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#204 The Keyboard Thread (last updated Sep. 24, 2013) in Hardware
murkscribeIs it possible to find a good mechanical full sized keyboard with the numpad for less than 80 dollars?

Plugable fullsized if you like extremely clicky switches (outemu blues are very loud, and also the only outemu switch that's any good) and is well under budget.

Magicforce fullsized with gateron switches of your choice if you don't like extremely loud clickiness.

posted 12 hours ago
#4400 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
f2s4x1oCan I add a stronger anti-aliasing to a font, like a value higher than 1?

antialiasing itself can only be 0 or 1

You can add blur to it with "blur" "1" and that number can go higher, but it's pretty different from antialiasing depending on what you're trying to do

posted 16 hours ago
#17 who is the greatest e-athlete ever in e-Sports

There are a lot of different things to base it off of, but fatal1ty is the greatest I'd say--no one compares in terms of consistent top-level performance for fps games. He's easily the most prominent player from the era when most people started taking notice of eSports, and is still one of the better known players despite retiring a decade ago.

Some other players of note:

  • Thresh is probably the first prominent player. Unfortunately he stopped playing before eSports really started picking up, but he's got a Guinness World Record as the first professional gamer at least.
  • Mew2King has by far the most tournament plays between any games at 534 currently, and is only a few wins away from having more #1 placements than the next most frequent player (Nerchio, a starcraft player) has tournaments entered.
  • UNiVeRsE currently has the most prize money to his name at over 2.7 million, though it's always pretty close between top Dota2 players and with the International 2017 coming up soon, there's a lot of potential for another Dota2 player to take it up instead.
  • It's personal, but the most impressive plays I've seen in any game(s) come from Jhlee0133 (namely Ascention to Heaven DT, Blue Zenith, A Fool Moon Night, and his unreadable BMS plays), even if it's niche and not what most people think of eSports as. Though some other vsrg players (jakad's Doppleganger DT or ABCD's 14K+2 abilities) are pretty damn good too.
posted 1 day ago
#4395 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
BlitheHey could anyone possibly make hypnotizes m0rehud black for me, but replace the font with default tf2/evehud font? just the same fonts evehud all around, even for damage numbers. Would be much appreciated, can pay keys if need be lol


Pretty much just go in clientscheme.res and change every instance of surface-medium with the tf2 font of your choice (ctrl+h for the replace dialogue and selecting "replace all" helps). You might have to tweak the sizes too but it'll probably still look fine for most things, and without any tweaking it could be done in 30 seconds.

Keep those keys, learning how to do it yourself isn't hard

posted 4 days ago
#10 Critique this whitelist in TF2 General Discussion

I think basically all disagreement is going to be whether or not you think only weapons actively bad to comp play should be banned, or if you should ban potentially annoying and/or ban useless weapons (in other words, only whitelist actually good weapons). And that's all personal preference.

My only issue with what you have (knowing what kind of whitelist you're going for, even if I'd like to see a different direction with it personally) is that it's a bit inconsistent. Some unbanned weapons (like the loose cannon imo) have a lot more potential to be broken than some banned weapons (like half of what's banned for soldier) and it doesn't feel like there's any rhyme or reason to which ones you decided to ban or not.

posted 4 days ago
#5 photoshop in Off Topic


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The first is the original, shifted down and to the right a pixel.
The second is resized in paintdotnet (technically pinta but afaik they use the same algorithm)
The third is resized but with the white put back in
The fourth is resized but with the white and black redone, and is also the same as a no-interpolation resize in gimp
The fifth is resized with linear interpolation in gimp, or shifted half a pixel
The sixth is resized in paintdotnet to be 14x14 instead of 16x16
I didn't bother with no-interpolation resizing to 14x14 because it's just black lines and looks completely different

Imo it's pretty much fine if you leave it as is and have it be half a pixel off, if you want it perfectly accurate you're either going to have it be very ugly or significantly bigger (and basically remade entirely).

posted 6 days ago
#17 Anyone in the market for a new PC? in Hardware
Setsul-1 new posts?
Who got nuked?

The OP is gone and yerb is post #1 now, I'm guessing it sold

posted 1 week ago
#178 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
LegendaryRQAI don't know the guy vary well beyond "He played in plat" back when that actually meant something. So i don't know about this whole vendetta you're talking about. But i'm whiling to give someone who loves the game enough to put down 4000$ of what i can only imagine is his own money to support a dying scene, the benefit of the doubt.

He held a cup testing this exact format before. He originally had it be 6v6, then changed it to 7v7 when some people disagreed with testing everything at once and not individually, or pointing out that some of these things had in fact been tested before and found to have no merit (at which point everyone disagreed, since a last minute change to 7v7 screwed with a lot of teams and would mean that no one could get any useful info from it).

How much he's cared about what we think since then should be easy to tell just from the format; no real changes, despite it being very obvious even if you never talked to anyone here that it had many big issues. If he's ignorant of its problems, that also means he gives 0 fucks about what the 6s community thinks nowadays. But I don't think Sigafoo's a complete idiot, there's no way he can't be aware that there are legitimate problems with his format, I think it's more likely that he doesn't want to look like he's taking advice from communities like ours (including his playerbase of mostly 6s players who actually entered his previous cup, who have also given detailed feedback) out of spite.

Best case, he thinks none of us know what we're talking about and doesn't even consider our opinions, despite nearly unanimous agreement of the people who played in it. Worst case, he is actively ignoring us because he doesn't like us. Neither one is any good, and however much money he puts into it doesn't change that.

LegendaryRQAAlso forgive me when i don't side with a bunch of whiny 15-year-olds who's first reaction to what is basically an act of charity is just "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" or "Y THOU xD". You just make the rest of the scene look bad.

Insulting the people who disagree with you doesn't give your own argument validity.

posted 1 week ago
#173 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
LegendaryRQASo what you're saying is that all things being equal; Prolander, pick/ban, pl maps, prize pool, ect. All of it. And it was 6v6 instead of 7v7, everyone would suddenly be on bored with this?

When I said 7v7, I meant all that with it too. It's a lot easier than saying "prolander 7v7 pick/ban unlocks w/ pl maps".

If it were a genuine 6v6 league, without any of these gimmicks that we know from experience (both individually and all together) don't work at all, no one would have any issues with it. It'd be great if that was the case actually.

LegendaryRQAPersonally i find it difficult to believe that PUTTING MONEY INTO A DYING GAME, can be anything but a good thing. If everyone is so against this tournament, why don't you just make your own league with your own money?

The issue is that he's putting money into something that will actively kill it faster. He's essentially putting his money and popularity into saying "6s and HL need to be replaced" with his only alternative being much worse, there is no good way this can go.

We do have our own leagues btw.

posted 1 week ago
#171 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
LegendaryRQAAren't you guys even remotely scared of a TF2 Dev coming in here and seeing all the negativity that someone is receiving for putting their own money into a tournament? They'd probably walk away thinking: "Well, i guess we won't put money into this either, if this is the response it's going to get".

It's more likely that Valve will see the shitfest that is 7v7, say "fuck this" and stop caring about comp at all. Which is extremely unlikely, but there is no way Valve doesn't know people love the idea of money, just that we don't like it when it's thrown at bad formats that only exist out of spite.

The issue isn't that Sigafoo's putting money into something. It's not even that he's throwing away money into something useless. It's that he's throwing money at something that does nothing except convince new players "6s and HL are stale, unfun, and toxic, so we need something new and better" and telling them that this proven awful format is supposed to be the best of both worlds. He's supporting something that's actively bad for the competitive community, and the issue with the money is that it means it will have an impact to newer players (that, as we know from how bad 7v7 was every other time it's been played, will inevitably be negative).

I don't think the impact will be huge, but it's still Sigafoo putting thousands of dollars into something that will hurt the 6s and HL communities (whether intentionally or not), just because he doesn't like the 6s community. And for that reason I think the idea is fucking awful.

posted 1 week ago
#4 Lag input in borderless windowed in Q/A Help
ComeInMyCaveThe thing is that I have windows 7, and it had never done that before :/ I'm using full screen for now, but if there is fix I'd be glad to know!

You should be doing: http://ccm.net/faq/14922-windows-7-disable-desktop-composition

Any other input lag would be from the slight framerate reduction of being windowed, but it shouldn't be so big you can easily tell so if it persists after that it'd likely be placebo.

posted 1 week ago
#2 Lag input in borderless windowed in Q/A Help

The only fixes are to either use fullscreen, or to install an older version of windows (7 or below) or a linux distro that doesn't do any triple-buffering or forced vsync. Fullscreen is easier though.

What's happening is when you're in windowed borderless, windows uses the desktop compositor which will always triple-buffer frames, which causes input lag.

posted 1 week ago
#4353 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
chostarmandoes anyone know how i can transfer toonhud closed captions to my own hud? in the hudlayout, it says copy and paste the cc files in the your custom folder into to resource folder, but in the toonhud file, its just in the resource, and i tried just putting it into the resource, and it didnt work

For the same messages that appear:
/toonhud/resource/closecaption_english.dat => /yourhud/resource/closecaption_english.dat
Basically keep the same filename and placement, just in your new hud. You should also copy over the closecaption_english.txt file, but it's not necessary in this case since it doesn't actually get used.

For the same positioning and fonts:
copy HudCloseCaption inside hudlayout.res into your new hud
copy the clientscheme definitions for CloseCaption_Normal and the other CloseCaption fonts
copy the Cerbetica font definition for the clientscheme definitions

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 RNG? Another Sagerz video in Videos

tldr for anyone who doesn't want to watch it:

  • he gets crit percentages wrong right off the bat
  • while talking about smash bros melee, goes over the basic concept of a solved game (like tic tac toe, where a perfect player can always be able to win or tie) without ever actually using that proper term
  • says phantom hits in melee are enough rng to make the game very exciting (which, for the record, is not rng), while comp tf2 has no random elements (which, for the record, it does) so comp tf2 must not be very exciting
  • says tf2's meta can develop on its own, without valve changes
  • then says tf2's meta can only develop when valve changes something
  • says competitive 5cp is "boring, it sucks"
  • says rng runkillers in speedruns are fun to watch
  • no actual conclusion

All over footage of him missing every rocket.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 Anyone in the market for a new PC? in Hardware

What's the keyboard? Anything special or just some random OEM-looking thing?

posted 2 weeks ago
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