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#9 i69 Democall in LAN Discussion
ticks: 26600, 92500

posted 1 week ago
#2 lange mumble overlay in Customization

do you use -window -noborder option in launch options? for me it let me switch between the game and desktop very quickly
also make sure your configs do not change mat_antialias anywhere because that makes your mumble overlay become completely white and barely readable
you shouldn't swap -dxlevel too, this fucks mumble overlay too

posted 4 weeks ago
#3 Biggest clips of all time? [demo/suggestion-call] in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#22 i69 closing/thank you thread in LAN Discussion

shoutout to my team wiitabix apolo nhaaj crazycalumrock croc for epic time on lan
shoutout beavern for being the funniest lad on lan
shoutout yak for being the most lovely british guy on the planet
shoutout dejvi for cool tf2 talks inbetween games
shoutout archrhythm for good guilty gear games after finals
shoutout piggles for being the most respectful anglosphere player after games, also shoutout for two toxic brits in there, the kicked one and the one with flag
shoutout cheesecake for making me laugh more than after smoking during finals
shoutout whip for loads of jokes
shoutout entire essentialstf staff for making this happen and letting us make etf2l awards show on insomnia
shoutout lux for being the life of the party
shoutout temrane, lawjr and refleks for good times in wetherspoons
shoutout yohn and his girlfriend because her cookies are cool and thanks for a good time together
shoutout pitts and plunk for cool talks outside
shoutout for amik, good luck with your channel bro
shoutout for yanyul, meyy, marten, danny, habib, sneaky and all others being around the lake during friday night, it was fucking great
shoutout for ivan for a great time on staff area
shoutout for sodium and dcs for good adminning and being cool guys
shoutout for rahmed for making the cool tshirt thing happen
shoutout for scarlet for a really cool cosplay
shoutout for ceejaey, akio, not steven, seeds, turbotabs, samus, squirrel_bvc, acro, nash, assassin+, nubbi, faust, matek, oj, phlogic for great talks and being chill
shoutout gaeta discord
shoutout anybody else who i spoke with but didn't mention here, you guys were cool

posted 1 month ago
#39 i69: Day 3 - Finals in Events

honestly it was way more fun to watch froyo than eu wG playing because wG was trying to play the safest game possible and froyo instead was risking way more and that's literally why they won
i felt there was a lot of similiarities in how wG have played to se7en cuz they were always choking and waiting for someone's move too i think
its mindblowing for me how a team does not push when there is enough time to push, froyo failed a 3 man sack and there is no willingness to press W
ixy should get an engineer of the competition award for setting up perfect sentries on snakewater, i had a feeling before watching logs that he spent more time on engie than scout
was fun to see highlander gimmicks like heavy on mid trying to deny a bomb on product, pyro push on gully last or getting an engi pick for way easier push

edit: reconsidering banning banners with prem gamers on etf2l before the next season seems what we must do now

posted 1 month ago
#15 I69 MVP predictions in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#55 the competitive tf2 culture canon in TF2 General Discussion
still waiting for part 3

posted 2 months ago
#4 tf2rue in Projects

mind adding tftrue_freezecam equivalent to it?
god's work steph btw, i'm impressed

posted 2 months ago
#4 radeon super resolution in TF2 General Discussion
waxyh this right?

apparently ive had it on as well for quite some time but no clue if its done the game better tbf. btw does anyone know if the other stuff ive got disabled there (gpu scaling etc) r good for tf2 and i need to turn them on

free sync is kinda useless in tf2 because it forces you to use a certain framerate like constant 144 fps, just to much the screen refresh rate and since fps in tf2 are kinda fluctuating depending what's happening in the game, it's better not to use it and have a framerate higher than the refresh rate, because when your fps drops down below the refresh rate you notice an unpleasant frame drop(s)

posted 3 months ago
#46 Basketball at LAN in TF2 General Discussion
wiitabix69420supraoh damn i wish it could happen on insomnia :(i can bring a ball

deal, you will be able to broke my ankles as you've promised

posted 4 months ago
#40 Basketball at LAN in TF2 General Discussion

oh damn i wish it could happen on insomnia :(

posted 4 months ago
#42 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion

btw dont forget to organise passports as you may not be able to enter the country

posted 4 months ago
#42 how dead is this game? in TF2 General Discussion
QLIQI don't remember the context but everyone assumes I am just some bad player. I've been playing games all my life, I played competitive tf2 for 4 years, 1500 of the hours I have of tf2 are all competitive games/scrims/pugs at night when invite players were playing. I'm not a perfect player at all but I'm not incapable of being good either, I made calls on my teams that won games, I beat banny to mid on badlands in a pug as demo against his demo which is one of my highlights, I literally doubted myself after everything then overwatch came out, I grinded up that playing every dps in the game, multiple dps characters per game, situationally picking them, sometimes even playing tanks and supports and for the 3 initial season's of that game I was very high rank, I had a game I queued into and got matched with harbleu on my team, the whole team thought I was trolling cause of the way I played but it was just the way I played, doesn't take away from the fact that I climbed high enough solo to be the same mmr as him to get queued together.

if anything me and carn on a team woulda had mad character compared to every other boring player that's played tf2 and he'll always be a good friend to me. like I didn't watch competitive overwatch, could care less for it, but I know xqc became known for his personality, not his competitive career. he's not a train wreck like I was but people still love seeing train wrecks. I think me and him would've been an entertaining team to say the least

ok bro, it's time to wake up and realize it was years ago (if it was like you say which might be debatable)
sorry to be harsh but i bet people don't care about your dreams of you and xqc playing together
instead of taking shit just join some pugs and play the game and if you can't...well, shit happens

messiah^ 6:13 PM - mix^ enigma: take a step back and realize that tf2 is just a game
posted 5 months ago
#20 Unifed Ruleset Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
SilenteSI won't speak on the ruleset but I frequently see people describe rulesets as correct or incorrect ways of playing when the reality is there is no objectively correct competitive ruleset and if you think that there are aspects that are "objectively true" then sadly you are the people who will delay any real progress in actually obtaining a global ruleset. If you have only played eu rules then its more likely that you will think that if you are up at the end of regulation time you deserve to win where as na players may feel you haven't won until you've capped 5 but both are valid and have produced great games. I think there are some players in both major regions who need to be more open because holding these strong beliefs about how the rules should look just limits any real change.

fully agree with u, but the problem is that at some point it's a matter of preference in what way people want to play something and since we're in topic of 6s, i'll throw one of the most notorious difference which i see as a player and a league admin between eu and na 6s: market gardener
i made a poll about whether it should be banned or not before etf2l season 41 start and we had around 73% of prem players wanting to have it banned, while in na it's allowed

of course we want to let have games on etf2l in a way people want it the most because after all the league is basically for players and we do care about our players interest, but it may contradict with interest of people from na or other regions like au/nz which may want market gardener available regardless what it gives and takes

now to the main question: i can't imagine how leagues could have some sorta agreement on that if there would be some strong differences in opinions on some matters like this one, how to deal with it?

posted 5 months ago
#38 Where is the value in TF2, for you? in TF2 General Discussion

having friends

posted 6 months ago
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