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ETF2L Season 33 Awards Show
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Sunday, Sep 8th
4:00 PM EDT

After a short delay due to Insomnia65, the Awards Show over at Kritzkast for Season 33 is here!

Se7en put on another dominating performance this season, winning not only the 33rd Season of ETF2L but also Insomnia65. Beating out Ascent's European roster for the ETF2L finals and the American counterparts in the LAN finals. Ascent's EU team was looking strong throughout the season, especially the latter half, Se7en however managed to beat them out 6-0, over Prolands and Snakewater.

Although Se7en won the ETF2L gold pixel trophy, there’s still plenty of awards to go round for the players; tune in to see who the community thinks deserves the best over on Kritzkast.

Award Polls | Stream
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