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froyotech roll over Ascent in Playoffs opener
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February 18, 2018

Froyotech overtake Ascent in the Upper Round of 6, taking the first series of the Playoffs in a spectacular 2-0 fashion. (4-0 Gullywash, 5-0 Snakewater)

The classic rivalry of North American Invite stood out as one of the most important matches going into the Rewind II Playoffs. Yesterday in the Group Stage, froyotech and Ascent were extremely successful in their groups, coming out as the top seeds in both. While froyotech went undefeated in their group, Ascent were able to tie up against Se7en and went undefeated against the other two teams in their group. Both teams appeared to be riled up and ready to take their spot in the Upper Finals.

froyotech started off strong on Gullywash, taking their first round with little resistance from Ascent. froyotech would experience more friction from Ascent, taking the mid and the second point, but running into the obstacle of bo4r’s pyro. Despite the strong defense from bo4r, froyotech would push twice, eventually taking their second point on the second push. Going into the third round, Ascent would get their own chance at taking a point, pushing to froyotech’s last point. But a force onto Nursey dashed away any plans Ascent had to push onto last. With full uber advantage, froyotech swept Ascent back to their last, where froyotech gained their third point. Down 0-3, Ascent needed to win the next middle to have any chance at taking the match back. However, froyotech won their fourth mid, pushing into Ascent’s second point. But a drop onto shade left froyotech without heals, pushing them back to mid, where Ascent would push again. froyotech and Ascent traded points back and forth, but eventually froyotech put their fourth point on the scoreboard and took Gullywash 4-0.

Down one map to froyotech, Ascent had to show their strengths on Snakewater to bring the series back in their favor. Ascent’s defenses ramped up in the second map, but froyotech still lingered on Ascent’s second with little opposition. Eventually, froyotech would wipe Ascent and take their last point, putting the scoreline at a worrying 1-0 after nearly 14 minutes. Ascent took their first mid against froyotech in the second round, eventually pushing onto froyotech’s last, where they were wiped by froyotech’s defenses. froyotech rolled Ascent all the way back to their last, eventually putting yet another point on the scoreboard in favor of froyotech 2-0. The following rounds proved to be grim for Ascent, with froyotech taking the next three rounds in just seven minutes. While Ascent were able to hold up some pushes by froyotech, their inability to convert pushes into points ultimately left them with a 5-0 loss to froyotech, with froyotech taking the second map and the whole series.

froyotech will proceed to the Upper Finals, where they will face off against the winner of SVIFT NA and Se7en. Ascent, on the other hand, have been knocked down to the Lower Bracket, where they will face off against the winner of Velocity eSports and Big Chips.

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