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#216 The Keyboard Thread (last updated Sep. 24, 2013) in Hardware

considering buying this keyboard, thoughts???

With gaterons, it's a good quality keyboard for a very low price, a top contender for both best budget option and most bang for your buck. Would recommend.

It's still a good option with cherry switches, but it's a much smaller difference than the $20 increase would suggest. It'd only be worth it if you want cherry clears (which are very different from gateron clears) imo, but if you don't already know you want them they're pretty expensive.

posted 2 days ago
#4 haunted metal scrap in TF2 General Discussion

One options is to buy a tradeable headtaker for like 3 keys (glitched to be tradeable, but very common).

backpack.tf classifieds

posted 1 week ago
#4 FPS test in Hardware
KhakiAlso this is slightly off topic, but I've always been told that to make the best or any help out of a 120/144/240hz monitor, you need to get double the FPS of your respective refresh rate? I'm just asking because I noticed a definite difference going from 75hz to 144hz, but for example in TF2 I get toughly 110-175fps for the most part, and just wanted to know if a high fps would add more benefit to the higher refresh rate

Yes, higher fps will always help, but there's nothing really special about the "double your hz" target number.

Higher fps does a few things:

  • Reduce input lag (independent of the monitor)
  • Reduce frame-to-display time
  • Reduce microstutters / chance of a single frame being displayed for two monitor cycles. This is where a lot of the "use this number for your fps" ideas come from, but fps is not exact even when capped and time-per-frame will vary a lot every frame. It's guaranteed to happen regularly when your fps is lower than your hz, but even at higher fps you'll likely run into it occasionally.
  • Screen tearing becomes more frequent the higher your fps, but the difference in the tears is smaller. Compare low fps to high fps

144hz makes the effects of those all a lot more noticeable, but it's important to note that higher fps is better on any monitor.

good resource: https://www.blurbusters.com/faq/benefits-of-frame-rate-above-refresh-rate/

SetsulYou also want the fps to be a a multiple of the refresh rate to avoid screen tearing. With 60 Hz double or even more was easily doable. With 120/144 double was the only realistic multiple. I don't see it happening with 240.

Multiples your hz don't get rid of screen tearing. Double would just mean you'd expect screen tearing at the center of your screen if you factor out delays & assuming the frames line up perfectly with the monitor cycles.

Because frames are very variable, the frames won't line up perfectly with the monitor cycles, so when I'm running 120fps on a 60hz monitor I'll see screen tearing all over the screen, but most often there'll only be 1 tear a monitor cycle.

posted 1 week ago
#1000 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
fizzwhizBy the way, what advantages do the VPK files have over the plain files in the ZIP?

It's for load times mostly. Whenever tf2 has to load a file (which, especially with textures (which need both a vmt and vtf file, so twice as much as you see) is a lot), it has to check to see if it's somewhere in custom.

With a vpk, this is easy. Each vpk has a list of all the files it contains, that gets loaded, and tf2 can quickly check if it exists in that. It's a bit of overhead to save a lot of work.

With a folder in custom, it has to manually check if that file exists. And that means a system call to check if that file exists, for every folder in custom, for every file tf2 has to check for. This adds up pretty quickly because we're easily talking about thousands of system calls every time you load a map, which can all be avoided with vpk's.

fizzwhizHow do I override the commands set by the config in the VPK and by the config extracted from the ZIP?

Put your own settings in a file called custom.cfg

posted 1 week ago
#2 Overclocking a WMO? in Q/A Help

It's still possible. It works fine doing it the normal way for me, but some users have had to do other things.


posted 2 weeks ago
#2 overclocking mouse in Hardware

enable filter on device

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 SpillProff's Config in Customization
ArguedOysterI feel like this thread is being hijacked, but I'm gonna respond anyway.
I've never spent time making my own config, so your knowledge is much superior to mine mr. mastercoms, but it seems to be a balance between looks and performance, not just squeezing every last frame possible out of every last variable. In which case it is like a HUD where some elements are objectively better than others, it just comes down to preference (OP mentions not liking Comanglia's and acknowledging that yours is better performance-wise).
Also he's researching himself, and publishing his results for people such as yourself to compare. Seems the perfect process.

Most cfgs all have pretty similar quality levels, and as far as I know they all line up pretty well with what most people want. And at that point, I've found it easier to just change a few values in one cfg to get it looking how I want than to download a completely new cfg and hope it's better.

I don't think people would complain if cfg's started doing different stuff. For example, rhapsody's cfg was a well-liked substitute for comanglia's because it had unique features like an in-game setup wizard and an auto-updater, which are both great features. And there's plenty more that a cfg could do, such as: be completely modular, be optimized with -default, have hud integration, provide fps/visual-improving scripts (such as r_cleardecals on movement keys), etc. Even just looking different and unique is valid, as long as it's shown with screenshot/video comparisons (basically don't leave that work up to the user).

But you just don't see people trying to do those things, and that's not singling Spillproff out since nearly every cfg tries to be the same thing. Spillproff's cfg comes with his personal binds + null movement script, but I'd argue those shouldn't be in a gfx cfg anyway, and past that it's a standard gfx cfg but without anywhere near as much content as mastercoms' or comanglia's. Not to discourage OP, with work it can definitely fill its own role, but right now it doesn't really offer anything (other than binds, which I'd just remove to keep my own binds anyway) that isn't done better in other cfg's.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 X POS DOESNT change location of image in Customization

You can move them, thanks to anchors + pin_to_sibling. It's not extremely well known, but a fair few huds have made use of it (wiethud and magnumhud I know both do).

Step 1: create an anchor inside hudplayerhealth.res. I believe this code will work:

		"ControlName"	"EditablePanel"
		"fieldName" 	"HealthIconAnchor"
		"xpos" 		"100"
		"ypos"		"100"
		"wide"		"0"
		"tall" 		"0"
		"visible"	"1"
		"enabled" 	"1"

Step 2: make everything you want to forcefully move pin to that:

		"ControlName"	"ImagePanel"
		"fieldName"		"PlayerStatusBleedImage"

		// all the regular stuff inside here

		"pin_to_sibling" 	"HealthIconAnchor"
		"pin_corner_to_sibling" "1"
		"pin_to_sibling_corner" "1"
	// repeat for other status icons

Now you can reposition everything by just moving the anchor. This can be used for a few other things that are normally hard to move, but it's also decent for just making things more organized and easier to modify.

posted 1 month ago
#2 Editing hud damage numbers location? in Customization

Just move the label with %metal% in huddamageaccount.res. You're moving the entire panel currently, the static label is inside the damage account file.

Future questions should go in http://www.teamfortress.tv/19073/hud-editing-short-questions-quick-answers btw

posted 1 month ago
#42 RIP Net Neutrality in World Events
Daggernothing is going to change

I wouldn't say so. What's important to remember is that the FCC has traditionally tried to uphold net neutrality. ISPs have tried shit a lot, and the FCC stepped in even before net neutrality was formally implemented. It's just since been legally defined to make all those decisions very clear-cut.

You can be pretty sure that the net neutrality repeal doesn't just mean pre-2015 internet, it also means an FCC with no intention to block ISPs' shitty practices. The main worry isn't so much that there won't be net neutrality set in stone, but also an FCC that fundamentally disagrees with its principles.

KEVCHEVprobably trolling, but plenty of people actually think this

Net neutrality itself is a very sane, low-overhead regulation. It takes no extra effort or cost for an ISP to uphold net neutrality. It only exists in direct response to ISPs continuously trying to do shady anti-consumer practices. It's not anti-competitive -- there's no reason it would impact a new ISP trying to enter the market.

If you really want to get rid of regulations and let the "competitive free market" thrive, the ones you should be fighting against are the ones that actually limit competition, like the ones making it extremely difficult or straight up impossible for municipal broadband or Google Fiber to expand to more cities. There are many legitimately anti-competitive regulations that exist solely to keep major ISPs as local monopolies, why is the focus on a regulation that only prevents ISPs from going out of their way to fuck people over?

posted 1 month ago
#898 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
mastercomsWould it be ok if I made a few mouse commands the default rather than having them commented out?
m_limitedcapture_workaround 1 // Workaround for mouse capture issues
m_filter 0 // Do not average mouse input over two frames, more responsive mouse input
m_mousespeed 0 // Disable Windows mouse acceleration (-noforcemspd)
m_mouseaccel1 0 // ^ (-noforcemaccel)
m_mouseaccel2 0 // ^ (-noforcemaccel)
m_rawinput 1 // Use raw input from mouse
zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.793471 // Use same sensitivity as when unscoped

iirc rawinput doubles your mouse speed on linux and causes a lot of confusion to anyone who doesn't know that

I like zoom_sensitivity_ratio 0.793471 but the math it's based on assumes fov_desired 90 (and you have 75 as an option) and that you want the point where your cm/pixels to be equal is at your crosshair (which most people do but is preference, zoom_sens 1.0 is equal at the edge of a 4:3 screen for example), and even then a lot of people prefer what they're used to.

m_filter and the mouseaccels are probably safe to put in though. The amount of people that knowingly prefer them is probably very small.

posted 1 month ago
#9 Titan V in Hardware
crackbabydumpsterSo for what type of builds/uses is spending $2000 extra worth the performance increase between the 1080 and Titan X?

Professional rendering, engineering CAD, and scientific simulations / repeated calculations to name a few.

posted 1 month ago
#5 Does changing res affect cm/360? in TF2 General Discussion
wtzJarateKingAnother way of thinking of it is that default yaw keeps your mouse movements have the same angle movements (or cm/360), changing the yaw makes your mouse movements be the same number of pixels. Stretching itself doesn't change your sens, but you might like to change your sens to "counteract" the stretching. It's all personal preference which one you like more.

This obviously doesn't apply to black bars and you should always use default yaw when you're not stretched. And any fps comparisons I've seen were tossups well within margin of error, it does not matter for fps.
so would changing the yaw to make it the same number of pixles lower the cm/360?

Yes. You can have either one be the same as non-stretched, but not both.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Does changing res affect cm/360? in TF2 General Discussion

Another way of thinking of it is that default yaw keeps your mouse movements have the same angle movements (or cm/360), changing the yaw makes your mouse movements be the same number of pixels. Stretching itself doesn't change your sens, but you might like to change your sens to "counteract" the stretching. It's all personal preference which one you like more.

This obviously doesn't apply to black bars and you should always use default yaw when you're not stretched. And any fps comparisons I've seen were tossups well within margin of error, it does not matter for fps.

posted 1 month ago
#6 how do i bind all jumps to be crouchjumps? in Customization
sa3lence_i guessbind "SPACE" "+jump;+duck"is what you're looking for
but it really isn't that hard to press ctrl and space, or whatever you have it bound on, at the same time

Only the + at the start of a command is properly replaced canceled. You need to alias it so that both -commands run. With this you'll never stop crouching without actually pressing ctrl afterwards.

This will work:

alias +crouchjump "+jump; +duck"
alias -crouchjump "-duck; -jump"
bind "space" "+crouchjump"

Or you could go more complicated such as

Though really the only thing crouchjump scripts have going for it, that you don't need to put your pinky in an awkward position, is imo solved easier by just binding crouch to capslock

posted 1 month ago
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