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#9 How to take 40% less self damage on soldier in TF2 General Discussion

if you want more ways to reduce damage you could try to jump bug, super hard tho:

posted about a year ago
#234 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
PaulsenThanks so much for taking on the challenge to continue working on this map! Not sure what your first listed change is referring to exactly but personally, I think the best course of action is to just change the last point to what you have proposed in the pictures, while keeping everything else the same (referring to rc1 with the 2 second cap time). I think going one step at a time is the best approach as implementing too many changes at once won't let us judge each change independently. For all we know, changing the design of the last by itself might be the perfect solution, and adding anything else at the same time might throw out the balance again.

For the record though, I think there is some merit to reworking the top chokes eventually. I'm not a huge fan of turning the upper chokes into shutters though as it reduces the likelihood of game saving sniper plays (i.e. the sight line between last and upper lobby is now gone).

The first change is referring to the respawn time, following collaide's notes it'd be:
- Changed the spawn time from 1 to 5 for the attackers of last.

I calculated this to be roughly the time needed to push out of last by denying spawners to properly contest spire, but it may be too much.
But yeah, I agree; we should definitely test one thing at a time, I just happened to build all this on the same file.

I don't know about the shutters either, I want to see what the effects of reducing the chokes at the top are; I noticed the sniper problem straight away but you could probably design around that by using other types of chokes. Plus, the entire top section is horrendously designed, it's a proof of concept I suppose. Maybe a proper mapper out there could make it look not trash.

Also, we only have b5, the rc1 .vmf file isn't available.

posted about 2 years ago
#232 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
Paulsentreetoon Work of a god
That looks amazing! The only thing I would hope for is raising the lamp higher or maybe making the hole smaller so that the lamp isn't visible from main.

Nonetheless, hopefully this can be implemented in some future version of the map so we can test its feasibility.

Hey, thanks; It's pretty badly designed as I spent the last few days trying to learn how to even edit maps. The version is available as cp_prolands_b5_t4 on ( if you wanna try it out, I'll be telling Arie to delete it later I guess.

This version features:
Second capture (towards last) respawn time: From 0 to 5 seconds
Top on last: Negated the chokepoints and added two shutter doors
Last capture time: 2 Seconds
Last, redesigned and opened

If you only want the point itself changed I'd have to create a new version and compile it.

posted about 2 years ago
#230 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
CollaideDuMmTm1.5 sec sounds nice but last i heard that isnt possible due to how the time system is programmed aka only full numbersI just double checked and it seems to work just fine, where did you hear this?

EDIT: I was wrong! 1 or 2 sec are the only options.

No, you can use decimals; keep in mind that the cap time that is set corresponds to half of the real capture time; furthering the confusion you have also keep in mind that the cap time by the number of players stacking the point isn't determined linearly, but by using a harmonic number. The original 1 second capture time was actually 2, and the current 2 seconds is 4. So setting it to 1.5 seconds results in 3, which I just tested.

I believe that Gully last uses 1.9 seconds, which is 3.8, i.e it captures faster than Badlands last. Considering that Gully last is more open in practically every way, it's no bloody wonder teams are having difficulties capturing Badlands last.

Like I said earlier, the original design of its last point requires an extremely quick capture time. So we're either going to redesign it to be more open with a long capture time, or we keep the design as is with an extremely short capture time, but if we don't do anything about it then the dislike for the map will just continue to spiral out. You know, whenever I speak to inactive people who've played somewhere around 2008 - 2014, they will consistently put Badlands at the top of being either the best or one of the best maps in the game.

It seems to me to be a direct consequence of teams employing a less risky playstyle in recent years, utilizing both unlocks and off-classes to a greater extent, and the last capture time being made to be easier to defend. Despite the latter, Badlands would've still taken the biggest hit of any map, because it's undoubtedly the toughest last point to push out of, but you know, it used to just to be a challenge that teams would overcome and tackle and get better at. And I still think that holding last for 10 minutes is risky with a capture time of 1.

posted about 2 years ago
#227 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

Here's a "sketch" map I made of how last might look like:

posted about 2 years ago
#224 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

The idea that riot suggests would most definitely make it far easier to pressure the point, but you'd certainly need a 2 second cap time in that case as sneak caps would prove too dominant otherwise. It also isn't so clear that we actually want to mimic other fairly open last points of other maps as such a solution may produce undesired effects, would be interesting to try out nevertheless.

If the entire last is to remain intact as is, however, there's no doubt that a 1 second cap time is far more beneficial in solving stalemates due to the compact nature of badlands last as originally intended.

I think however that we haven't been able to quite define the problem yet at the level of detail and as such, we can't employ good solutions. You know, one of the fundamental issues when on the offensive team seems to be the inability to move through the chokepoints, badlands last is compact and the teams are fairly close to each other so it's vital to make the offensive team able to rotate in and out. The top door frames create a long confined area that is seemingly trapping players; this forces the uber to occur at the first top door frame rather than the second one. So naturally you always lose a portion of uber, and with specialized classes, you can cause teams to waste something like the entire uber, and then you have to get out as well.
Here's an example:

Has anyone thought of getting rid of the first door frame completely along with the wall and perhaps utilizing something like two shutter doors for each of the two door frames?

posted about 2 years ago
#217 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

I think that there's a multitude of reasons for the problematic last point which has resulted in many people disliking the map more and more over the years, which wasn't the case before. It used to be considered a staple of how a good 5CP map should be and that's partly due to its highly dynamic design by its middle and second point. I'll give you an example because there's a tremendous difference between liking a map out of enjoyment and out of strategical play, they're not even in the same conceptual universe.
People who play scout tend to like process, one of the reasons is because you can play the rock or the containers and it allows complete access to practically all entry points which leaves no room for isolated fights and allows complete vision. You can't do that on badlands middle, and you'll actually have to think about where to stand because each distinguished place allows separate points of vision across the playground and so you have to rely on prediction and making intelligent choices. Well, if you're a scout main you might prefer the map that enables the highest impact and net effect on the game and most people aren't at the top of the divisions which means most people don't know the most optimal places to stand in all situations, and as such, you're certainly not going to prefer badlands.

I mean, in the early days up to probably around the era where a conservative playstyle started to emerge, teams always favored pushing out of last whenever possible despite the risk factors because that they knew that holding last for a good ten minutes was a risky move within itself due to the fast cap-time. You had to consider that all it took was for a scout to sneak in from bottom left and the round would be over.
So it was partially that but also the mindset of players, I mean one of the things that teams generally did was push on one-player sacks, so we've certainly become less chaotic and more organized by being conservative, but that's also an easier playstyle to play because it increases coordination by nature. And the advent of unlocks such as loose cannon has furthered the ability to stalemate, there's no doubt about that.

The compact design of badlands and it's initial fast cap-time alludes to the proposition that the point is to be hyper-focused because it's incredibly difficult to push and occupy an enclosed area of space. When the cap-time increased the point became less player dense, which has decreased its focus and oriented defending teams resources to the chokepoints. The proclivity to which people dislike the map may be contributed almost entirely to the notion that holding last is a better and far more sensible and effective move to make, which it certainly is, so they have good reasons for it.

posted about 2 years ago
#3 old jukebox videos in Videos

Here's the only known public copy of it:

It's unfortunate that conny refuses to release them all again.

posted about 2 years ago
#29 Settle this debate! in Off Topic

Well, they serve banana curry pizza in Sweden; I would find that to be even more controversial.

posted about 3 years ago
#21 Conveying Meaning, "HOME or: A Frag-Film" in Videos
Eemes4:17 with this music sync you've managed to equate the heroism and sacrifice of the British military and the civilian fleet at Dunkirk with a demo doing a pogo to block middle.

I don't mean to elucidate, but I can assure you that this is about the Brittish military and the civilian fleet at Dunkirk as much as PREM by CUBE is about starry eyes and spending the night out.

posted about 3 years ago
#19 Conveying Meaning, "HOME or: A Frag-Film" in Videos
nuzeIn memory of maidos? What happened? :(

Maidos was regrettably diagnosed with cancer two years ago :(

posted about 3 years ago
#12 Conveying Meaning, "HOME or: A Frag-Film" in Videos

While I will conclude that it relates to the current state of e-sports and its inherent skill ceiling, I believe that construing it would undermine it. I really appreciate the feedback, both the positives and the negatives; ultimately, all I can do is hope that it was enjoyable for most. Disregarding its meaning, I'm interested in knowing if the conception or mechanic of switching pov from fragger to fragged has been used extensively before.

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Conveying Meaning, "HOME or: A Frag-Film" in Videos

HOME or: A Frag-Film

Many months ago I became interested in the idea that frag videos could not only be small little moments, but rather serve as an underlying statement of something greater - and as such, I set out to at least try to tackle what some people would proclaim as a stagnant medium.

I've always believed that there's this human desire for puzzles and enigmas. And even if there are only a few that can shape a comprehensive understanding and meaning, the ones that do can hopefully reach satisfaction and joy from watching. I realize that there will be mixed opinions, but I would encourage a watch from the start till end, as strange as it might sound.

Enjoy it, or don't. But thanks for watching either way.

posted about 3 years ago
#5840 Frag Clips Thread in Videos
ShearstreetoonTried to create something different, tell me what you think, thanks!

Enjoyed it, always refreshing to see a different take on things.

Do you know how to do smooths? If you're going to continue making movies like this they're really powerful tool for TF2. They can be done fairly quickly and easily now with this tool:

Edit: loved that pogo into mid cap block btw

I think that you have to be careful with smoothing - I didn't feel that there was any need or purpose for it. Transitioning clips with said technique for example, especially when too slow, I find to only serve as a distraction unless it's quick, and I don't believe it to help with the underlying theme and statement of the video. In fact, the frags, albeit crucial, only serve as a tool to convey meaning.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

posted about 3 years ago
#5836 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

Tried to create something different, tell me what you think, thanks!

posted about 3 years ago
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