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vibrams flip and soar into Premiership
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July 10, 2021

Last season’s Division 1 winners are already looking strong in their Premiership debut.

vibrams MIDDLE FINGER!!!!! were rather cautiously put into Division 1 last season. Some players believed they could have easily been in Premiership, and after Coffin Clan dropped out quickly into the season, their supporters grew. vibrams weren’t given the option to move up to Premiership, so they decided to plough their way through Division 1.

After an almost perfect season, vibrams lost their first playoffs match against nunya, for which Joseph__’s gamer excuse is mouse problems. Luckily for them, ETF2L recently brought in the double elimination system for playoffs, so they had another chance. After a rematch against _nunya_ in the Grand Finals, vibrams claimed the spot of the best team outside of Premiership.

Not lifting and going full send into Premiership, vibrams have already had an extremely close game against 4Toast, ending in a 3-3 scoreline. With performances like that, against players like 4Toast, vibrams are looking like a contender for a playoffs spot this season.

In prior seasons and indeed last season, we see a large gap between the skill level of the top one or two teams in Premiership and the lower six. However, although some players have commented this season has a lower skill ceiling than others, it's looking to be much more evenly matched and exciting to watch.

vibrams field nuthouse and Loopy as Scouts, scar and tiram as Soldiers, Joseph__ (Yak) as Demoman, and Jorge as Medic. Loopy is probably the least experienced on the team, with slightly less experience than tiram. Loopy has made an absolutely ludicrous rise through the divisions in recent years, quickly becoming one of the scariest scouts hanging around in Division 2 and 1.

tiram has had a slightly slower crawl to the top level of the game, but nonetheless brings some of that fresh excitement for TF2. With Jorge, scar, and nuthouse as slightly more seasoned players with many seasons of Premiership behind them all, Joseph__ is the veteran of the team. However, with many seasons of high level 6s and HL behind him, this is still his first time properly making it to the big leagues of 6v6.

We reached out to Joseph__ for a quick interview before Week 2 rolls around.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: As recent Division 1 winners, where do you think you’ll end up in the tables?

I think the tables are wide open to be honest, there's as many as 6 teams that are strong enough to make playoffs and I’d like to think we’re one of them. We were already looking to cause a few upsets this season and it’s already looking like one has happened. We now won’t be happy with anything less than playoffs.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: A couple of the players on your team have very little experience playing at this high a level, was last season just training for this season?

Last season was a mistake. A mistake from the admins, trying to hold us back from our true potential. This is our redemption arc. Loopy is mint, straight up fragger, everything he looks at turns to dust. Then there’s Tiram. Dude’s sometimes cracked, sometimes on crack, really depends on whether he’s wearing his Vibram® FiveFingers. His main weakness is gyal wida big backs (his words not mine!) so that could be something teams could exploit against us. Then we’ve got Jorge. Clarted. Nothing more needs to be said here. Nuthouse. The clue’s in the name he will come to your house and nut on you. Scar just screams in French when something happens. Then there’s me. I’m fucking shit but I’m still better than Lukas.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Probability of a yakcident in Week 2?

0% - week 2 is a 6-0

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Do you have any final comments?

shawtys like a melody in my head

Still stuck in 2009 when Demoman was a good class, vibrams are hoping to harmonize together and put some good performances on the board.

  • Combo Scout: nuthouse
  • Flank Scout: Loopy
  • Roamer: tiram
  • Pocket: scar
  • Demoman: Joseph__
  • Medic: Jorge
15 Frags +

Joseph__: bark for me lukas

Joseph__: bark for me lukas
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