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GlobalClan Ice defrosts some familiar faces
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September 22, 2021

As the season gets underway, GlobalClan Ice have revealed their latest Invite lineup heading into RGL Season 7.

Spearheading the newest edition of GlobalClan Ice are the dynamic duo of Scout Shamoo and Medic Skye. Both members were part of the Season 4 element-less iteration of the team and return to Invite play after a bit of a break. Outside of Shamoo's stint with Rebirth Esports in Season 5, neither have been active until this offseason. Another player coming back from hiatus is speedy, who has not been seen since Season 2 with Rat Jail. Prior to that, he was on teams like Velocity Esports in the late ESEA era.

On the flipside, Invite sophomore Zam joins the team on combo Scout. After spending last season with The Jug Dealers, he finds himself on a team full of division veterans. Rounding out the roster is a pair of pals: exile and ether. They are coming off an Advanced run during Season 6 in which they placed 3rd overall with Lombre. Prior to that, they have been teammates since RGL Season 3, with a couple of Invite appearances under dexter's lab and Witness Gaming during that span. With that history between them, the combo of GlobalClan Ice will synergize nicely.

Skye had this to say about returning to Invite for the first time in a couple seasons:

Although several members of this team have played together in the past, most of us are now on different roles, which means there's been quite an adjustment period. Still, as with every other Invite team I've played on, our goal is to make playoffs. Hopefully we'll be able to achieve that this season!

Personally, I've come back to this game after a long break (I love TF2 too much to quit), but I've had a month to shake off the rust. To the other Invite teams, I'll be looking to arrow your Demoman and lose 1v1s to your flank Scout. :')

GlobalClan owner moixxoi also shared thoughts about the newest roster:

Given the squads that were actually interested in the GCI sponsorship, I feel we have chosen the best one. Shamoo and Skye have been on a previous iteration of GlobalClan before, so I feel pretty comfortable with how they tend to work on teams. ether has 15 ping now so that's a massive boost for him, as well as exile owing me Discord Nitro so I better see that follow up here pretty soon.

As for the annoyance that I hear daily about not keeping the now wG roster, people need to understand that if I could have them - I would. Lastly I just want to say I'm really happy for meyy, as he got picked up by froyotech for this season... I guess GlobalClan just produces all the talent that people want to steal. #GlobalDomination

GlobalClan Ice are ready for Season 7 Invite, and they are:

  • Scout: Shamoo
  • Scout: Zam
  • Roamer: speedy
  • Pocket: ether
  • Demoman: exile
  • Medic: Skye
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