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#4 help with mouse feet in Hardware

You can get also DIY it with a teflon / ptfe sheet (not a baking sheet but an actual plastic sheet). Cut the feet out, smoothen the edges a bit, and put a bit of superglue on them to make them stick. I've got that on my WMO and it works well enough.

posted 1 week ago
#11 Help me with my HUD please! in Customization

When you have a line like:

Animate PlayerStatusHealthValue FgColor "Green" Linear 0.0 0.0

The color "Green" is actually looking for a clientscheme definition with that name. You don't have any clientscheme definition named "Green", so it fails.

Try to do something more along the lines of:

Animate PlayerStatusHealthValue FgColor "0 255 0 255" Linear 0.0 0.0

You could also change the clientscheme to include green, or change them to use a clientscheme definition that exists, but just using the raw RGBA numbers are fine too.

You should use the hud editing questions thread in the future by the way:

posted 1 week ago
#6 hud fix for update 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion
MikeMatanyone getting red damage numbers

That would probably be this:

Added RGB sliders for Combat Text in the Advanced Options screen

I don't have access to tf2 atm though so idk the details of it. According to degu it's these commands:

posted 3 weeks ago
#8 cfg file as a vpk in Customization
deguthere is no reason to do it, load times won't improve

It's worth mentioning that load times are no different if and only if the cfg files are in tf/cfg.
But if they're in custom/whatever/cfg, that does hurt load times, and turning that into a vpk will speed up loads.

As a rule you should avoid having folders in custom, since even if they're completely empty they will increase the number of system calls to check for files a lot (every single file that gets loaded, which includes all materials twice (which are especially bad, since materials always get reloaded every time you change servers or enter a map) and all models and sounds, needs a check for every single folder you have in custom). And it's not minor either, it's only a few folders before half your load time is just checking the folders in custom for every file. But a vpk doesn't run into these problems (at the cost of being harder to edit, and fonts not working without installing them).

That said I do keep a cfg and a hud folder in custom. One or two isn't going to kill you, but it is a tradeoff for convenience vs load times. And if a vpk is also more convenient too, that's an all around win.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1152 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
mastercomsstabbyIt would be cool if you integrated ytrium's viewmodels mod (which involves preloading and is probably what he's talking about).I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do on my side. Shouldn't yttrium's viewmodels work if you properly install them?

The installer adds "map_background preload_room; wait 10; disconnect" to autoexec, but doesn't apply to any autoexec in custom. Could be added with a module or just instructions to add it to custom.

posted 1 month ago
#4 Best cfg 2018 (results) in Q/A Help

Is the mastercomfig "maximum preset" maxquality or maxperformance? Those would have pretty different results, and I'm guessing from the lower fps that it's maxquality which doesn't seem like a very good comparison.

posted 1 month ago
#17 Crosshair (again) in Customization
TobShe also wants it to turn red as hitmarker but that involves turning the png into a font

You can still do it with vtf's by creating a second one recolored red, then in the animation changing alpha values.

Though that crosshair looks like KnucklesCrosshair m, u, and l.
or FogsCrosshairs v3 ` and d.

posted 1 month ago
#5002 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
MagmaDudeEDIT EDIT: I'm giving up and blaming the font.

Can't say for sure (haven't looked too deeply into it) but when you start getting into the accented characters range, whether or not the glyph is actually used is very hit or miss.

You could just make a new font and have the glyph you want replace some standard character (because you'd only be using that font there, anything is fine, though numbers / regular letters should be guaranteed to work).

posted 1 month ago
#41 help my dad wants me to stop playing tf2 in e-Sports
vulcThis is all really good advice and I appreciate you guys telling me it, but I also need to convince my parents that video games don’t make people violent
  • Some studies do suggest there is a link between violent media (not just videogames) and aggression, but that should be easy to argue (if you're not an aggressive person, it doesn't really matter if you're statistically more likely to be because you're not). But even that doesn't necessarily mean that it makes you violent, and it's argued among psychologists that it may be due to violent children being attracted to violent videogames, and not violent videogames changing the children's behavior any.
  • On the note of violent media, if your parents / siblings watch violent tv, it's easy to make the same connection and realize it's not impacting their behavior. This is a particularly good point because if your parents can relate it to something they do, they're much more likely to be accepting of it. Alternatively, you could point out that if you weren't playing games you'd be watching movies which even depicts violence much more realistically.
  • And in case you are violent, it's often suggested that videogames offer a good source to vent that behavior so you don't actually commit crimes. And if you do have these problems and your parents want to do something about it, they should be taking this to a therapist. I wouldn't mention this unless it applies to you though.
  • To my knowledge, the majority of studies about violent videogames and violence is done with young children. Since you're 16, you shouldn't be as impressionable as the subjects of many of these studies that suggest the link anyway. I'm not a psychologist, but I'd wager your brain would've already developed to know that violence isn't acceptable a long time ago.
  • Playing violent videogames is notably not a predictor of agressive / violent / criminal acts.
  • Even then, individual risk factors are never solely to blame. If your only risk factor is the games you play (which is debatably not a risk factor in the first place), you're not at risk.
  • That said, things like lack of support or trust from parents, authoritarian parenting, inconsistent punishment, lack of involvement with recreational activities, etc. all are risk factors. And idle hands are the devil's playthings--you're more likely to do shitty stuff when you don't have an activity to sink time into. It might not be a very productive activity, but not spending all your free time being productive is extremely normal.

On top of the classic, more general:

  • Violence has always existed, and it has only decreases since videogames were released (unlikely to be due to videogames, but they certainly haven't increased it).
  • Violent crimes historically have temporarily dropped when popular violent videogames get released.

But #1 is definitely being able to show that you're able to manage your shit and that videogames are just what you do in your free time as a hobby. Like others have said, the easiest way to prove that videogames aren't causing you problems is by solving all your problems in the first place.

posted 1 month ago
#6 would my hud still work if i made it a vpk? in Q/A Help

Tf2 has difficulty reading font files from vpk's. It'll act like they're missing and default to the system's font, which can mess up the hud pretty bad.

It would work however if you installed the fonts to your computer, or if the hud doesn't need any font files in the first place.

lethcould i put everything in my custom folder into 1 vpk file


posted 2 months ago
#216 The Keyboard Thread (last updated Sep. 24, 2013) in Hardware

considering buying this keyboard, thoughts???

With gaterons, it's a good quality keyboard for a very low price, a top contender for both best budget option and most bang for your buck. Would recommend.

It's still a good option with cherry switches, but it's a much smaller difference than the $20 increase would suggest. It'd only be worth it if you want cherry clears (which are very different from gateron clears) imo, but if you don't already know you want them they're pretty expensive.

posted 2 months ago
#4 haunted metal scrap in TF2 General Discussion

One options is to buy a tradeable headtaker for like 3 keys (glitched to be tradeable, but very common).

backpack.tf classifieds

posted 3 months ago
#4 FPS test in Hardware
KhakiAlso this is slightly off topic, but I've always been told that to make the best or any help out of a 120/144/240hz monitor, you need to get double the FPS of your respective refresh rate? I'm just asking because I noticed a definite difference going from 75hz to 144hz, but for example in TF2 I get toughly 110-175fps for the most part, and just wanted to know if a high fps would add more benefit to the higher refresh rate

Yes, higher fps will always help, but there's nothing really special about the "double your hz" target number.

Higher fps does a few things:

  • Reduce input lag (independent of the monitor)
  • Reduce frame-to-display time
  • Reduce microstutters / chance of a single frame being displayed for two monitor cycles. This is where a lot of the "use this number for your fps" ideas come from, but fps is not exact even when capped and time-per-frame will vary a lot every frame. It's guaranteed to happen regularly when your fps is lower than your hz, but even at higher fps you'll likely run into it occasionally.
  • Screen tearing becomes more frequent the higher your fps, but the difference in the tears is smaller. Compare low fps to high fps

144hz makes the effects of those all a lot more noticeable, but it's important to note that higher fps is better on any monitor.

good resource: https://www.blurbusters.com/faq/benefits-of-frame-rate-above-refresh-rate/

SetsulYou also want the fps to be a a multiple of the refresh rate to avoid screen tearing. With 60 Hz double or even more was easily doable. With 120/144 double was the only realistic multiple. I don't see it happening with 240.

Multiples your hz don't get rid of screen tearing. Double would just mean you'd expect screen tearing at the center of your screen if you factor out delays & assuming the frames line up perfectly with the monitor cycles.

Because frames are very variable, the frames won't line up perfectly with the monitor cycles, so when I'm running 120fps on a 60hz monitor I'll see screen tearing all over the screen, but most often there'll only be 1 tear a monitor cycle.

posted 3 months ago
#1000 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
fizzwhizBy the way, what advantages do the VPK files have over the plain files in the ZIP?

It's for load times mostly. Whenever tf2 has to load a file (which, especially with textures (which need both a vmt and vtf file, so twice as much as you see) is a lot), it has to check to see if it's somewhere in custom.

With a vpk, this is easy. Each vpk has a list of all the files it contains, that gets loaded, and tf2 can quickly check if it exists in that. It's a bit of overhead to save a lot of work.

With a folder in custom, it has to manually check if that file exists. And that means a system call to check if that file exists, for every folder in custom, for every file tf2 has to check for. This adds up pretty quickly because we're easily talking about thousands of system calls every time you load a map, which can all be avoided with vpk's.

fizzwhizHow do I override the commands set by the config in the VPK and by the config extracted from the ZIP?

Put your own settings in a file called custom.cfg

posted 3 months ago
#2 Overclocking a WMO? in Q/A Help

It's still possible. It works fine doing it the normal way for me, but some users have had to do other things.


posted 3 months ago
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