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New Map Showcase
posted in Events
Thursday, Dec 20th
9:30 PM EST

In conjunction with tri and ESEA, a number of top level NA players have organized a round-robin show match to test some of the most prominent new maps and test them for potential use in the upcoming ESEA season. Teams captained by b4nny, paddie, highfive, lucrative, sandblast, and mason will be facing off on cp_logjam, cp_alamosa, cp_kalinka, and cp_propaganda.

Many participants will be streaming their POV of this friendly competition, running afterwards into a player discussion panel including the map developers themselves sharing thoughts on map feedback, league viability, and more hosted directly on lucrative's channel.

Tune in to support your favorite top NA TF2 players and get a taste of high level gameplay on some of the competitive mapping community's most recent and promising offerings!

New Map Showcase Thread | Logjam - by Hyce | Alamosa - by Hyce | Kalinka - by Jusa | Propaganda - by QuantumBarber
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