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#22 AGDQ 2018 in Off Topic

After Dark and Awful Block had some really enjoyable stuff. Serious Sam 3, El Matador, Toy Story, Superman 64, Arabian Nights, Enviro-bear (EAT THE FISH), and LTTP randomizer were really fun due to the couch and/or the runners. LTTP last year was great because of Patty and Andy's banter and it was good to see Patty back for this segment.

I also tuned in a bit for the OOT/BOTW runs and IWBTB/IWRTR because I like those games, peeked at the blindfolded bosses of DS3, I'll probably watch a few more later this week.

posted 3 days ago
#4916 stream highlights in Videos

actually mouse slaying


posted 3 days ago
#52 OWL starting today in e-Sports
ShounicPavane aka crp / creep

God fucking damn it no. Is Pavane actually Creep? This cuts so deep.

Around November in 2017, Tairong vented on Twitter about Valve's treatment of competitive TF2 leading to the transition into Korean competitive OW. Tairong mentions he stressed to Fl0w3R and Pine, who were reluctant at the time to switch to OW, "this is our future". He also mentions Pavane, a player who wanted to revive the Korean TF2 scene, that he shouldn't do it either, but Pavane wanted to keep going - only to eventually be burnt out.

At my first LAN which was i55 around 2015, while I was looking through photos or something, Mana came up to me with a dude by his side, and he was like "yo, this is Creep! He plays in AsiaFortress!". I was surprised this dude had flown all the way to i55. I never forgot that moment and will never forget that moment Creep, with stars of hope in his eyes, this determined Korean player who was one of the top in his respective scene, telling me: "one day, I want to bring an Asian team to a future iSeries!".

It was just never going to happen in their favour, even if they had chosen to go.

TairongIf you know, you'll feel my anger.

I am happy seeing Bren and Sideshow sitting on the analyst desk. I am happy watching faces from all over the world - Muma, cw, Seagull, Zebbo, Zappis, Haffi, all of these players from back in the day - in Contenders or what's now a sold-out arena, viewed by 250-300K people rather than the initial predicted 30-50K on the internet. I will be happy for these people who have found what they wanted, even if it's not here. I'm so sorry you couldn't find what you wanted here. I understand.

posted 5 days ago
#2 Favorite Restaurants at Rewind II in LAN Discussion


And that's the story of every European's PTSD American dining experience after Rewind 2017.

(There's two food halls nearby called 4th Street Market and MacFadden Public Market. 4th Street has a lot of variety of food and lots of sweet cookies at Chunk n' Chip, MacFadden has an arcade room upstairs and the ahi tuna tacos from En Tu Boca are divine.)

posted 1 week ago
#507 The Side Porn Show in Videos



posted 1 week ago
#217 cp_reckoner (5CP) in Map Discussion

From what I've seen from one or three odd streams of POVs, cap point being moved seems to be in the "this could be okay" range, tall crates seems to be in the "this is far from okay" range. Here's Kaidus casually theorycrafting about it for a bit and a little after the clip on the VOD timestamp, though he mentioned he/Se7en need to play it more to see if his feedback holds ground. Most of which was mentioned here a while back.

People or players infinitely more qualified than me should leave actual playtest feedback here or take a moment and say "hey, I agree with x and y about these issues, but not z" etc etc, since I imagine it might hold more ground over a casual viewer like me saying "this is what I heard these players say about ur map n stuffs".

posted 1 week ago
#132 OH SHIT in TF2 General Discussion

I'm not sure what the old reason was for no medals being included in the past at this point because of medals we give for LAN events that have prize pools (which used to be the theory as to why ESEA never had medals). I might ask somebody; if I get a response, I'll round up some folks I know.

posted 4 weeks ago
#79 Habibs brother? in e-Sports

Bless this man for his enthusiasm and dedication, as well as the appreciation for the complexity of TF2's movement and physics. He continued to try and try again even when it got hard and when he was tired. This mentality is what makes a winner.

posted 4 weeks ago
#1 Vegas Pro 14 $20 on Humble Bundle in Videos


Vegas Pro 14 (Edit Version) which is normally like $400 is only $20 on Humble Software Bundle + a bunch of other software for the next 13 hours 13 days ty Heinz for anybody who would like to purchase it.

You can't burn DVDs or Blurays and there's no filters but there is OpenFX plugin support and a bunch of other things listed here that you can do + can't do with the Edit Version: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-pro/product-comparison/

posted 1 month ago
#9 I dont know who you are but in Off Topic


posted 1 month ago
#22 ESEA S26 LBF: Ascent vs. SVIFT NA in Matches


posted 1 month ago
#7 ESEA S26 LBF: Ascent vs. SVIFT NA in Matches


posted 1 month ago
#16 @CokeEsports does a Pepsi Meme with TF2 and OW? in Off Topic


It looks like they commissioned Robyn Lau aka seven to make the artwork. Here's her portfolio of artwork.

She also was part of a band called "Press Start 2 Play" and did the song above which is about a Pocket Soldier and their Medic, as well as the "Forever In Open" parody.

posted 1 month ago
#76 4 word story in Off Topic

but there's one exception:

posted 1 month ago
#4559 stream highlights in Videos

https://clips.twitch.tv/ObeseProtectiveMonitorSmoocherZ yomps big brain

posted 1 month ago
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