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Ascent eclipse Velocity eSports, proceed to Lower Round of 4
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February 18, 2018

Ascent defeat Velocity eSports in Rewind II’s Lower Round of 6, winning the best-of-three with a 2-0 scoreline. (5-1 Sunshine, 5-2 Badlands)

Velocity eSports and Ascent clashed in the Lower Round of 6, going through three maps of intense action. Velocity eSports come off of a victory against Big Chips in the Lower Round of 8 while Ascent come from the Upper Round of 6, where they fell to froyotech 2-0.


On the first map of Sunshine, Ascent were able to barely edge out the mid from Velocity eSports, despite an insane play by bear saving himself from losing his uber percentage. Ascent pushed forward eventually taking down Velocity and taking their first round, bringing the score 1-0. The second mid was won by Ascent in a more dominant fashion, with Ascent continuing to Velocity’s last point after a failed decloak by shamoo. With another last push, Ascent put another point on the board in their favor, bumping the score to 2-0. Velocity finally took a mid in the third round, with only Nursey surviving on the side of Ascent. With equal uber, the game’s pace fell to a crawl as both teams searched for an opportunity to push. Two opening frags from sighguy would initiate a push by Ascent, but the push from Ascent would achieve little, with the team retreating back to their last point. After another push out by Ascent, a backcap from shamoo and bear put the first point on the board in favor of Velocity eSports, but still leaving them one point down 2-1.

High damage from sighguy secured Ascent the mid fight in the fourth round. With two players down on Velocity and none on Ascent, Ascent attempted to push onto second with uber, but with two players caught out, Velocity pushed back onto mid. After multiple bombs, bear was finally taken out by marmaloo, but Velocity had secured the middle point. But their presence at middle didn’t stay for long; after Ascent’s players had respawned, Ascent took back mid and Velocity were back to their last point once again. With the help of marmaloo’s Pain Train, Ascent took their third round 3-1. The fifth round continued to lean in favor of Ascent, with another victory moving the score up 4-1 in favor of Ascent. In the sixth round, Ascent almost captured Velocity’s last point, but a sentry held off Ascent long enough for Velocity eSports to push out to Ascent’s second point. After a failed push onto Ascent’s last by Velocity, Velocity had only five minutes left to turn this game around. Another repush from Velocity proved to be unsuccessful, with Ascent continuing to run down the clock to their advantage. With Velocity’s attempts to pull off plays with a sniper and a spy being defused by Ascent, Ascent were able to roll onto Velocity’s last with only three Velocity players alive to hold off the full team. Ascent captured Velocity’s last for a fifth time, ending the first map 5-1 and bringing Ascent up 1-0 in the best-of-three series.


Ascent began Badlands with a solid mid victory, pushing onto Velocity’s second point and holding lobby. Despite the strong showing at mid, Ascent were unable to convert a point and were pushed back by Velocity to mid. After both teams aggressively holding choke, Velocity would eventually break through, getting their first round over Ascent and bringing the score 1-0. Velocity’s momentum from the first round was not present in the second round, with Ascent winning the mid conflict once again. An uber push onto Ascent would be shut down by Velocity, but Velocity’s counterpush was not able to succeed either. Ascent reformed on second and pushed onto Velocity’s last again, finally winning a point and equalizing the score 1-1. While Nursey was lost immediately the next mid, Ascent firmly won their third mid in a row and eventually taking their third match despite an uber hold from Jarrett and bear, taking the advantage with a 2-1 score. In the fourth round, Velocity finally attained their mid victory. After multiple skirmishes on second and mid, Velocity were pushed back to their last by Ascent. With six minutes remaining, Velocity pushed out of their last, but nearly all their players were wiped by Ascent’s defense, which Ascent successfully converted into a round win, bringing the score 3-1. Velocity struck hard in the fifth round, winning the mid point in a convincing fashion and pushing all the way to Ascent’s last with the pyro and the sentry barely being an obstacle. Velocity are now only down by one point with a 2-3 scoreline. A mid victory from Ascent brought down Velocity’s hopes; with only two minutes left, Ascent pushed onto Velocity’s last successfully once again and Velocity’s deficit fell once again to two rounds and with only one minute, Velocity seemed to have no chance to bring the game back in their favor. Velocity’s players left the server and Ascent captured their last point with no resistance, bringing the final score to 5-2.

Ascent win the series 2-0, knocking Velocity eSports out of Rewind II. Ascent will go on to fight the winner of SVIFT NA vs black swan, which will begin tomorrow at 10:00 PST. Velocity eSports, on the other hand, go home with 2.7% of the prize pool, currently projected to be $428.19.

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