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#18 RGL S6 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
wonderoflsunderkeeninhuge W for the HL mains
awful "advanced and challenger" hl mains struggle against iM players then proceed to shittalk them after winning for making a conscious effort to improve.

we all know how bad HL is. The "balance" could've been bad if they hadn't had *every single sniper player on their team restricted off of sniper*, but they did have every single sniper player restricted, so it isn't even an unfair level of play. Advanced is basically what main HL used to be because challenger was added, and it's not like even invite HL players haven't gotten shitrolled in main or IM 6s before.
HL was only a good point of shittalk because everyone was shittalking HL. Sweaty did more offclassing than the HL players did.

posted 1 month ago
#14 RGL S6 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

huge W for the HL mains

posted 1 month ago
#11 weapon banlist in TF2 General Discussion
tldr; even when u cherry pick the times the weapons good, ur giving up the mobility and hp u save from gunboats for plays that could pretty much have been done with gunboats to begin with. the biggest attraction for that wep is the spam. if U wanna talk about an actual overpowered weapon lets talk about the mantreads, that conversations about 1 or 2 years too premature though, and id rather let the meta take its course than ban it before everyone realizes how broken it is

mantreads are honestly sick, and people are going to learn that the hard way someday.

As far as weapons being situationally too powerful, vaccinator was banned even though it's strictly inferior to normal uber outside of last. There are incredibly degenerate borderline map-ruining strats available with the base jumper as you noted even in its current form, and that's just with some light theorycrafting. Obviously the downsides are substantial, as you have to argue against just running gunboats or shotgun, but in 6s you can stalemate anywhere, and that's enough time to bring out a weapon. I'm sure people would come up with much much better given time with the weapon. It's basically just not fit for play in 6s.

Mantreads for bombs but better have definitely not seen enough use though. 6s isn't quite as "free" as HL is in regards to just being able to whip mantreads bomb into fucking anything and be borderline unstoppable, but some dogshit stalemates like metalworks or sunshine lasts could definitely see some quite hefty benefits as just the most obvious of the most obvious uses.

posted 1 month ago
#9 weapon banlist in TF2 General Discussion
wonderofltrue, except it wasnt banned at that time because it was broken it was because everyone thought it was unfun. they also reduced how much u can strafe with it by 50%, another big but deserved nerf. even when i used it in its prime i determined it was shit, now its just even shittier. it did have some very unattractive qualities tho before 2017, so the ban was justified.

except it was. The sheer pressure you can put out by skyboxing yourself and being extremely difficult to hit and generally requiring multiple players of investment to handle for a significant period of time basically wins a push.

It's not just about medics getting assfucked because they get to be forced off of good positioning, it's the resources taken to stop the soldier from keeping that pressure going for long enough to enable a push.

posted 1 month ago
#26 RGL S6 LBR1: Ford Gaming vs. GlobalClan Ice in Events


Edit: Read alfa's post. This wasn't even his fault, and he was thrown under the bus. I still think the point about RGL needing to have handled this much much earlier is still relevant so I'm leaving the rest of this post unedited.

tbh he wasn't even making rules
He denied ringers, admins were called, admins did not resolve ringer dispute. Alfa chose to continue denying ringers, and admins did not intervene until far far far too late.

Obviously Alfa is to blame to the extent that he caused this, but given GCI wasn't trying to get an actually unreasonable ringer it could've been a 5 minute, "GCI wants Alex, he is not an unreasonable ringer and it'd be dumb to force them to get someone else on short notice, man is approved to ring" if the invite admin had decided to take less than an hour and a half to resolve a ringer dispute. Heck, even with Alex denied if the admin clearly confirmed that Alex is fully denied maybe it wouldn't have taken so long for GCI to start posting other ringers, and then we'd get the song and dance that resulted in Artist playing, but without as much delay.

This should be taken by RGL as a case study on how not to handle ringer disputes so that nothing like this is ever allowed to happen ever again. It was their choice to have default ringers not apply above main, and this situation was guaranteed to happen sooner or later. Their rule was formatted in an intentionally heavily discretionary manner, and if they are unprepared to be asked to wield such discretion within a reasonable timeframe maybe the rule needs to be changed, or the admin needs to be changed.

It's clear that this isn't even an unreasonable expectation. At the end, it took 3 minutes for LOLGUY to be approved to med in place of Seeds(which is a fair ring as well), so where's the fucking problem?

My personal take is that this was fucking hilarious and I'd like to see every single team do this until RGL sets some clear expectations.

posted 1 month ago
#7 RGL S6 LBR1: Ford Gaming vs. GlobalClan Ice in Events

sandblast shower time!

posted 1 month ago
#11 Why isn't b4nny in the olympics? in TF2 General Discussion
kirisameFactsMachineB4nny SUCKS give me upfragsbanny good
button to right

posted 1 month ago
#10 is 240hz worth it? in Hardware
TylusCan tf2 even reach 240 fps consistently for it to even matter

in comp, jump, and on maps which aren't lakeside or old versions of cascade
full 24/32 player pubs don't generally hit that though, but those are irrelevant because they're universally dogshit anyways

posted 1 month ago
#6 Good crosshair pls? in Customization

what if you just went crosshair 0 and pretended you were playing killing floor

posted 1 month ago
#23 can we please have badlands and granary back in TF2 General Discussion

bagel is the best koth map, and villa is so bad it's a significant downgrade from propaganda.

I play soldier so technically I prefer granary to badlands, but either map is a big upgrade from villa.

posted 1 month ago
#29 Why is Badlands not in any big league map pools? in TF2 General Discussion

ire explaining why villa is still in the map pool

badlands is definitely better than villa, and people being too retarded to play a map isn't an argument unless they plan to remove Steel from highlander, something that should never be done.

posted 1 month ago
#10 Why is Badlands not in any big league map pools? in TF2 General Discussion

second to last and last to second is bad and the lobby is basically unfixable
notoriously bad clipping throughout the map(spire has some of the worst clipping of anything in any map but at least that's not usually a problem in actual badlands gameplay that isn't mge) and more splash-eating surfaces in general than you run into in current maps

pro versions were tried, but the to/from last flows were basically unfixable, and it was and is most definitely worse than pushing out of snakewater. Snakewater being bad to a comparable extent isn't snakewater being as bad as the Badlands themselves.

Mid and second were fine though... outside of the obvious clipping and splash issues related to the fairly irregular surfaces.

posted 1 month ago
#301 The Mouse/Mousepad Thread v2 in Hardware
zambzbought an xtrfy mz1 recently after my zowie fk2's mouse1 stopped working, really happy with it
low weight, good mouse feet and i suppose also the shape make it incredibly easy to move around to the point where i had to lower my sens for it to feel normal, im now on 800 dpi 1,6 ingame and still find big yet precise movements really easy to make with this mouse, would recommend

having a cable is sort of annoying but after tying the excess up i dont really notice it while playing

I can also vouch for the MZ1. RJN's video covers the benefits of the shape well, but the short of it is it has a top tier level of grippiness and is specifically a fingertip mouse designed specifically to give room to do fingertip things. The comfort grooves and the good coating make sure you don't lose control of the mouse while making both microadjustments with your fingers and macroadjustments with your wrist and arm without issue.
I think my problem with the orochi is the right side of the mouse combined with the length making the sensor placement into a problem to some extent as far as why I may switch back, but I haven't put my finger on it entirely yet.

It's probably the best package out right now for fingertip short of someone figuring out how to make a sane wireless version of an m1k(which is pretty slippery, but I never had issues with keeping a hold on it due to it being so light), considering the m1k's cable is total dogshit.

I've been giving the orochi v2 some time, but something feels kind of wrong about the egg shape in a different way from how the superlight felt like it just wasn't as comfortable as I'd like, so I'll probably have to go back to the mz1 if I want to fingertip or corsair sabre pro champions edition(which superceded my rival 310 as basically a straight upgrade) non-rgb for palm or claw.

posted 2 months ago
#298 The Mouse/Mousepad Thread v2 in Hardware
prsnI have this and its fucking awesome

yeah, the hien fx soft xl is the artisan pad I got and it's awesome, but after getting a skypad 2.0 the skypad is just kind of better once you break it in/get used to it.
The skypad is like having a control pad with the static friction removed.
It also plays quite nice with the orochi v2 stock skates and tiger ice skates on my other mice.
The rawaccel/mouse acceleration discord is slowly becoming the skypad discord because while other pads are awesome too nothing really holds up to the skypad right now.

posted 2 months ago
#100 Petition to get Cheeto aka Dove banned in TF2 General Discussion
tojoonly the ones that look very obviously underage ^

whoops I said more than I set out to

that is literally all of them on that profile, and this thread should really be dead. Never should've gotten close to 100 posts.

posted 2 months ago
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