of this is unnecessary info, just there are many people hitting 60hrs every two weeks so I'm a bit lost as to what you do or don't know. If any of this is new, you're going to want to go to options & enable developer console.
Try not to change too much without getting some solid advice first, but you're going to want to try these;
fov_desired 90
cl_showfps 1
cl_autoreload 1
tf_contract_progress_show 0

binge a bunch of MR SLIN's videos, TF2C in particular is thirsty for medics & it's easy to find slots as medic & get a game to play straight away.

If you prioritize learning your medic positioning, rollouts & heal orders, people will be practically begging you to play medic for them on there :p

YouTube is going to be your go-to resource for everything for a while, here's
b4nny's Death Merchant University (well presented, but unfinished)
& adamskyride's MGE Video Archive (messy & dated, but it's great information)
to get you started, but honestly watching anything that isn't in a pub/'casual game mode' context is probably going to be a big help. Don't be too focused on finding the right resources in the right order & just try to drown yourself in whatever you can find.

Play as much as you can & don't restrict yourself to playing one class until you're well versed in all of them

comp.tf is your friend, and maybe try a custom hud to make things easier to read, I use FlawHud

If you're EU you're welcome to add me & I'll sneak you into /something/ when I can.
Don't be too discouraged if you're not doing well in games, it'll take time but just try your best & focus on improving~
I'm still one of the worst players I've ever seen >_>

Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully something there was new, good luck finding games & have fun playing!

posted about 2 years ago
#43 tf2 teams war paints in TF2 General Discussion
kKaltUuRacsoWouldn't it be cool if the teams could have team colored weapons at lan? :oobserver can run games in other sv_pure modes (required for spec tools) so even if they don't get accepted into the game, can still load skin mods.

dude I had no idea thanks for this

posted about 2 years ago
#42 tf2 teams war paints in TF2 General Discussion
RacsoWouldn't it be cool if the teams could have team colored weapons at lan? :o


If you give me a list of ~8-10 teams that are likely to go to rewind I'll try my best to make /something/ for all of them, & provide (battle-scarred+ cuz im broke) skins for all the players

Our current method of replacing the textures in real time doesn't work with sv_pure 0 but for stuff like frag vids/highlights etc the editor could render stuff using the replaced textures since it's really simple. Just means for the actual lan footage people would be using seemingly random, cheap (but team co-ordinated) skins & tbh I can understand players not wanting to do that.

This is the biggest problem with it all though & probably why people are angling for commercially available team skins (submitting designs to the workshop) rather than treating a lan demonstration as step one

It'd be nice if I could write to valve with designs & get non-tradeable beta team coloured skins to distribute to players via steam ID like we do with toth medals but that's pretty wishful thinking, I'll make mocks anyway though, who's going?

posted about 2 years ago
#20 tf2 teams war paints in TF2 General Discussion

Aaaaah! Glad people who actually know what they're doing have started working on these.

I prodded a few people with a froyo attempt https://imgur.com/a/SurwS a few days ago but I'm not very skilled lol

I don't think anything with a logo or text on would ever make it into the game; I don't think valve can have a "NerdRage" weapon in the game, for example & text/logos push us outside of the established extremes for skins.

We might not have many teams sponsored by companies right now but if valve starts embracing competitive imagine the shitshow we'd have with companies sponsoring teams /expecting/ to get their <brand> weapon in game since "Swift", "Ascent" etc had already set a precedent for it.

I think having a colour palette for each team is the best way to go, with teams like Swift, Antic, Se7en etc having some form of 'away kit' logic for when they're playing on the other team to their colour scheme.

How do you guys feel about skins being named after players rather than teams? On map loading screens (you're headed to payload upward...) valve are happy to display mapmaker's community/steam names so I feel like we could get a "b4nny signature scattergun" or something to that effect in game but never a FROYOTECH Scattergun.

I don't play CS:GO & had no idea that 'team stickers' were a thing so maybe I'm being too cautious but I still think we'd have less friction with both the community & valve if we run without text/logos for the time being


I was planning on making a mock crate of competitive skins associated with specific players, and pitching it as a similar campaign to dota compendiums to fund the first valve tf2 lan event but I'm starting to think it would be insensitive because last time I made a mock for an ingame feature a lot of people seemed to think it was real ah. don't want to upset anyone. Also I don't know competitive players very personally ah ha so it's hard to get approval on their mock designs, oh and I'm bad at graphic design >_<

The heightened interest in making war paints is really useful though, if lots of people know how to make these then with a little co-ordination we could try and have mock competitive skins for the next lan coverage? I know the playermodel reskins were a controversial topic but we already have eye-bleeding skins in game that players could choose to use. imo we want to aim for something that a viewer looks at & goes, "hey! I wanna get that skin" and then goes to the decorated weapons wiki looking for it because it *feels* like it's a part of the game

To players that use weapon viewmodels, would using a different skin at lan for the sake of it later being reskinned for the community videos or live coverage be too distracting in game? I don't know how we'd mod stock appearances retroactively but if each team was assigned a valve skin & stuck to it then it'd be pretty doable I think.

tl;dr logos don't stand a chance at actually getting in game imo, but are we gonna get to see stuff like this at lan?

This stuff isn't something I'm good at but I'm trying to learn & I'll drop everything I can to be of help if there's an organised effort to get stuff like this at lan. my steam is /556pm

I'd be happy to take the lowest possible percentages on any workshop stuff cuz everyone seems to bring that up w me atm thought I should write it somewhere

Sorry for wall of text I don't really post here v often, s/o to uberchain for keeping me in the loop bless you

posted about 2 years ago
#14 ETF2L S28 W3: top5rocket vs. Weebtunnel Tactics in Matches

top5 just ascended https://twitter.com/AscentEsports/status/917080032165748738

posted about 2 years ago
#11 ETF2L S28 W3: top5rocket vs. Weebtunnel Tactics in Matches
Smin"Weebs+ WAR"

war needs a waifu :<

will be cheering for ombrack when we go live, go top5!

posted about 2 years ago
#4 i61 casted srctv demos in Videos

was just about to post asking about these, thank you so much!

posted about 2 years ago