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#6 is there a way to remove enemy pyro flames? in Q/A Help

Although it's not exactly the solution you want, I find flames a bit less visually noisy in dx81 (except the phlog)

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Is it safe to say airblast will remain how it is? in TF2 General Discussion

warning: pyro main opinion

imo the airblast changes were good except that the push force is a bit too much. It's very easy to a) send a bombing soldier/demo to Narnia with one airblast b) get tons of environmental kills in maps like upward. But it's good that airblast can't be used as an aim assist for free shots with the flare gun or shotgun. As much as I enjoy the flare gun in particular, it often felt like as soon as your average degreasermain pressed m2 on you in a pub you were a goner, and it's not the case anymore.

TBH it's made me enjoy the flare gun even more even though it's one of the worst pyro secondaries now, you can use a lot of different ways to aim it. Either you suck it up and hard aim without airblasting ('flarepunch'), you push people to corners if there are any, or you do what TMP said and aim m2 at the ground to pop them up.

I don't think anything about pyro will be changed in the foreseeable future, but toning down the push force would be just about perfect imo

posted 8 months ago
#71 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion
Olghafinally i can play proper pyro in 6's

as much as I want to see this you're probably gonna run into hordes of heavies
hell it might be more viable to play pyro in normal regulation 6s

posted 8 months ago
#113 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

I liked his videos but at the same time yo, a pubber who posted on youtube a few times did a dumb thing. Meh.

I do hope they remove the reference to him in the axtinguisher description, it's kind of mind-blowing that he is the only player in the history of tf2 to have his name in the actual game (if you don't count the streamers list for obvious reasons)

posted 8 months ago
#64 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion

Wow. This might well be the dumbest decision I've ever seen a tf2 league make. I was open-minded toward 7v7 and played it for a season until realizing I don't enjoy it, but pulling something like this just proves you have no respect for competition.

edit - I also don't understand how this is being partly justified by ESEA's new rulings on prize money which seem to me like reasonable incentives for teams to play invite without hindering competition. But eh, not my problem.

posted about a year ago
#31 "Remove Random Crits" in TF2 General Discussion

I've been fairly happy with the state of tf2 atm but removing random crits and adding class limits to 6s mm would improve it even further

posted about a year ago
#6 quick pyro polls in TF2 General Discussion

Pyro's probably in the best state it's ever been since the degreaser came out, just leave it be

posted about a year ago
#15 Which in TF2 General Discussion

I guess a mix of regular and no viewmodels? Stabby has that spy script where it shows his viewmodel when switching weapon and hides it when shooting, and I modified it to use on every class.

Like others here I'd use minimal if forced to keep them on but they just look weird

posted about a year ago
#50 $100,000,000 for fortnite esports in e-Sports

game's alright but the building mechanic is a bit over the top for me

not the fact that it exists, but the fact that everything is laid down so fast and you can use buildings to create instant cover during a fight. I don't mind people using it to set up before a fight or using the buildings to reach certain locations, but building shouldn't be a factor during a fight. It looks super confusing to me watching good players near the end of the game just creating gigantic structures out of thin air in seconds trying to cover themselves off.

but I guess that's besides the point, game's crazy popular and it's a good time to put money on it

posted about a year ago
#52 bad habits in Off Topic

overheating my laptop, I don't know how the poor thing hasn't melted yet

posted about a year ago
#28 Ban the "b4nny bind" in TF2 General Discussion

I agree backspawning as medic is kind of exploit-y but in general if you reach the spawn area you are entitled to survive. Maybe you won't like Overwatch being given as an example, but in that game it's impossible to shoot someone past a spawn door whether it's open or not.

posted about a year ago
#19 Let's discuss about Spy's balance. in TF2 General Discussion

nerfing amby was dumb, nerfing DR was justified but a bit overdone, spy is perfectly fine otherwise

posted about a year ago
#23 Whitelist talk in TF2 General Discussion

re: iron bomber, pipe tumble and aim inconsistency is really dumb on the stock grenade launcher and valve should remove that. Definitely don't ban the iron bomber just because it behaves like the stock weapon should have all this time.

posted about a year ago
#263 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

it's okay in terms of balance (m1 won't be really effective against good players because you have plenty more time to shoot the pyro down now) but still pretty shit design (they haven't addressed any issues with hit registration and it's still possible to flail around and do consistent damage with flames. The requiring aim bit is a complete lie)

I think it's basically put pyro back in the "lame to play against but not really viable class except in very specific situations" pile

posted about a year ago
#13 best april fools joke of all time in TF2 General Discussion
Veccnothing like tuning in to a star stream to hear him bitch and moan about video games

he's right to bitch if it's so easy for some fuckin 12 year olds to keep anyone remotely popular who tries to stream tf2 from doing so (and I mean remotely. I've seen streams with 10 viewers get ddosed)

I agree with the general sentiment but this is unacceptable

posted about a year ago
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