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#5 resolutions in linux in Q/A Help
sageSounds good, what desktop environments do you recommend? I'm using Ubuntu MATE, does the MATE environment have desktop compositing? i can just install a different desktop environment than MATE anyway

As far as I know, MATE doesn't have compositing by default.

posted 9 hours ago
#2 resolutions in linux in Q/A Help

Any reason not to go with windowed borderless and adjust the resolution through launch options? On many distros there isn't a desktop compositor, so there's no lag / input latency issues with it vs fullscreen.

posted 23 hours ago
#7 Sennheiser HD-6XX Headphones in Hardware

Does anyone have these and know how loud they are for other people? Been wanting to have some good headphones but don't want to bother other people (especially when playing rhythm games, where the keyboard sounds alone is obnoxious enough).

SilverToasterdo you really have to register in order to browse the store? not happening

The point of that is a lot of stores have deals with companies where they're the lowest public price of whatever products. Massdrop gets around this by requiring memberships, so they can sell for lower without breaking those deals, since they're technically not public. This isn't the case for every product, but it can mean saving a lot on some things.

It's not ideal, but it's not like it's in any way hard to sign up.

posted 23 hours ago
#2 looking for compact keyboard in Hardware

My recommendations:
Magicforce 68 Gateron Reds $62.99
Coolermaster Masterkeys S $79.99
Vortex Core $95.00
Leopold FC660M $109.00
Pok3r $119.00
Filco Majestouch 2 TKL $129.00
Ducky One TKL $139.00
Varmillo VA87M $140.70
Mistel Barocco $164.00

Waiting for things like Input club's K-type, Evangs' minivan, or XMIT's hall-effect keyboard to get back on massdrop is another option (or r/mechmarket), though they're not going to be back on for a while most likely.

wim not picky with budget or keycaps

As long as it's mechanical, keycaps tend to be where a lot of the budget goes (after you get past the extremely cheap brand switches).

posted 4 days ago
#5419 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization



not 1:1 but quake 3 inspired.

not as good as smesi's hud tho

posted 5 days ago
#5403 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization
collyJarateKingExperimenting with multi-colored fonts, replicated the o2jam fontare u font layering? u could make a really good q3 themed hud like this

Mostly. It basically is font layering, but because the o2jam font is normally transparent, I could use refracts and additives to save time and only use 2 fonts (one for the fill, one for the outline). In the end it took 5 labels and 3 gradient images.

Might try to do the q3 font as well if I can get my hands on the actual font for it. Had to convert the o2jam font from images to otf by hand, which wasn't the most fun. It'd have to be a different process completely (no additives or gradients, instead a lot more labels) but shouldn't be too bad.

posted 1 week ago
#5401 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization


Experimenting with multi-colored fonts, replicated the o2jam font

bLaI have my ya-bwHUD project

ya-bwHUD still wasn't much changed either. I think Smesi means more to start from scratch, or to mod it so much that you can't even tell what it originally was and it may as well be completely unique.

You do you, but imo if you have experience editing huds, there's no reason to only mod existing ones. If you can do basic hud mods, you can make something entirely your own, and that's a lot more rewarding than changing colors and fonts.

posted 1 week ago
#3 Command for sniper zoom sensitivuty in Customization

On fov_desired 90, it's zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.7934714131880

posted 1 week ago
#5 can someone make me a vtf crosshair pack in Customization

I don't know the full differences between wine on linux and mac, but I can get vtfedit working fine on through wine on my linux install. Might be worth looking into that, since it wouldn't be hard at all to convert a font crosshair to a vtf crosshair.

posted 1 week ago
#4 Changing the font size in Customization

It depends on what you want to change.

For things like health and ammo, you just need to go into their files (resource/ui/hudplayerhealth.res and hudammoweapons.res) and find where it says "font" "NormalCodeXX", and replace the XX with a smaller number for a smaller font size.

For some fonts you will need to go to resource/scheme/fonts.res, go into the font section, and change the tall of whatever it is you want.

In general you should ask questions like these in the hud questions thread.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 what key do you use to duck in TF2 General Discussion


used to use ctrl but bumping it up one key is a lot more comfortable

posted 2 weeks ago
#4469 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
whshhsorry for bothering anyone but ive trying to edit a hud to have its buff image to be rounded like the one in the new m0rehud black

You have to take the custom materials for it and change hudplayerhealth.res' PlayerStatusHealthBonusImage's "image" to point to that custom material.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5368 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization


Short gif of the animated bg: http://i.imgur.com/gm9Blpu.gifv
The gif is a bit laggy but it's completely smooth ingame.

gonna try reworking the buttons but not completely sure what yet
getting the blur there with the animated bg was a bit of a bitch to get working too, but it's not resolution-dependent
layout is pretty standard (every button on the left with room for the console) but it works

posted 3 weeks ago
#4456 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
collyis there any way of limiting the size of the bonus cross for making the fake hp bars
i was able to do it before with refracting images but id like to use this in dx8 and have it be transparent

I haven't tried, but if you can put it inside an editablepanel, you're good to go. I don't know how likely it is for that to work though.

If not, imo the best compromise would be to use refracts, and set up a fallback material for dx8 that makes the bg opaque instead. Not ideal, but it means it works sometimes and mostly works other times, vs having it break in dx8 or have to scrap the idea entirely.

posted 3 weeks ago
#8 hud improvements idea in TF2 General Discussion

testhudanim is a command that requires sv_cheats for no real reason (you already can trigger some animations at-will so if there's anything you can exploit it's already there), if it became a regular command it'd be a dream for hud editors (anything from class specific huds that can look completely different from eachother, to customizing the hud however you want entirely ingame through scripting / buttons, to just generally having pretty near complete scripting integration in huds). As a hud dev, removing the cheat flag on testhudanim imo is the best thing that could happen to huds.

Some other things that might be nice, nothing big and all easily doable but nice to have:

  • Option to not have your crosshair disappear when you open the scoreboard
  • Option to not have your crosshair resize when you're shooting the ambassador
  • Some better system than having to replace autoexec.cfg / valve.rc if you want your hud to execute scripts
  • Some better system than having to replace tf_english.txt / chat_english.txt if you want to change it
  • Un-breaking the "welcome back, playername" and whatnot so that it works again
  • Be able to change the default position and size of the console
  • A command to reload clientscheme and whatnot, instead of having to exit out constantly to get it right
posted 3 weeks ago
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