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RGL S5 ADV GF: TeamSolouMlpst vs Cat Posse
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Friday, Apr 16th
10:30 PM EDT

The epic finale has finally arrived, as TeamSolouMlpst (10-6 during the main season) take on juggernaut Cat Posse (14-2). Join our biggest brain casters as they take up the mics and watch this incredible matchup.
Also TFTV admins do not have me locked up, and I did not waive all rights to see an attorney. I also verify that ire's wife has been seen very recently and is alive and in good health. Do not come looking for me, I am in Aruba on vacation and will not return for the near future.

Match Page | Production: antlers (ALIVE AND UNHARMED) | Caster: Tery | Caster: Unicorn Wizard | Analysis: jetz
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lets go cat posse :)

lets go cat posse :)
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