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#11447 stream highlights in Videos

youre actually so insane. the amputator theory is real lmfao

posted 1 month ago
#3 Can admins please actually ban people in TF2 General Discussion

just turn your monitor off lmao

posted 1 month ago
#5 Invite SOOOOOOAPYMEiSTER disables profile comments in World Events


posted 3 months ago
#6 Anyone have a reupload of Tagg's "Why I Quit TF2" in TF2 General Discussion

youre one of those conspiracy theory guys arent you

posted 4 months ago
#23 Kraft American Singles in Off Topic

i dont even like Kraft American Singles on my burgers. would much rather go for jack or cheddar. Tried to put some in a quesadilla for fun and i didnt even melt. it just kinda burned on the pan wtf is that

posted 4 months ago
#5 Kraft American Singles in Off Topic
dishsoapthis thread fucking sucks

whats ur favorite cheese

posted 4 months ago
#1 Kraft American Singles in Off Topic

In America we have American Cheese. Its pretty bad, I don't know why people would want to eat it. I dont think its real cheese, but its still an option at sandwich shops and deli's. Do other countries have American cheese? And what do people think of it.


posted 4 months ago
#10860 stream highlights in Videos

eu pugchamp highlight video

what is this left ear theory

posted 6 months ago
#40 RGL updates match fixing rules after Div-2 incident in News

this team finally got what they deserved tbh. they rang yuki alting and wall hacking multiple times through out the season

posted 6 months ago
#10846 stream highlights in Videos

mostly airshots 12

posted 6 months ago
#2 banny calculating how to win grand finals in The Dumpster


posted 6 months ago
#9 any support for a cp_badlands return? in TF2 General Discussion

there are so many better maps being created by community members right now that reusing badlands at this point would really just be an insult. the map is outdated, slow, and unfun to watch, cast, and play. would much rather play a new map that is being updated and worked on by someone in the community.

posted 7 months ago
#5 HOP IT DONT DROP IT in Off Topic

hell yeah ill order some. love craft beer breweries :]

posted 7 months ago
#10 short sweet apology in Off Topic
ekh0nobody cares

just let people be for once man come on

posted 7 months ago
#3 Prepare your Facebook feeds in Site Discussion


posted 8 months ago
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