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LBTF2 S10 - Main Division Preview
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July 22, 2014

Original Article in Portuguese

A World Cup and half of a LBTF2 later we are back with a full energy tank to fill you with words about the most beautiful community of competitive games in South America. For those who were not present at the beginning of the last season of LBTF2, I'm Doug and I am back writing about the highest division of our beloved Brazilian League of Team Fortress 2, the biggest TF2 league in South America, which is coming with its 10th edition.

The final result of the Elite division in LBTF2 S9 did not surprise many, MONSTER was once again in 1st place and Evolution Gaming has secured the 2nd position, while Squishers e-Sports (ok, this surprised many!) denied the criticism they received after ensuring their place in the playoffs and got away with the 3rd place. For those who missed the final between MONSTER and eG, TeamFortressTV streamed it with the big participation of v1tor, joining the casting team to represent our community. You can watch the vods here and here.

In between seasons, we also had a friendly match between Exertus e-Sports and MONSTER, where the best team in South America faced one of the 4 best north-american teams. Unfortunately, our representatives came out short in both maps and lost, but it was amazing to watch two representatives of different scenarios facing each other. The vod is below.

Getting back to the present, let's go to LBTF2 S10. This season will be different, we have three divisions: Open (Aberta), Access (Acesso) and Main (Principal). Each of these divisions will be separated into two groups. In the Main division, which features the top 12 teams in South America, the top 2 of each group will play in the Elite playoffs, while the 3rd and 4th teams from each group will compete in the Central playoffs. The teams have several names who competed in the Elite last season, with the addition of players from Central and even directly from Access. Let's meet each team below (separated by groups and in alphabetical order!).

Group A

Big Booty Bitches (bx3)

Roster: pepito, drek, crg, heyasd, gbt, frozen, deb0ut, gab0, Thunder, gust

Old name for a new team. drek is back to the scene remaking his old team but with completely different players. frozen, Thunder and gust came directly from the actual champion of Central division, MASSIVE, and they ought to fight again for the title or even for a spot in the Elite playoffs. I confess I still don't know who will be in the starting line-up since they have pretty evenly matched players and some who can play at a decent level in different classes.

Crocolândia (croc)

Roster: Pa2k, Fast, Manobrista, Abib, Soul, Setsuma

Players who have played in Central in the past, Crocolândia might not be a team that makes a great impact in the Main division due to inactivity of most players. But I said exactly the same about United 6 in the preview of LBTF2 S9 and they got the 4th place in the league, so let's see if i'm wrong again.

Monster (MONSTER)

Roster: prod-, Tyger, Majesty, dede, eiz0, powah, wings, ole, hubble, roft

Team founded in LBTF2 S7, they had some changes but kept the core with the leadership inside the game of eiz0 and Tyger, they are once again defending the title and prepared to be the team to beat. This season we will have the change that was revealed in the grand final of LBTF2 S9, with Majesty switching to pocket and ole to roamer.

one shote (os)

Roster: Venom, Wade, fantino, Dynamite, ninjax, titooh, mickie, moritz, robert

Los hermanos will be present once again in our league, this time counting with the additions of ninjax, tittoh, moritz, and robert. They're really strong and will be one of the candidates to take the title from the hands of Monster. The highlights, as always, go to one of the best South American scouts Venom and the great demoman Dynamite.

Renegade (.r)

Roster: Ghost, Assombrado, Sonikro, André, Sovietdrunk, aL, duality, pigvomit, Walker, fzin

Returning from the dungeons of LBTF2 S7, the former champions of the Access division are back with a renewed line-up and with the return of a former Elite champion and known as one of the best rocket jumpers in Brazil Sovietdrunk and the demomen duality and aL. The team might try to get in the Elite playoffs or fight for the title in Central.

Trap Gaming (tG)

Roster: bast, ildr, Pake, cryfe, Cp Swat, uspzor, O_o, Dook, bert

In a matter of time in the competitive scene, the team is formed by the younger players in that first group of Main division. Dook and cryfe are known Highlander players and are playing in the LBTF2 6s for the second time. The team has the potential to secure its place in the Central playoffs, and could even fight for the title.

Group B

faz (faz)

Roster: mush, honorato, ounɹq, Kiyoshi, Fakez, helnot, Volnutt, slawer, inkyo, power

Keeping part of the runner ups in Central last season, faz strengthened with the additions of the demoman Volnutt and the scout power, now back to our scene after spending a season playing in the north-american scene. The team has shown good performance in scrims and should fight for a spot in the Elite playoffs.

Immerstarke Team (immer.)

Roster: perz, blackzor, CaiO, dragonite, Arr!, scatman, mannie, sh1p, ilostmyself

Another team that might fight for a spot in the Elite playoffs, Immerstarke Team is led by strong duo of soldiers with mannie as pocket and blackzor as roamer. CaiO played very well in Access in LBTF2 S9, getting the best demoman of the division award, but he still has to prove himself against the best teams in South America.

Rage (RAGE)

Roster: v1tor, kuroky, RAFAO, panic, hii, nosfa, Pena, skate, xpd, Sony

The team that will attempt to challenge the favoritism of Monster for the Elite title. They have pieces of 4 teams that played in the playoffs last season with hii and Pena coming from SqS, Kuroky from [H] and nosfa from eG. The team will also be led by the current title holder for best pocket in the Central Division, v1tor.

seisALMAS (6s)

Roster: Inflik, primo_jugando123, furi0x, Leoonardo, Pelx, volkonin, Rama, MHC, enjoyyyy

Moved from Access, the Chileans have been training a lot but they still aren't a team that should bring many problems for the rest of the group. Only furi0x has experience in Central, but the team usually has good results in UGC-SA 6v6, so we'll see how they turn out in LBTF2.

Um time (um homem)

Roster: Doug, Jubileu, orange, Nuffle, New BreeD, GUIDAW, Wolf, gabrielsz, metra

Now it's the worst part of writing these articles: writing about my own team. Um time has players who have had some experience of playing (more like being beaten) in Elite. Recently, New Breed took too literally the joke about playing without a monitor and had to make room for the newly acquired gabrielsz in the line-up. With a good organization, Um time has the potential to fight for the title of the Central division.

yoyotech (yoyo)

Roster: Leo’, Annihilator, Dimas, Buck, tt, daron, LexTrew, guy, satin, canela

Please don't mistake them with the team that played in the European highest division four years ago from where they shamelessly stole the name. The team lacks creativity but counts with the return of the controversial hermano guy to our league. Another highlight is the change of classes from Leo' who will be playing as soldier for the first time in a LBTF2. They are one more team with chances to fight in the Central playoffs.

Every sunday a new article will be posted reviewing everything that happened with those teams in the week. I'll see you soon!

And thanks to Majesty for helping with the translation.

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Do the South American teams record stvs or stats? I think the South American teams deserve more coverage if possible.

Do the South American teams record stvs or stats? I think the South American teams deserve more coverage if possible.
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south american hype

south american hype
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Nick-Do the South American teams record stvs or stats? I think the South American teams deserve more coverage if possible.

I gotta get into that in the weekly reviews :^D

[quote=Nick-]Do the South American teams record stvs or stats? I think the South American teams deserve more coverage if possible.[/quote]
I gotta get into that in the weekly reviews :^D
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Yeah, more streams!!

Yeah, more streams!!
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Nice article

Nice article
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