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#25 thank you thread in LAN Discussion

shoutout to:
- basestack for an amazing service, it's been above my expectations for sure (to a point where in some cases they were ready to borrow their own [employees' private] hardware just to ensure everybody are ok with their needs if something would break)
- / printstream for support with everything, without you our production would be way less enjoyable to watch
- wonszu for helping me with various things including getting production/observer pc's with rtx 4090's inside and making some major decisions about the event which led to the outcome you saw yourself
- jmax for devoting himself to the production setup and management
- deli for recreating our event brand from scratch, setting our merch website up, i love the way our logos and pages look like, also our stingers on stream were great, also thanks for cool cider
- sodium for solo managing the tournament (i wasn't a great help for him) and getting some cool belgian beers
- audiofall and antimation for amazing video designs provided
- zuri for creating our entire merch portfolio as well as making photos, helping with reception and making such a beautiful event poster
- mały for taking care of servers and being ready if things would go south and helping with LAN pickup setup
- feno for taking care of various things related to the event like taking care, attempting to get event sponsors etc
- samus and beater for observing the entire event
- beater, benpl, meer, not steven, turbotabs and wan for turning the broadcast into a funny and enjoyable show
- pablo for helping with some tournament shenenigans from the shadows
- hackerspace kraków for sharing us their raspberry pi's (shoutout to an anonymous helper)
- arie for helping with setting up LAN serveme so getting servers to play was a true joy for everybody
- wiethoofd for tips about using cameras over raspberry pi
- dcs and aoshi for sharing their knowledge while we were preparing for the entire thing
- steve seguin for help with as a developer
- fireside casts for casting matches nobody would watch otherwise while still being interesting to watch
- eric smith from valve for getting our post in and having an in-game notification about the grand final match
- danny for teaching me how to reach out to potential sponsors
- all people who have donated thanks to which we were actually able to make this event happen, including:
+ fr3unen
+ olo
+ whip
+ meer
+ cyanic
+ zambz
+ 0mger
+ bluraf
+ masuj
+ graba
+ audiofall
+ bigzzz
+ taylorswiftfan100
+ others :)
- olo for many cool beers to try out
- teo for epic tekken 8 and guilty gear strive matches
- all players from finland for being such chill and enjoyable and wholesome people
- everybody who dared to drink the green dragon with me
- everybody who attended for creating such a cool atmosphere, i have surpassed my expectations about how happy people will be about overall event organization and getting feedback about having no major problems with servers was a music for my ears

posted 3 days ago
#37 TF2 has a 64bit and Vulkan update in testing in TF2 General Discussion
wonderHow long till we get 64bit pickup/servme servers?RahmedAlso with 64 bit will there be server optimisations/plugins now possible, that weren't with 32 bit? project as far as i know does not need any changes to work
for tf2 servers, srcds (basically source server, what we use to run tf2 servers) will be delivered as a 64-bit thing, meaning stuff relying on it will have to be modified (for example mały's melkortf/tf2-servers Docker images), but things don't have to be rewritten from scratch, in some project there has to be some changes indeed like steph mentioned STAC, but in most of them it's a matter of recompiling it for 64-bit x86 architecture (aka x86_64) and replacing files with the new ones

posted 2 weeks ago
#32 TF2 has a 64bit and Vulkan update in testing in TF2 General Discussion
kindredmore benchmarks
this is on a 13600k

i did tests on the same demo you did

i7-13700k + rtx 3080 ti
xubuntu 23.10 x64 with 6.5.0-17-generic kernel
nvidia-drivers 535.154.05
2560x1440 screen 180hz

32-bit with mastercomfig 9.10.2 (current) medium-low preset, opengl optimizations, no extra models addon
3267 frames 13.047 seconds 250.41 fps ( 3.99 ms/f) 23.891 fps variability
3267 frames 12.763 seconds 255.98 fps ( 3.91 ms/f) 20.450 fps variability
3267 frames 12.741 seconds 256.42 fps ( 3.90 ms/f) 20.450 fps variability

64-bit, same settings
3267 frames 9.833 seconds 332.24 fps ( 3.01 ms/f) 31.268 fps variability
3267 frames 9.707 seconds 336.55 fps ( 2.97 ms/f) 28.827 fps variability
3267 frames 9.905 seconds 329.84 fps ( 3.03 ms/f) 30.406 fps variability

same pc, windows 11 x64
nvidia-drivers 551.23

32-bit with mastercomfig 9.10.2 (current) medium-low preset, no extra models addon
3267 frames 14.479 seconds 225.64 fps ( 4.43 ms/f) 19.617 fps variability
3267 frames 14.451 seconds 226.07 fps ( 4.42 ms/f) 17.814 fps variability
3267 frames 14.432 seconds 226.37 fps ( 4.42 ms/f) 18.379 fps variability

64-bit, same settings
3267 frames 11.552 seconds 282.82 fps ( 3.54 ms/f) 28.090 fps variability
3267 frames 11.324 seconds 288.49 fps ( 3.47 ms/f) 24.917 fps variability
3267 frames 11.335 seconds 288.21 fps ( 3.47 ms/f) 25.041 fps variability

i used default settings for the game, no cpu gimmicks
shit looks good

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 RGL 6S SEASON SUMMARY!!! | in Projects

thanks for your work mori, really good looking website

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 funny tf2 gif and video! in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 weeks ago
#99 2024 #winter in LAN Discussion

hello everyone

participant changes
as you already know, we have a team change from tf2easy BLACK to POUNDLAN

format change
we have decided to change the event format; from now on 12 teams qualify to the play-offs, the top 8 teams from the groups will start in the upper bracket and the next 4 will start in the lower bracket
thanks to your feedback, we will also have a b-tournament so you can stay sweaty until the end of the event and even if you get knocked out there, you still can play LAN pickups powered by

moreover, we have opened our merch on which you can find cool designs prepared for you by @zuri_el and and honestly I already bought one
we offer t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, also we sell stickers and pins with cool tf2-related arts made by @zuri_el
currently we offer delivery on LAN, without shipping, we may change it in the future, orders can be done until 12.02.2024 12:00 CET
buying our products support future LANs made by us
you can find the shop at

posted 4 weeks ago
#37 Why use P-REC over integrated demo support? in TF2 General Discussion

somehow this time thru a friend the author listened to my screams and he published P-REC source:
that means we can get it to work ourselves with 64-bit tf2 and make it work with ready up mvm mode so it could work on pickups too or have other problems resolved
edit: Orange also added an MIT license meaning we can already do the work and he offered support if someone takes the challenge of making things work/bugfixing/rewriting as long as his name is kept as the original author

posted 1 month ago
#7 S14 players I like and dont like in TF2 General Discussion
Sale_boatb4nny | Cancer

by checking his liquipedia page he's Leo but i can get why you've assessed him like this, i think we all know

posted 1 month ago
#10 TF2 has a 64bit and Vulkan update in testing in TF2 General Discussion
Richarrrrdim sure the 8 people that game on linux will be stoked

well it's supposed to be available first on linux but then on windows too meaning pretty much all players will gain (probably a lot of) performance from that sooner or later

posted 1 month ago
#9 Fav genuine / promo item in TF2 General Discussion

Genuine ETF2L 6v6 Division 6 Participation Medal
Season 15

posted 1 month ago
#70 cool album covers/art in Music, Movies, TV

Tatsuro Yamashita - Ride on Time (1980)

posted 1 month ago
#9 Why alt on tftv? in TF2 General Discussion
Brockjust get rid of the frag system and then none of this matters anymore
EnzoDBOnly the real motherfuckers say what they mean with their name and reputation on the line
exactly. get rid of the stupid ass nerd stars on top of that. People get so afraid to say anything or make mistakes or shit post, its just no fun.

not the system is a problem, the problem is a mentality of some people who care a lot about internet points, like some people just need to touch some grass because it shouldn't matter so much for people and i kinda understand them because i was like this too some time ago but again grass touching therapy helps a bit
it's good to see that some people agree with others which is valuable to know, ofc sometimes it's just a popularity contest but you can't do much about it

posted 1 month ago
#12 Research Study - Full Team Recordings & Interviews in Projects
Prime-Sanitysuperherotf2diemossuperherotf2Nasty fucking piece of shit with a emo profile wont get off my dick keeps telling the same shit to me in every thread
You bring shame to the legacy of funny TFTV alt accounts.
Ofc u got a shitty ass emo profile too why wouldnt u be having his back
Shut yo bitch ass up. You are too much of a fucking pussy to post on a main so you just shit talk others so you can't deal with any backlash.

rare prime sanity W

posted 1 month ago
#4 Transported into tf2 world in TF2 General Discussion

I would open the fridge on mid

posted 1 month ago
#97 2024 #winter in LAN Discussion

Day 1, 23.02.2024, Friday
12:15 Venue opening
14:00 Official event start
14:30 Captain meeting
15:00-16:00 Group stage, round 1
16:00-17:00 Group stage, round 2
17:00-18:00 Group stage, round 3
18:00-19:00 Group stage, round 4 for group A, lunch break for group B
19:00-20:00 Group stage, round 4 for group B, lunch break for group A
20:00-21:00 Group stage, round 5
21:00-22:00 Group stage, round 6
22:00-23:00 Group stage, round 7
Venue is closed at 2 AM on Saturday

Day 2, 24.02.2024, Saturday
14:00 Venue opening
15:00-17:00 Upper Bracket Round 1
17:00-19:00 Upper Bracket Semi-Final/Lower Bracket Round 1
19:00-21:00 Lower Bracket Round 2
21:00-23:00 Upper Bracket Final
Venue is closed at 2 AM on Sunday

Day 3, 25.02.2024, Sunday
14:00 Venue opening
**below dates are estimations; we run each match right after another before lunch**
14:30-16:30 Lower Bracket Semi-Final
16:00-18:00 Lower Bracket Final
18:00-18:30 Group photo
18:30-19:00 Lunch break
19:00-22:00 Grand Final
22:00-22:30 Award ceremony
22:30-00:00 Karaoke
Event ends on midnight

2x8 round robin groups for the group stage
double elimination playoffs without skipping first round (all teams start in the upper bracket) and without grand final reset in case upper bracket team wins, meaning the grand final winner takes it all

Map pool:
- cp_granary_pro_rc16a
- cp_gullywash_f9
- cp_process_f12
- cp_snakewater_final1
- cp_sunshine
- koth_bagel_rc7
- koth_product_final

posted 1 month ago
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