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RGL S7 Main QF: afc players vs. totally buff homiesexuals
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Saturday, Nov 27th
10:30 PM EST

Fireside Casts is proud to present some Main quarterfinals action between #2 afc players and #7 totally buff homiesexuals. This is a clash of former Main champions, as sushi and jayy previously won the division under their respective on9 teams. afc players had a dominant regular season at 14-2, while tbh had to juggle some shenanigans alongside a lax scrim schedule. Maps are Bagel, Process, Gullywash. Join Tery and tonyb with antlers on production.

Match Page | Bracket | afc players | totally buff homiesexuals | Caster: Tery_ | Caster: tonyb | Production: antlers
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