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#3 im going to the craft shop (not a craftsman) in Off Topic

Buy some fuzzy pipecleaners, some wire (for the frame of the body), and some wire cutters if you already don't have those or strong ass scissors, and make pipecleaner dolls/characters. There's a lot of cool examples of this on the internet like this dude who makes a ton of stuff with pipecleaners.


posted 1 week ago
#44 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion
sigafooThe reason I put that in quotes is that it's something that I've read many times before, whenever these conversations come up. To try and stretch and contort my words to somehow say that I'm insulting players and deeming their efforts is disgusting. I'm fine with being called every name in the book on here, but to try and twist something so clearly not intended that way is disappointing, to say the least.

I have no doubt in my mind that you never meant to deliberately demean players. But the way that statement was worded, let alone this action itself, does demean players. Even if you didn't mean for it to come off that way, pushing this decision means you haven't listened to the players that have, for the past several years, constantly spoken up against people who have whined about froyotech disbanding to make things more fair and interesting "in the name of competitive Team Fortress 2" - of which I am just as guilty for doing. These players speak up not only to defend themselves, but to defend froyotech and their place in the ladder for the integrity of competition, even if they acknowledge that with their hard work and practice, they will lose dozens of times before they finally see progress.

I'm never going to understand that integrity as much as those players do. Based on your competitive experience in Plat a few years back, you probably understand it more than I do too. That's why I can't believe you pushed for this.

I apologize for accusing you of belittling players' efforts since you said you didn't mean it that way, and I believe you. I retain my opinion that a lot of what was written in that statement was very personal rather than professional, and could be/will be interpreted in unfortunate ways worse than how I first read it. I also retain my opinion that the salary cap against froyotech STILL will not turn out to be the right way to motivate players, but I understand you're willing to take that gamble regardless, as you always have been.

posted 2 weeks ago
#27 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion
sigafooI, like many others, have been waiting for “other people to just get better,” but it hasn’t happened.

This sentence is incredibly insulting. It is not only insulting to Ascent S28 or any teams in Invite past or present who have worked hard to at least put up a good fight against froyotech (and players from S28 Ascent after the GF went on-record saying despite the results and joining froyo S29, they still busted their ass), as well as any other team that has won or closely fought against froyotech (Se7en at i63, who basically spilled blood in the water and influenced even retired NA players like sharks to swim back to Invite), but it's insulting to the players and teams participating in RGL 7v7.

I used to think this shit about froyotech too, I'd like to think that I don't think like this anymore, and I, like Console, am waiting with baited breath for the day froyotech loses. If you had banned froyotech for anything else like if that "no personal stream" rule is still in effect, or BM inside/outside of matches, that might have actually had integrity - in comparison to this. Not only did you ban froyotech for winning, you banned them because you implied your players are bad.

This sentence shouldn't have even been in the RGL post. It's not professional, it could have gone on a personal Twitter as a Twitlonger, it could have whittled this down to just say "due to froyo winning too much we decided to enforce this policy" - still would have had the same reaction, but is cleaner. But in it being part of RGL's statement, it devalues the effort that teams have been attempting to put into sigafoo's league. Consider that some teams are also investing effort into things other than RGL. That means they have put shit to the side, to make the time to participate & invest commitment into RGL 7s.

If sigafoo wanted more teams to take your league seriously and invest in it more in terms of commitment to getting better, demeaning teams and saying them improving "hasn't happened" because froyotech has not lost yet, then banning froyotech for being a super team and adding a salary cap, should be taken as a slap to the face to RGL's competitors.

To those of you from RGL 7s who might be reading this: you might think it's easier this time around to win money and everybody to have a fairer chance, and at least it fosters a friendlier environment than dat elitist toxic TFTV 6v6, which might very well be fair too. But your league owner also basically implied it wasn't worth waiting for you to get better anymore - regardless of how much you may have actually improved or committed to playing - and that's why he himself decided only he could bring about change. And I personally don't know if that's worth your time or support.

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 Ascent unveil new Invite roster in News
Tery_Nah respect for using Shinhwa the real OG's.

Their anniversary single was sexy smooth. I should have put an orange instead of a basketball but then that would have defeated the purpose and only you and I would have gotten it.

There was also this option:


posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Ascent unveil new Invite roster in News


Here's the temp track I used while working on the promo before I settled with Korean pop (it's arguably better)

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Koth_avalanche in Map Discussion

I've deleted the old thread and adjusted the title of this thread to remove the version extension, please bump this thread for future updates.

posted 3 weeks ago
#180 Insomnia63: Grand Finals in Events

It's been 5 days and all I can still think about is how Turbo and Grumpy looked like they were gonna smack-talk throw down WWE-style introducing the players on that Grand Finals stage


posted 3 weeks ago
#3 United Dodgeball League Two Day Cup! in Projects



posted 3 weeks ago
#45 no disrespect in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Upon retrospect, I realize a lot of what I said is deconstructive and did come off presumptuous & entitled. It stems from an older era that people praise as higher quality and will continue to do so, but it's insensitive and unfair to those who are working in different circumstances with less than what I had, and comes off as a form of grumpy retired grandpa mentality that I told myself I can't be a part of if I want to keep doing TF2. I overworked in the name of passion and quality to make things the best they could possibly be, beyond limitations, in subpar conditions - because that was what was expected from me back then. That doesn't mean this era has to go through the same thing, because it's still possible to make something the best it could possibly be with less.

Volunteers who did i63 are upset and demoralized about how harsh the feedback has been, and I'm truly sorry for tearing you down rather than building you up constructively. It was a good LAN with great gameplay and fantastic people, and my approach to criticism was not what TF2 needs after a LAN like that. This LAN in this era was the best in terms of people making the most of what they could with what they have, proving that regardless of their limitations or what was missing that they could still create something incredible out of something so small and keep it going - which always has been the point of TF2 and was expressed so well in the outro. That outro hit me emotionally in a way that no outro has hit me like before and I don't know if I could ever really explain why publicly.

While I and others do think there was a lot that can be improved, hearing what limitations arose means I shouldn't continue to downplay what efforts were put in if they were really out of people's control. Am I upset about the production mistakes or organizational issues? Yes, but I shouldn't have been as cold and breathe down your neck, nitpicking every little tiny detail that I scrutinized, because it's not fair. Again, I have no real idea of what went down and what they were dealing with. I have no idea what's going on or what did go on, and if I think it's really bad, I don't know how much that matters to the people who were actually involved. I might think I know what's best for them but I don't; I don't know shit in comparison to the people who volunteered their time and efforts willingly.

I should have seen it from how hard the hosts tried to keep engaging in conversation during ridiculous downtimes and delays and how much work people were trying to commit to doing certain roles they weren't used to. And the casters and talent who basically blew out their vocal chords close to the end of the event, and the admins and the media people trying to make the most out of the limited time, equipment, and manpower they had. And how hard a main stage was fought for to make sure the finalized teams could play at their comfort and best, and give TF2 what is arguably the best NA vs EU iSeries finals to date. I should have been more considerate of that, and I'm sorry.

Other people will have more issues to raise with Essentials' treatment of this LAN. But in terms of suggestions I could give that are not as harsh and actually constructive - a lot of it just goes back to, other than Multiplay, higher-up organizational things that should have been planned earlier, communicated better, micro'd more than spread out, or put together more cohesively. All of which are criticisms that have been brought in the past since i61 by others and are redundant at this point, and I hope they're listened to. But with that as your biggest limitation - with that considered, the i63 volunteers all did very well. Thank you for this LAN, and thank you for TF2.

posted 3 weeks ago
#24 no disrespect in TF2 General Discussion

The first thing I want to do is thank the people behind the Essentials production. I have no clue how bad it actually was and how much was within control/out of control. I do know they worked very hard to make sure that shit worked, and with whatever they were able to do while everything was on fire, they did their best and they made a show happen, and I bawled like a baby when the outro rolled. I can say lots of positive things about this LAN - the casters, the teams and players, the spectators and community, the Twitch connections so we got 12K views, the talent available - and I will later.

Production quality felt worse than i61. There was effort and good work put in by the volunteers that got downplayed due to how cheap and put together last minute everything seemed. I could sense their tension from all the disorganization from across the transatlantic. The only exception is the Grand Finals stage, which felt better than i61's. Crowd noise was hype and audible due to actually being near the casters, the stage was cool, and it helps that both teams played fantastically and so evenly. It was almost therapeutic how satisfying the grand finals stage production was, because of how rough Day 1 and 2 were, after hearing about production people who probably fought tooth and nail to get shit working.

Feel free to not answer me ever if something sounds presumptuous or entitled, or feel free to correct me if I don't know what I'm talking about.

This is a long bullet-pointed nerd essay of my gripes with details. Meanwhile, here's the condensed list:

Show Content
  • Multiplay fucked up and is frustrating to talk with e.g. main stage delayed 2 hours finals ended 2 AM, to smaller things like prod PCs apparently not being provided
  • More visual stimulation during talking segments to supplement what they're talking about is needed, like stats or team photos or something
  • More editing on variety segments during downtime, I like them but they drag on/are awkward due to no editing. Also bring other teams that might be free/were eliminated for more couch interviews
  • Why was the marketing and advertising between February 22 (i63 confirmed tf2) and July 7th (prize pot confirmation) really bad? There needed to be more hype-building and there was so little hype done prior to 2nd week before LAN people told me "oh wait i63 is happening?"
  • Sound issues are back again, they're as bad as they were last year, I'm sick of it
  • Don't fucking bring the losing team on stage after they just lost, they are clearly upset after long games and don't want to be put out there like that to hold up a plastic toy cheque. Don't do it ever again, we never did this
  • Did Essentials staff try to reach out to teams or just wait out to see if people would make up their minds if they wanted to be in invite?
  • Why did it take so long to have qualifiers? Why was there no information about them until the last minute?
  • Were showmatches to help the teams that were fundraising not considered or was everybody just too busy with monthlies to plan it + the above thing?
  • How come teams in the invite brackets and the open brackets were asking questions about what they needed to do on certain lan days and when they needed to come in or register?
  • There was a dude from an open team complaining about how apparently online mercenaries were being allowed?? When it was against the rules to allow online mercs?
  • Why did it take so long to update brackets and scheduling or tweet that information out and make it accessible?
  • Why were there periods where mods weren't around and not asked to be around to time out shit like harassment/racism/transphobia/etc? Is it just one of those "it's twitch chat, they'll always be awful" even when I kept seeing EssentialsTF's account do clapbacks at people instead of a timeout or ban?
  • Why were people STILL shouting at production? Why does it feel like there's tension between Essentials and their volunteers?

Now here's the thing - some of these complaints might actually be just the budget TF2 can maintain. From what it seems like, and I could be wrong:

  1. There wasn't enough production equipment that people needed actually there like prod or social media PCs, limiting what the social media/photojournalism/video editing/admin team who needed them could do
  2. People spread themselves out too many roles and a lot of different things at once, which made it hard to keep track of things or stay on the ball
  3. Somebody didn't step up as much as they could have or got lazy, and if it's a repeat offender, should not come back next year to do their responsibilities if they under-performed so badly after feedback, that it affected the show

I was around Dashner's production team around i55 for 2 or so years, which was post-Lange and fairly similar in quality, hard work, and professionalism from talent. Dashner's era was fantastic-looking and high budget but it absolutely spoiled TF2. It was very micromanaged, and people who had specific roles were flown out rather than asked to multitask: the audio engie focused on audio, the live graphics operator controlled NodeCG, the roaming camera people focused on video, and the photojournalists took photos and edited them to post to social media and to TFTV's gallery. People like War and Sideshow both have stated that it wasn't sustainable to have that high quality of production. It exceeds the budget of what a small grassroots seed is capable of, let alone can sustain, without really generous sponsors.

Before i61, TFTV held open communication channels for people who wanted to volunteer and learn more about what was happening at the event, unlike what I've heard about Essentials. Additionally, TFTV would talk to dedicated Multiplay admins who were coordinating the TF2 tournament months, MONTHS earlier (not 2, not 3, a bit more than that) to talk to higher-ups to get what they needed. We're talking the moment the project is signed. Those admins are retired now. It might be a harder struggle. Thing is, whatever was not available was actually brought into the LAN's country or rented out - high-end video cameras, cables, mackey, industry standard commentator headsets. These things cost up to thousands of dollars.

Because Dashner and Lange used that stuff outside of TF2, it makes some sense that some of the shit that was really nice on-stream was due to that money in their own equipment they contributed, and completely optional - but we might perceive some of these things like player cams as mandatory when they are bonuses.

I don't doubt this is what some Essentials staff also had to do with whatever sponsor money or money they had available and bring some of their own stuff. I don't actually have a decent camera or equipment; my stuff is sponsor-rented or rented from somebody's pockets. There was an instance a camera lens and body was bought from a store, then returned after LAN. This sounds common, but it's money that can't be afforded to be spent when you need to consider which production people you're going to help pay for flights and hotels. There was already a saturation of fundraisers this year and production fundraisers don't make that much to send maybe more than one person out.

With this being considered, I'm not sure if I'm just spoiled based on being used to the old days, and expect more than what the budget provides due to these paragraphs above - or if I feel like Essentials with the equipment they had, could have helped their volunteers better in providing them what they needed, or have brought on people better suited for certain roles. Based on this thread as well as other places i63 feedback was left, I'm going to lean towards the latter opinion.

posted 3 weeks ago
#116 Insomnia63: Grand Finals in Events

This is not how I wanted to cross out the 5-0 spot to get a double bingo god damn it gg


posted 3 weeks ago
#102 Insomnia63: Grand Finals in Events

Fucking Medic drop with a sync jump of course that motherfucker would

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 no disrespect in TF2 General Discussion

This grand finals is incredible. Good online Twitch viewership aside, it is such a breath of fresh air after the past two days (and arguably the past month of shitstorms) to finally have a fantastic grand finals with both teams giving it their all; as a bonus, to actually secure the stage.

There has been an abysmal trainwreck of issues with i63 and the buildup of it that I'm not going to talk about until tournament's over and I'm done screaming LET'S FUCKING GO LADS at my monitor.


yes id like to know why i was banned
Show Content

Bit ill-timed but the mods can probably go through the logs to see if it was a misunderstanding.

EDIT: while it is Twitch chat moderation being massively shit was an issue too, I'll also expand about that later

posted 3 weeks ago
#86 Insomnia63: Grand Finals in Events

Damn it we should have put Stream Goes Down on the bingo card how did we forget about this


Let's get democracy ruling on the 3-0 can be 5-0 and see if we got ourselves a DOUBLE BINGO

EDIT: stream's back adystark swap somebody find out if he got a med kill

posted 3 weeks ago
#78 Insomnia63: Grand Finals in Events


We're going for that double bingo let's cluckin' GO

posted 3 weeks ago
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