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#2 Stephen Hawking died in World Events



posted 4 days ago
#11 Stefan Karl still has cancer in Off Topic

Looks like they gave him some time. Fuck, dude. This sucks.

Stefan Karl's tweetIt’s not until they tell you you’re going to die soon that you realize how short life is. Time is the most valuable thing in life because it never comes back. And whether you spend it in the arms of a loved one or alone in a prison-cell, life is what you make of it. Dream big.
posted 1 week ago
#8 TF2/SFM Blog: "Vote for the Saxxy Awards!" in TF2 General Discussion

Seconding Leak! and Agent Gunn, they and Manned-Up Mannequins are definitely going to go head-to-head in Extended. Agent Gunn is being predicted to win overall; we didn't get a big entry from 2016 done on time this year but people were not fucking around when they told me Agent Gunn would kick a lot of ass on the way out. I knew Extended would be competitive but not like to that level.


Additionally, I also really liked The Art of Justice, Mountaineering Mercenaries, and Inside Surgery. Shorts was also really competitive to cluttered this year but Board Room, Emergency!, Player's Portrait, and the Ice Cream Mann stand out. I liked the non-TF2 entries this year as well like Half-Life None (probably not going to win but cute), Extraction (Portal) and Chicken Strike (CS:GO).

I encourage everybody to watch through and vote for the Saxxy Awards this year, and tell the creators if you liked their entries and that you can see the work they put into it. It was rough and weird for a lot of people to have it be announced on December, a holiday month right before the New Year, when so many people thought it was being skipped when November rolled over and everybody was wondering if the Saxxy's would even happen. But you can really see how much people wanted to give a shit this year - there's a lot of time, talent, creative, and dedication put into the ideas even if not polished out fully.

Here's a playlist an entrant organized of a chunk of entries this year, if you don't want to shuffle through the queue and want to vote from somebody's description.

posted 1 week ago
#8 What is Ma3laa looking at? in Off Topic


posted 2 weeks ago
#6 What is Ma3laa looking at? in Off Topic


based off best tweet

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 What are Cornpop, Turbo, and Ombrack looking at? in Off Topic
TurboTabsan attempt


posted 2 weeks ago
#3 What are Cornpop, Turbo, and Ombrack looking at? in Off Topic


posted 2 weeks ago
#17 Rewind II Photos and Video Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Photos should be uploaded and processed now to the gallery, a fantastic job by my partner-in-crime Jasbutts for processing and organizing through them as well as doing splendid work, I really like the shots this year. A big shoutout to Moof for lending us her gear such as another body and lenses for usage during this LAN, they helped out a ton and really saved our budget, thanks a million!

That means I can finally grab the best photo I took at this LAN and make this:


posted 2 weeks ago
#10 lan sickness in TF2 General Discussion

Sunday evening I figured it was just my body being tired after screaming my lungs out though I imagine that didn't help

Come Monday I am running a fever and the nearest pharmacy is right near the building it is just 6 lanes of LA traffic ahead and my everything hurts and later during the week which was supposed to be vacation week there are chills and violent coughing and mass dehydration and phlegm is everywhere who the fuck did this I want names

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2 Premiere in Events


posted 1 month ago
#109 Rewind II details revealed in News
WadeESAhype news about prize pool.


That makes a total of over $12,600 prize pool right now, including the Matcherino's raised funds.

posted 1 month ago
#12 "S " stands for .. in Videos

When ShaDowBurn Is In (OMG!)



posted 1 month ago
#2 SVIFT drops out of ETF2L Season 29 in News

The door slams open and Gemm runs in, disheveled and frantic. The pen behind his ear falls off as he nearly slips on a sheet of paper, lying on the ground of the dark office. He regains his balance as he lunges for the computer chair of where editor Hudsyn sits. He barely misses Uberchain standing to the side with a mug of hot chocolate in her hand, who Concor stands to the opposite side of with his arms folded. "It's here, I have it..." Gemm breathes, swiftly holding up his notepad, but Hudsyn shakes his head before he can finish.

"Gemm," Hudsyn says, his voice soft in sympathy; in defeat. He beckons to the computer monitor that him, Uberchain, and Concor face. "I'm sorry. The stars will not shine on us tonight. In fact, the stars have aligned in their favour." The atmosphere is grim as all three figures turn to look behind him, and the urgency on Gemm's face soon collapses. He sees what appears on the computer screen his fellow writers stare at.

There, on the forums of teamfortress.tv, is a thread that has marked their downfall. Titled: "SVIFT EU IS FuCKinG DEAD". Furthermore, it is apparent that the OP has gained his next nerd star from this post. Gemm's fingers go limp, and to the floor falls his notepad - a statement from SMVZI, underneath the title "SVIFT disbands for Season 29". It's happened again. The prioritizing of actual importance in regards to real lives have cost them time once more. In their heads, each writer already prepares their excuse as to why the article is belated.

However, a hand rests on Gemm's shoulder, squeezing it with as much reassurance and empathy as was possible within that moment. "It's good; take the LEGO piece so we can double up," Hudsyn says. He reaches down to pick up the notepad. "We'll finish this off. I won't let this discourage you as long as Tery is fighting for all of us." With that, all four of them turn towards a dimly-lit desk. A pencil scratches paper furiously. Tery continues to write without hesitation. The lamp on his deck flickers a little more brightly with each sentence finished, and the smell of vanilla wafts from a television nearby. And Gemm is inspired, because it reminds them all of better days.

posted 1 month ago
#5 is it me or is searching for threads broken in Site Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#8 Ascent.EU rebuilds roster for ETF2L Season 29 in News

Being a teamfortress.tv writer on volunteer and waiting for things as well as having other IRL responsibilities like


posted 1 month ago
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