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Garda Panteri acquires klsz to replace ever_x
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April 1, 2021

After Goblin Clan’s demise last week, another team from the Qualifiers is having to adjust, but this time it is a way less drastic change. Garda Panteri have opted to part their way with the experimented ever_x, and have brought in klsz to fill in on the Pocket Scout. The Turk is a long-standing member of Garda Panteri, and already looks like he found his marks in this new iteration.

ever_x was making his Prem debut as a scout, but the versatile Englishman had already come to the forefront with numerous stints on Pocket Soldier in the top flight. Starting out with War & Sons in Season 33 and achieving a respectable 5th place, ever_x then made a name for himself at i65, when War & Sons and top5rocket merged to create top5Sons, a mix team that managed to reach 5th place. ever_x went on to clinch second place with 6ix during Season 35 and played with nerdRage for the first half of Season 37 before being replaced with Josh.

We contacted buud, who explained to us how he felt about this roster adjustment :

i feel happy about the change because klsz has been on this team since it's very first iteration in s36 div2 when we won, he was constantly improving with the team and i'm very happy to see him in prem as he is finally getting some recognition and i feel like he is easily our best player

little shoutout to condawg

klsz is making his Prem debut with this change, but he is no newcomer to Garda Panteri as he was a part of the squad that won Division 2 in Season 36 and finished in second place in Division 1 the following season. His familiarity with his teammates has already been showcased, as he looked on top of his game yesterday night against top5rocket. Garda Panteri as a whole pulled an impressive performance, rallying after a rough Granary game and a two round deficit to win Gullywash 4-3. With their rematch against The Bus Crew tonight, klsz and Garda will be looking to confirm their good form.

klsz succinctly summarized his feelings for us, as well as wishing farewell to his predecessor :

im really happy! about being prem

i wish gl to ever_x with his cosplaying career

Eager to leave a mark in Prem, Garda Panteri is now :

  • Scout: earl
  • Scout: klsz
  • Roamer: Manky
  • Pocket: buud
  • Demoman: milkyeu
  • Medic: trum
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go klsz!!

go klsz!!
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