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#7 Announcing: The Ronnie Coleman Cup! in TF2 General Discussion

I said I'd do it lets fucking go. I can't play that day so I'll be watching it for sure.

posted 18 hours ago
#134 2nd Place B4nny in TF2 General Discussion

gaming without shit talk is like breathing without air
b4nny got karma for shit talking corsa, and b4nny gets karma for shit talking nasboii. It's that simple really.

posted 2 days ago
#9 What would the meta be if scout limit was 1 in 6's in TF2 General Discussion

depending on map you'd see pyro or sniper and the game would be incredibly unfun to play, literally better to just play 5v5 at that point

posted 3 days ago
#5 twitter tftv edition in The Dumpster

posted 4 days ago
#128 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion
_flacNo one seems to be talking about thebilldozer stepping up and being a positive leading force in a thread full of arm-chair league admins on their way to full circle the thread to roasting alfa somehow. I hope thebilldozer follows through. I doubt I can help, but feel free to dm if theres a chance I could help

I mean if he does it even though I plan to quit tf2 after trolling main hl next season I'd probably toss a hundred bucks in the prize pool. I don't have the organizational skills that would help, as I just do tech support, but what I do have is more disposable income than sense. I have thousands of dollars of peripherals in my room, wouldn't be too bad to throw some money at something which can do some real good.

posted 4 days ago
#36 if you dont like ducks you are dumb and lame in Off Topic


posted 1 week ago
#35 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion
lootsunderkeeninand we have cheaters taking even longer to get banned than in esea because there is no anticheat
FYI no player in TF2 has ever been detected/banned by the ESEA client anticheat

good to know, but even without an anticheat esea was overall better at dealing with cheaters. Maybe their human level anticheat team was more worthwhile.

edit: me brain damage have

posted 1 week ago
#25 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion
brick_at the end of the day what are we actually paying a bunch of money for? rgl doesnt even provide servers for the players. ur telling me that the league, that is ran by volunteers who dont get paid, wont provide a server for matches but charges players to ring. fuck man for 7 bucks I can get 3 months of serveme premium and have a scrim only team play. i would get rid of the prize pool if thats all everyone's money is going towards since most teams that get the prize money dont care because its usually a small amount per player. let alone you have to pay 5 dollars to let a ringer play for one match. this shit startin to get annoying tbh.

wasn't there originally some promise that RGL would give a fuck about competitive integrity and handle sandbagging better than esea or ugc and then literally nothing happened with that and we have cheaters taking even longer to get banned than in esea because there is no anticheat and RGL is unwilling to force server providers to install even a reporting-only anticheat feeding into a discord channel as a suspicious tick farm so that evidence can be gathered efficiently and actionably and silently even without reports to be "rgl-approved" for matches?
Even if RGL isn't willing to make good decisions, listen to feedback, have reasonable rules, not fuck over the best casters in the scene like they did to Bowl for HL and Aim and probably others we didn't hear so much about, and aren't willing to be consistent on handling sandbaggers couldn't they at least try not to be a complete anticheat downgrade too?

Admins obviously can't follow their own rules with shit like Exa having been using metal footsteps and the whole situation where Dimento got clowned on in regards to River so that the ban was so delayed that they fucked over not just one playoffs, but two!

The only value proposition RGL really offers isn't even streams because the tftv guys are good too(still respect the dolphin though), but that a prize pool exists, and that doesn't matter to most people. Honestly, why even participate in RGL? If IM and Main and adv players quit en masse the league simply dies, and maybe another league will realize a prize pool is all it takes and crowdfund one.

To some extent I am tired out of my mind, my eyes are strained so I'm seeing words vertically double like shadows, and I am pretty sure I am 1am schizoposting, but chances are I said at least something worthwhile by accident here.

posted 1 week ago
#21 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion

I'd rather not pay anything to rgl unless they plan to run the league sanely and we know that's not going to happen
probably just going back to pubbing after this season, but unironically if UGC was going to open up voluntary crowd funding of prize pools I'd probably be up to pay into UGC just to have something that isn't RGL.

posted 1 week ago
#6 Viewmodel Offset Customizer in Customization
AimIsADickCan you make a BASH version of the generate script? It would be nice if Linux users could also use this tool, and from what I saw of the BATCH script, it shouldn't be too difficult.

You'll need to get MDL working on Linux to do that. The bundled with TF2 studiomdl.exe is why Yttrium's viewmodel hider wasn't expected to play nice on Linux either.

I can say, however, that this works via WINE although I'm not sure what specific requirements there are because I used the accursed hellscape of a wineprefix I have for running literally anything that will run that doesn't require hyperspecific requirements. I couldn't get the yttrium viewmodel hider to work, so that does make this interestingly different. It's probably because yttrium has a program separate from just using a simple batch file.

Edit: forgot to mention that to get MDL I just force proton on tf2 and then switch back to no compatibility layer after I am done with MDL.

posted 1 week ago
#11 Libinput(linux) sensitivity randomizer in Customization
ZestyIf there was a non system wide version I might add it to The Config. I think if you did it though rcon you could have changing sens as a twitch chat command.

ok I just got off work and based on the syntax in it could literally be as simple as this -
As you can probably see, it's literally just some number shifting so it's in a range of 1 to 4 sensitivity incrementing .5 at a time, for example. You can change that to some other more sane range if you'd like, and I haven't tested it to be sure rcon actually plays nice with this, but as I noted, just number shuffling and switching xinput out for rcon is all you'll need.

Also, the sleep changes how many seconds, so right now it's at 3-5 seconds per increment.

posted 1 week ago
#6 Libinput(linux) sensitivity randomizer in Customization
turbochad69Have you considered changing the sens directly in tf2 via rcon instead of changing it system wide in libinput? You could easily make it crossplatform that way, and also keep m_rawinput on. The game client serves rcon if you launch with
-usercon +rcon_password "whatever" +ip +net_start
You could use something like or in your script, or, if you deem those clients too bloated, cap a packet, look at how it changes when you send a different value in the sensitivity command, and just send the raw bytes with nc.

I forgot that was an option, but the big thing is I wanted it systemwide so I could use it in other games, kovaaks, etc. as well. In regards to doing it via rcon, note specifically that all of this goes to a singular input, "accel speed", so if you had a tolerable sensitivity range you could modify the sensitivity function to point your commands at your local rcon and simply adjust the number scales accordingly.

Essentially, 90% of the work is already done as most of what really needs changing is number scaling and the command/target input location.

posted 1 week ago
#3 Libinput(linux) sensitivity randomizer in Customization
turbochad69Forgive my ignorance: why would anyone ever want a sensitivity randomizer for anything other than destroying their aim?

the muscle memory meme is just that, a meme. Aim is almost entirely a factor of motor control, comfort, and being warm on the current sensitivity. A randomizer sacrifices warmth and some comfort to focus solely on improving the underlying motor control. In particular, the reason for the frequent but generally small sens bumps as currently designed is to keep the fine motor control as a focus while not changing from 6 inches to 18 inches in 1 second and simply being unreasonable. has some info, but iirc there were other studies done which showed greater overall task accuracy improvement overtime with frequent small adjustments as well.

I didn't entirely believe it at first either until I tried very rough prototype versions of what became this sens randomizer and simply left it on for multiple days straight. At some point, the adjustment becomes almost seamless. As I said, I've been pugging with this and I am not the kind of pugger who intentionally throws often. If it was really as big as a problem as most people think it would be I wouldn't pug soldier or scout on it.

I am also a proponent/sometimes user of mouse acceleration, although xorg pointeraccel is kind of dogshit and I strongly advise Rawaccel on Windows as the single best accel app available on any platform. I can't use it on linux, but I did use it to make my work computer's trackball more comfortable.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Libinput(linux) sensitivity randomizer in Customization

Not explicitly a TF2 customization, but I've been using it in pugs and finally got it about where I want it. There's some limitations because it entirely leverages the libinput flat acceleration profile which has bounds of 0 and 1 with a precision of 6 decimal places, but I think it's solidly good enough now. is the link to the randomizer script.
This only works with raw input disabled ingame.

Main notes are:
1) I do not know the actual factor of the libinput sens multiplication on the flat accel profile. It wasn't on and I couldn't be assed to look further. There is more to it than (dx * factor, dy * factor) because 0 still works, my gut says something like the "accel speed" is actually a 1:1 additive increase of the vector based on the existing vector multiplied by factor added to the initial vector, but I feel like the sens variance might also be too high for that? I'm not a math brain and I didn't bother to find the relevant bits in the actual libinput source, so at the end of the day I simply don't know.
2) This does not reset your libinput accel speed at the end. You just ctrl+c out of the script and set it back to your preferred base setting using xinput.
3) Keep things integer. Bash no like decimals :(
4) The double brackets may not be portable to all systems, so the if statements on lines 13 and 24 may break. You just want to "and" that the "increment" variable is either true or false *and* that the bounding high/low variables are the relevant number, otherwise the incrementing and decrementing will break.

I'm sure someone will have some idea to improve it because I'm a very stupid dumbass. The first thing would be probably be bothering to do a portable anding of the if statement. It's 2AM though and that requires thought that I am currently not capable of.

Just one more note. The reason I didn't use the coordinate transformation matrix instead is that it breaks 3d games, otherwise I'd have decoupled my Y sens from my X sens globally long before I even considered sens randomizer.

posted 1 week ago
#4 This site sucks. in Off Topic


posted 2 weeks ago
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