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#6 new map: koth_empire in Map Discussion

it would be cool to be able to stand there
cool map design, we may try it on after we end testing a different map

posted 1 week ago
#9 - Competitive TF2 Resource Repository in Projects

yo that's such a good thing, honestly i'm happy to see it because it's a thing which we missed for project and i think we could just leave a link to your website in our website clients so newcomers could see it and get an easier start
there is a couple of things you could change in your project from ui/ux perspective:
for submit video view you could:
- sort maps in the "maps" section alphabetically as well as versions, because it's kinda messy atm
versions shouldn't be clickable when a map isn't chosen and instead of blank entry name you can fill it with "choose map name", then when a map is chosen you can list their versions, also sorted out alphabetically
- there is a choice between highlander and 6v6 but there are no highlander maps except the commons played in two gamemode like gullywash xD
- when choosing competitive format, you can sort out maps based on it because i believe 6v6 gamers won't have to deal with upward point 1 sentry shenenigans
- with gamemodes you can leave sixes, highlander, prolander, ultiduo and bball because these are 4 played gamemode (i've heard about some people playing ultitrio and arena gamemode but it's like 0.000000001% minority)
- in classes section you can leave all classes so there can be idk highlander spy specific map reviews
- in roles section you can leave other because for instance for highlander idk what to choose amongst the three available options
- target level can have an option for all because it can be a general thing, you can also sort it out based on leagues if you are super pedantic but i think throughout all suggestions this one is the least useful because pretty much most euros like me know what's the difference between newcomer im and adv/invite, in etf2l we have open low mid high prem
- tbh not sure if it's important for what league the video is for because we play the same game regardless of the region, right?
- there is one thing you could add and it's a resource language, because maybe in North America almost everybody speaks English, but here in Europe it is definitely not a case and some people prefer a native speaker maptalk which is a cool choice for non-English native speakers

i know this website is something you actively work on but you can use a better font than times new roman in the about section, there are many fonts you can load from google fonts which is a cool option since web browsers will be downloading them from google websites and not yours

for maplist of highlander maps you can contact me at supra#0337 on Discord cuz i dont want to spam tftv with this garbage

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 favorite custom map? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 weeks ago
#1 keyboard advice with potential purchase in Hardware

i was thinking of getting a new keyboard and i saw keychron k2 pro which would potentially fit into my needs but i can't find much good feedback about it besides some complaints about very high latencies even on cable, do anybody here has these series and can share some feedback?
i don't mean k normal series, i care about k pro which came out a month or two ago

i wanted to get this one
planning to put cherry mx silent red and lube it, currently i use this:
with red switches

my goal is to have a compact keyboard which has:
- cherry mx red feeling
- can be wire(less) combo
- has rgb backlight (because why not)
- replaceable switches and normal keycap size so i can get something fancy
- programmable keys
- usb-c detachable cable
- ansi keyboard set (fuck iso)
- 75% size

on top of that i will probably o'rings because i got complaint at work that my keyboard distracts some people with noises while everybody use basic bitch laptop keyboard
i will add that i travel with it monthly so it would be cool if i could have some case in which i can put it in safely

please help

posted 1 month ago
#61 if u could see 1 retired tf2 player play again in TF2 General Discussion

the french flippy was a legend

posted 1 month ago
#36 wats yr fav old-school tf2 vid? in TF2 General Discussion
for me this was the very first video with high quality frags i've seen and i was like "wtf, this guy can shoot people from rocket launcher like a shotgun? what a genious"

posted 2 months ago
#4 TF2 Summer Brawl 2023 - Live from Brisbane, Australia in Events

it was, also summer >>>>>> winter

posted 2 months ago
#2 TF2 Summer Brawl 2023 - Live from Brisbane, Australia in Events

summer in january smh

posted 2 months ago
#17 What can we do to stop the scene from dying in EU? in TF2 General Discussion
EnzoDBhpqoeuRoLim ngl making different pug sites for your individual countries doesnt seem like itd help
YOU play with the english then, see how you enjoy it
ok so what if the english folk get their own pug site and the rest of europe gets their own

bad take, we make pickup sites language based and not country based
atm the only reason 6s eu pickup website doesnt exist only because i didnt start gathering some reasonable people to get it going + i was not sure if that would be successful considering existence
eu hl pickups were our testing ground for general audience play and so far i think its good so after christmas it will be a good time to start with eu 6s pickups

posted 2 months ago
#38 TF2 Center is closing in two days in TF2 General Discussion
PittsMenachemKevinIsPwncookieMaybe masternoob will whitelist the word tf2stadium so that people on tf2center can actually find out about it.
it would be really convenient if there was a handy url that you could send to people wherever (something like maybe?) that would forward to tf2stadium. just a thought though. would be a waste of $12 if someone were to do it. i would never.
what about that is more convenient than just typing i think the play would be to try to grab the tf2center domain and have it do the redirects

I doubt MN would hand over the domain to redirect it to tf2stadium though. using a different URL that is not censored on tf2center chat to redirect to stadium is a better option.
Edit: Keep in mind that center censored other websites and words, so for instance , if you have champ on your steam name, you won't even be allowed to login unless you remove that word from your name....

same goes for tf2pickup in the name

posted 3 months ago
#11 Hosting TF2 with Docker in Projects

feel free to dm me supra#0337 or mały#0226

posted 3 months ago
#1469 worst steam profile in Off Topic

posted 4 months ago
#21 Fly high milkytf in TF2 General Discussion

rest in peace, you are a legend and you always will be

posted 5 months ago
#9 i69 Democall in LAN Discussion
ticks: 26600, 92500

posted 5 months ago
#2 lange mumble overlay in Customization

do you use -window -noborder option in launch options? for me it let me switch between the game and desktop very quickly
also make sure your configs do not change mat_antialias anywhere because that makes your mumble overlay become completely white and barely readable
you shouldn't swap -dxlevel too, this fucks mumble overlay too

posted 6 months ago
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