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RGL Highlander S2 Wildcard 2: Space Force vs the Flow
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Monday, Feb 25th
9:30 PM EST

The final wildcard match to determine the 4th playoff spot will be between Space Force and the Flow in a best of three on koth_product_rc9, pl_swiftwater, and pl_upward.

In the first wildcard match, the Flow had the biggest upset of the entire season winning 2-1 on pl_swiftwater against Fast Forward. This was their first win of the entire season as they were 0-5 in the regular season. With this much needed victory, all eyes are on the Flow who are now looking for a second potential upset against Space Force in this upcoming match. It should be noted that the Flow plans to ring gert on sniper and Cooldog on spy once again, two players that help gave the team their victory in their match.

On the side of Space Force contains players such as feint, Gong, and Dreadnought who are all outstanding DM players that will give the Flow a tough battle on Product. Will the Flow be able to carry their momentum into this match or will Space Force’s experience and DM abilities stop them in their tracks?

This matchup will be casted by Alto and zagron with DolphiN on production on RGLgg.

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