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#17 This is what you eat at burger king in The Dumpster

number 15

posted 17 hours ago
#43 Hoodies in Off Topic


assc and other hypebeast brands print their shit on these, they are pretty alright quality, got lightweights too

posted 1 week ago
#4812 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

how do i add a console button to my main menu? im using rads hud

posted 3 months ago
#1 Twitch URL Change in Requests

From twitch.tv/earlielol

keep the sidebar name the same please.

posted 3 months ago
#2617 PC Build Thread in Hardware
_KermitHonestly it's really quite simple to build a PC, loads of it is pretty obvious with how each part matches to the mobo/PSU. Plus there's a billion tutorials on youtube for building.

i mean if it isnt too expensive id still go for the service because im really anxious of doing something wrong. i guess i could give it a try tho

posted 3 months ago
#2614 PC Build Thread in Hardware
I'll do that build in the week that you're buying the parts so the prices are up to date.
Overclocking yes/no?
Should all be doable with your budget, don't worry.
If you want windows then generally you need to acquire windows somehow.

id love to overclock and get the maximum out of the build. however, i dont have any experience with overclocking
edit: is it expensive to pay for the building service? i think id be overwhelmed and fuck something up building up the pc in person

posted 3 months ago
#2612 PC Build Thread in Hardware

alright, will have 1100€ by the beginning of december, looking to get a brand new build, meaning all new parts without scavanging parts out of my old pc. priority is being able to run tf2 as good as possible. I'd also love to run overwatch above 144 frames at native res (1920 x 1080) and play more recently released games at a stable framerate. willing to go all out with the 1100. got all the peripherals i need. a little side wish id have would be silent cooling or an ssd, but it defenetly isnt necessary to be part of the build. on a side note, id have to buy a windows license or pirate it, yes?

setsul please help ^_^

posted 3 months ago
#12 Contract Bonus? in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreezecharleprsnlike you really need to do all 108 contracts to get 20 stars right?yesno i have 20 and i havent even started any of the contracts in the "maps" folder


posted 4 months ago
#1 ETF2L S28 W5: nunya vs. Da Choke Bustaz in Matches

the new el classico

posted 4 months ago
#4 TF2Pickup is coming back in Projects
Makhow did their pug system work again i forgot

you add up for your class until all 12 slots are added up on, teams get sorted through a division scrambler so the teams are somewhat even, assigned map is set before in a rotation. i think as medic you could buddy up with 1 player so you end up on the same team

posted 5 months ago
#66 Say something nice about the person above you in Off Topic
Rockzyour avatar is from my favourite song

You rock haha

Edit: lmao

posted 6 months ago
#5 title in The Dumpster


posted 6 months ago
#15 Rate my cousin in Off Topic
yukariplease dont say low key

low key lit

posted 7 months ago
#690 Vent your anger in Off Topic
aierai am seriously sick of having to try new meds that never work and have horrible side effects. i honestly understand why no one likes me i am so fucked up and am always a shitty avoidant mess and i cant hold a job, a relationship,or even most friendships unless they are extremely understanding.

i feel you on this one, lifes a bitch

posted 7 months ago
#724 recent/new release rap thread in Music, Movies, TV

tylers album offically out now. defenetly worth a listen, even if you arent a fan of his other shit

posted 7 months ago
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