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cpTV Summer Brawl 2020 set to kick off
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January 26, 2020

With the end of the Australian summer break looming, CappingTV throws one last spanner into the works with the 2020 cpTV Summer Brawl.

The Summer Brawl returns after a two year hiatus. (Graphic by OzzY)

This cup will feature a no offclassing 6v6 format, a historic Australian meta made by ozfortress veteran spitty, who was a medic for the 2010 team rewound. spitty hated offclassers, and thus created his own in-house PUG group banning all offclasses.

In a quote from spitty on his Steam group:

No bitches and no rage quits.

As a ten year memoriam, we thought we would pay respects to the historic PUG group by hosting a one night cup, with a $500 AUD prize pool, donated by hobbes. The bracket will be played a double elimination, with teams playing best of one series, up till the Finals, which will be played as a best of three.


  • Jasmine Tea
  • No Older Gamers
  • bossk TF2 on PC
  • pepegadribble
  • Octowang
  • Quick Get Em!
  • bruh moment
  • Wynt's Triceps And Biceps
  • what the fuck am i doing
  • Thunderbirds
  • chiken

This tournament will see the return of some familiar faces, along with the return of Jasmine Tea, after a four season hiatus. You can view the full rosters here.

Tune into all the action on Monday from 18:00 AEDT, on CappingTV!

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RGL really has changed their tune...

RGL really has changed their tune...
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ireRGL really has changed their tune...


[quote=ire]RGL really has changed their tune...[/quote]
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