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#2371 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

ASAP Rocky in his prime imo and those old music videos always seem like theyre filmed in a different universe. I looked at the singer's blog in the description and she reposts Yellow Vest protest footage....so I listen to her music now....



posted 4 months ago
#60 Half-Life: Alyx in Other Games

have any of these people who are calling VR a gimmick ever played it? just my opinion but if the game industry had more of a focus on VR like console or PC (which might start to happen if this game pops off) it would be the only thing I would play. its cool and fun as fuck and I already play it a shit ton, hopefully the equipment becomes cheaper.

also, you don't really need a separate room or that much space to play in. I can do it in my pretty small bedroom by just moving a couple pieces of furniture

posted 7 months ago
#80 Mass shooting at Christchurch, New Zealand in World Events

seeing things like this have started to make me worried, not the shooting as much as the reactions after it (not trying to say that this wasn't horrific). I've mostly ignored this news, seeing a couple of articles here and there. I can't remember exactly but i'm pretty sure this guy's general motive was to cause confusion and stir up more violence and hate right?

It seems like that plan is working very well and that things like this are only going to get more effective with misinformation, social media and the shit that some of these groups do to try and brainwash susceptible people on the internet. Whether it's Islamic radicalization or (idk what to call this: alt-right?, white nationalist?) radicalization and whatever other social factors at work, its a problem that goes deeper than gun control and I really hope that it starts getting addressed soon

posted about a year ago
#45 spotify 2018 in review in Music, Movies, TV


suicideboys was my shit junior year but I don't listen to them at all anymore

posted about a year ago
#442 tftv safe space (no harassment plz) in Off Topic
bleghfarecI really have no fucking idea what I'm doing with my life currently. There was a time when I did fairly well in school and I was super dedicated to TF2, playing day in and day out and constantly following the competitive scene in North America and abroad, browsing the TFTV forums every day, and being happy with myself. But more and more recently, I haven't enjoyed any of it. I've stopped playing TF2 entirely and reading the teamfortress.tv forums just sours my mood, seeing both how Valve's neglect has ruined a great game and how the community perpetually remains toxic.

Outside of teamfortress.tv and some internet friends, I am socially dead. I have no friends that I have ever seen in the flesh and I often spend each day talking to nobody and just going through my day, only speaking to people when I'm required to or when I'm upset about anything. I'm ugly as fuck and probably annoying and I'm 100% sure if I attempted to initiate a discussion with anyone, it would do nothing but to make other people uncomfortable and just make myself look like an asshole.

But social life doesn't matter, it'll all pass later right??? Well, I don't even know what I'm going to be doing because I'm a worthless piece of shit with nothing of value. I have no actual skills or talents and I have nothing that makes me stand out from other people. My grades are meh and ultimately I'll never achieve the dream job that I've wanted since I was a kid because I have absolutely none of the talents required to even be proficient in it.

I suppose I should've structured this or something, but honestly it might just be my sleep deprivation talking. I just miss the days when I used to love tf2 and I used to have optimism. :(

I know how you feel, back when I was still into TF2 I was in your exact situation. It's just a matter of putting yourself out there socially and it's going to be awkward and hard at first, especially if you were as socially awkward as I was. I don't know your exact situation but what I did was just try to put myself out there as much as possible. For example, if I was in a class where I didn't know anybody and the teacher made us get into groups, instead of just sitting there alone like I usually would, I would ask another group if I could work with them and introduce myself. I'd also make an effort to say hi to acquaintances whenever I saw them in the hallway instead of just avoiding eye contact, just trying to be friendly makes people a lot more willing to talk to you.

It probably sounds cringe but it was really a struggle for me to do those things back then, but it just takes practice like any other thing and I believe that you can do it :).

posted about a year ago
#6302 stream highlights in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#47 guitar solos in Off Topic

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain -


posted about 2 years ago
#1629 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

Portuguese sounds cool


posted about 2 years ago
#46 hurricane irma in World Events

at least i have no school until tuesday, if the school is still there

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Mayweather Mcrgregor fight in Off Topic

mcgregor is probably gonna lose but mayweather is such a retard ugly asshole i hate mayweather so much, please avenge my man Pacquiao

posted about 2 years ago
#1608 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV
raithit's not bad, a very fast pace though


really chill, reminds me of imagine dragons for some reason


posted about 2 years ago
#10 going to france tomorrow in Off Topic

as long as they see that you made some effort to learn some french (like just say bonjour instead of hello and maybe some common phrases) people usually won't hate you

posted about 3 years ago
#31 Physical punishment in childhood in Off Topic
aim-pick your poison


I would be so happy when my dad grabbed the belt because it barely hurt :))

posted about 3 years ago
#10 Great TFTV Parent Challenge in Off Topic


posted about 3 years ago
#2 Mood in Off Topic


posted about 3 years ago
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