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ComedyShortsGaming are here for a good time
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October 23, 2022

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Comedy, shorts, and gaming. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect algorithm-friendly content. But Professor amppis accidentally added another ingredient: Competitive Team Fortress 2. Thus, ComedyShortsGaming was born! Unable to chase popularity and fame on the world’s biggest video-sharing platform, they will instead chase something that is almost as prestigious: first place in ETF2L’s Premiership division.

ComedyShortsGaming had to go through two teams to get in Prem. After quickly disposing of Better Coleslaw, they faced a much stronger test in the form of SVIFT during the Qualifier Game. Fresh off a decent LAN showing and with mak reinforcing their roster, SVIFT came out swinging and took the first map 3-2. The match would continue to be close on the second map, with CSG winning 3-1, but the third map would show that ComedyShortsGaming were a class above, as they obtained a 5-1 victory

We managed to reach amppis, who went in-depth about their return, the roster and the evolution of Premiership:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You haven't played since Season 34. What motivated your comeback? Was it the post-LAN hype or have you been planning this for a long time?

When I stopped playing I felt it was in large part due to this idea I had about how it is a waste of time and not worth the investment. I forced myself to put my focus on other things and saw quitting as a necessary move to try to mature and find a way to go forward in life. I think taking the hiatus did good for me and I don't regret it at all, but I have competely changed my mind about competing in this game being a waste of time.

I started playing in Season 12, 10 years ago. This game has been my main focus for a large part of my life. I no longer believe that for something to be worth doing in life it has to offer you some monetary value or massive fame and status. TF2 gives me a sense of purpose and huge amounts of satisfaction. I feel like a kid again grinding the game and I get excited about the prospect of trying to work my way to the top. I feel like I have unlimited amounts of passion for this hobby. I think it has been and will continue to be more than worth my time even if just for that reason. If you are doing something in life that gives you a sense of purpose, passion, motivation and you wake up in the morning excited to get to do it, I think that is worth doing.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You have already played with Condawg and Nicky, but how did the rest of the roster get selected?

When I decided I wanted to get back to playing, the first person I thought of was condawg. He seemed to be excited about the idea and was very much on board. I shared my vision for the team with him and we got on the same page about it. We had a very similar idea about what kind of team we would want to build. He had continued to partake in the scene in some capacity so he had a bunch of names in mind. I told him that he should ask anyone he thinks is a good fit to come trial for us and that I trust him to choose the right kind of players. We both highly value up & coming, young and motivated players who have the right mindset and want to prove themselves.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: What do you think of the upcoming season? Were you surprised to see (or not see) certain names in Premiership?

The season seems super promising, I'm really excited to play some high level TF2 in such a competitive season. There is definitely some players up there whom improved crazy amounts from when I last played. I don't find it that suprising though, people continue to get better and regardless of what some ex-top prem boomers will tell you, the overall skill level of players continues to improve. I consider these teams to be higher level now than when I last played and there are some absolute monsters playing who had not yet made their breakthrough into the top when I was last competing. There will be some absolute banger matchups this season, that is for sure.

Excited to be here and sure to excite, ComedyShortsGaming are:

  • Pocket Scout: amppis
  • Flank Scout: Nicky
  • Roamer: haunts
  • Pocket: Charlie
  • Demoman: Fancy
  • Medic: thedog
1 Frags +

Return of The King

Return of The King
-9 Frags +

with mak reinforcing their roster

with mak reinforcing their roster
6 Frags +

Let Nicky Roam

Let Nicky Roam
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