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AFC 14 Div 1 GF: xiao vs. The Chess Foundation
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Saturday, Dec 1st
8:00 AM EST

It's the grand finale to the AsiaFortress Cup 14 with perennial finalists The Chess Foundation and xiao duking it out once again in the Division 1, the highest division, Grand Finals for that gold medal.

Xiao have had a stranglehold over the Asian scene since AFC 11 and it's not hard to see why with a star studded roster filled with talents like Aishou, Fwishy and 26. Their entire roster has won Division 1 before, and despite some doubts have absolutely crushed all opposition on their way to the final; they did not lose a single round in the Upper Bracket Final against TCF. They are absolutely the favorites heading into this match and intend to extend their streak of dominance.

On the other hand, TCF have made it the 3 grand finals in a row including this one, but have yet to take a single map off of xiao in their entire history. With the core of LERL, Banana and Killer, TCF is certainly filled to the brim with talent not already playing in xiao. Despite consistently losing to xiao, they have always beat every other contender reaching that position to begin with and they'll always have a fighting chance to win the finals.

Will The Chess Foundation use their brains to outmaneuver and outplay xiao? Or will xiao manage to utterly dominate AFC once again?

Catch all the action on TFLIVETV casted by K1lled & Beater with Wiethoofd on production.

Match thread | Written by: K1lled
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Last BIG match before AFLAN! xiao will dominate anyway

Last BIG match before AFLAN! [i]xiao will dominate anyway[/i]
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