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hugs.tf 2018 live this weekend
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April 21, 2018

hugs.tf is back for their 5th anniversary from April 21-22 this weekend. The charity livestream raises money in support of Special Effect, a non-profit UK charity that helps gamers afflicted by disabilities. By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, Special Effect helps people to play to the very best of their abilities.

hugs.tf is back for their 5th year to raise money for Special Effect. (picture by [Andy Thybo](https://twitter.com/andythybo)) hugs.tf is back for their 5th year to raise money for Special Effect. (picture by Andy Thybo)

Hugs.tf began as a segment in the Gameblast Marathon in 2013, ran by Special Effect and founded by lor_is, eepily, and Tweak_. As of this year, hugs.tf has raised over £20,000 for Special Effect and is in their 5th Year, celebrating alongside TF2 and Special Effect’s 10th birthdays.

The event this year features variety ranging from scheduled showmatches such as Ascent.EU vs Ascent, an old-fashioned Danish LEGO vs current LEGO, and much more on the schedule. Guests ranging from members of ETF2L Premiership Season 29 champions Se7en such as kaidus plus former members Permzilla and Drackk will be in attendance. Additionally, there will be some physical giveaways and small contests eligible for European residents, as well as an in-game medal given out with a donation of at least £10.

Donations are currently open on hugs.tf’s website, as well as information about the schedule this weekend. To keep up-to-date on what's happening and when it's happening, follow their Twitter @hugs_tf and tune in on their Twitch stream right now to catch the entertainment, and help contribute to a good cause.


Where can I donate cash?

Visit the hugs.tf website here: https://hugs.tf/donate

Can I donate TF2 items?

Yes! You can donate items here: https://scrap.tf/hugs

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