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#202 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion

I have two things to say on this.

firstly, to sigafoo
dear mr. foo,

please, for the love of god and all that is or is not holy in any religion or any non-religion,
let me proofread your article next time
the grammar gave me many aneurysms

SECONDLY, to everyone else
if you don't like his rules, stop taking his money

that is all
good day

posted about 2 years ago
#11 help me solve this in Off Topic

It's so obvious!

Clearly the guy on the left has two right nipples and zero left nipples, while the guy on the right has a hickey near his belly button. Duh!!


posted about 2 years ago
#11 Cleaning out my computer workshop in Hardware

To those of you who have paid for things: everything has been shipped as of today at noon. You should all have PMs with tracking information and ETAs.

posted about 2 years ago
#10 Cleaning out my computer workshop in Hardware

Yes, I did but apparently I made the same mistake for multiple PMs. I accidentally clicked "New Message" instead of "Send Message". D'oh. The information you requested should be in your inbox now.

posted about 2 years ago
#8 Cleaning out my computer workshop in Hardware

Hi Air,

My apologies. I really thought I had replied to your PM on Saturday but I don't see the message so I must have failed to click send. I did receive your payment and the keyboard will ship tomorrow. I had intended to ship it today but wasn't able to sneak in a lunch break to drop it off. I'll forward you the tracking info as soon as I can.

posted about 2 years ago
#5 Cleaning out my computer workshop in Hardware

-Phantom-: I'm not unwilling to ship outside the US, but you will need to PM me an address so I can get a shipping estimate.

hooli: You are second in line for the Unicomp. I will let you know if the other buyer backs out. Also, I forgot TFTV is tied to an old alt account. My regular steam page is here:

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Cleaning out my computer workshop in Hardware

I don't spend much time playing games these days, but I have a ton of high-end hardware that could use a new home. I loathe eBay, so I'm listing it here first. Please PM me or respond here if you have any questions regarding the following items. Prices listed don't include shipping, but in most cases I'll be willing to either cover or split the shipping, and I will be happy to entertain offers.

PC Components

  1. Acer Predator XB272 27" 240hz G-Sync Monitor
    Used for about two days, then decided I didn't need the 240hz. Retails for $500. Asking $375.
  2. ASUS VG248qe 144hz 24" Monitor
    The classic 144hz monitor. Both are in great condition. These still retail for around $265. Asking $200 each or $360 for both.
    Monitor - two of these are available. Price listed is for one.
  3. ASUS Rampage V Extreme Motherboard
    Extremely high end motherboard. Lightly used. Retails for $440. Asking $300.
  4. ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard w/Intel i7-6850K CPU
    Extremely high end motherboard with installed high end CPU. If you want the other motherboard with the CPU instead, I will bundle them. This combo retails for $1142. Asking $750.
  5. EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti
    High end video card that is one generation old. These retail for around $450 still. Asking $275.
  6. ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti
    Still the NVIDIA flagship card. Retails for $800. Asking $700.
  7. ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti AORUS (Watercooled)
    Watercooled version of the 1080 Ti. Brand new. Retails for $900. Asking $860.
  8. Mixed 1TB HDDs - I have about 20 of these -- Asking $15 each.
  9. ASUS P5N-D Motherboard with Intel Core2Quad Q6700 CPU and 8GB RAM -- Asking $15.

Mechanical Keyboards

  1. KBC Poker Keyboard w/qwerty and colemak keycap sets -- Cherry MX Brown switches
    No longer produced, but retailed for around $120. Asking $30.
  2. Corsair K70 RGB -- Cherry MX Speed switches
    Keyboard is in good condition but several of the keycaps have begun to show shine. Retails for $145. Asking $85.
  3. Topre Realforce 104U Full-size -- White
    Very lightly used. No shine on keycaps--looks new and feels new. Retails for $235. Asking $180.
  4. Topre Realforce 10th Anniversary Edition 87u -- Multicolor
    Special edition keyboard, limited run and no longer produced or readily available. Keyboard is in great condition but has minimal shine on the spacebar. Sells for $340-400. Asking $300.
  5. PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 -- Topre switches (sold)
    Very lightly used. Looks and feels brand new. IMO, the best feeling keyboard in the world, I just don't need it anymore. Retails for $299. Asking $190.
  6. Das Keyboard Professional S -- Cherry MX Brown switches
    Keyboard is well used but the board is in great condition. The keyboard came with blank keycaps, but the modifier keycaps were replaced with printed keycaps. Retailed for around $150. Asking $75.
  7. CODE Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown. NOT illuminated
    Keycaps are very worn on this, but the keyboard is still in excellent condition. Retailed for around $150. Asking $75.
  8. UNICOMP Model M -- Buckling Spring switches
    Modernized version of the IBM Model M. Buckling springs feel great. Keyboard is brand new, but opened. Retailed for $100. Asking $75.

PC Peripherals

  1. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Mouse
    New but opened. Retails for $49.99. Asking $30.
  2. Razer Lancehead TE Mouse -- White
    New but opened. Retails for $79.99. Asking $50.
  3. Razer Destructor 2 Mousepad
    New but opened. Retails for $39.99. Asking $20.
  4. Blue Yeti microphone w/pop filter
    Well known high quality USB microphone. Retails for $150. Asking $100.
  5. Blue Baby Bottle Professional XLR Microphone
    Incredible professional quality microphone. Very lightly used. This is XLR, not USB, so it requires a USB interface if you want to use it on your PC. I would prefer to bundle this with the Peavey USB mixer. These retail for $399 and $299 respectively. Asking $575 for the bundle. Will split up and take $345 for the microphone if a buyer is lined up for the Peavey PV-10 AT.
  6. Peavey PV 10 AT
    USB microphone mixer with built-in auto-tune and many other features. Very lightly used. Retails for $299. Asking $245.
  7. Steam Link - $10
  8. Steam Controller - $10
  9. Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fightstick - PS3 Version
    Used stick, but in good shape. Asking $50.
  10. Mad Catz TE2+ Fightstick for PS4/PS3/PC
    Very lightly used. Asking $115.
posted about 2 years ago
#3 Selling mice/mousepads/keyboards/etc in Hardware

I'll take the ZA11s off your hands if they're not already gone. Left handed superiority means I don't even need your stinking left buttons!


posted about 4 years ago
#24 Left Handed Gamers in TF2 General Discussion

I am indeed a left-handed mouse user. I've tested at least 100 mice in my quest to find a great left-handed mouse. For me, there are several that are tolerable, but none that are perfect. I'll name a few off the top of my head that I've tried and I'll list the flaws I can recall.

Currently, I am using a Zowie ZA11. It's very near perfect for me. I have two gripes with it. First, the shape of the mouse is just ever so slightly too high in the palm for me. I have pretty large hands and I feel that the ZA12 will be too small for me. The overall size of the ZA11 is very good for my hands, but the palm is just a bit too high for perfect comfort. Also, the weight of the switches in both mouse buttons feels like you have to use all your might to actuate them. In reality, they're probably not all that much worse than other mice, but they are very notably more stiff, and that's a big turnoff for me.

Razer DeathAdder LH - This was great for a long time. It's still pretty good, but the mousewheel is utter garbage. It's really the only ergonomic mouse for LH that is even remotely decent.

Razer Naga LH - Just awful. Feels like something you'd get in a happy meal box.

Logitech G400/G400s - Not terrible feeling at all, but you'll only be able to use the two buttons and the wheel effectively. The G400 had a tendency for the shell of the buttons to pop up over the top of the mouse shell itself, which would then grind together as you tried to click. The G400s seemed to resolve that.

Other Logitech G series mice - These are all either only 3 button mice, or they're built with side buttons only on the left side of the mouse so they would be extremely difficult to utilize in your left hand.

Steelseries Sensei / Sensei Raw - This family was so damn close to perfect. It felt just exactly perfect. The two flaws from the Zowie ZA11 were non-factors with the Sensei. The palm height was perfect, and all buttons as well as the wheel felt very crisp and responsive without being too stiff. The only issue with the Sensei was unfortunately a huge issue: the laser sensor itself. It's notoriously known for having significant negative acceleration. It did seem consistent and I don't think using it puts you at a huge disadvantage compared to better sensors, it just feels awkward to experience the bad sensor, especially when you use it for a significant length of time and then try something better. You'll instantly hate the feel of the Sensei's cursor response

Roccat Kova - Mouse felt very cheap. The coating seemed to react poorly with any hand sweat or oils, even if they were minimal. The wheel was very good. The button response was fine, but the coating was just finicky.

Razer Taipan - The whole mouse body had an awkward feel to me. It might have been better with smaller hands, but it just felt strange. The side buttons were super thin so they required a very specific and angled push with the thumb to actuate. Sensor was fine if you kept the DPI reasonable, and the regular buttons felt OK. Synapse sucks.
Razer Ouroboros - Man, what a great idea this was. Unfortunately it's super uncomfortable to hold, and it's wireless, so it suffers from the feeling of latency that all wireless mice have. It's possible I didn't give it long enough to grow on me, but it felt awful from the beginning right up to the day I put it back in the box. Even the very awkward R.A.T. mice felt much better than this.

There are also a lot of mice that appear to be ambidextrous but they're generally missing buttons on the right side of the shell which makes them RH only. Some notable ones are:

Logitech PRO G

Dream Machines DM1 Pro - This one made me very sad. It's basically a Sensei clone with a much better sensor, but they had to omit the right side buttons so it's worthless. :-(

That's all I'm going to list for now, but I'll check back later. If you have any questions regarding specific mice, fire away and I'll let you know if I've used it and how my experience went.

posted about 4 years ago
#14 Stuttering in Q/A Help

It sounds like you've basically narrowed it down to an internet issue, but I thought it would be worth mentioning that sometimes various drivers can cause this. Excessive DPC latency in drivers can cause lots of weird issues with timings and such and I've seen it on many occasions on many different machines stemming from audio drivers. Unfortunately in the instances where I experienced it, cleaning and updating drivers didn't ever fix the issue.

It's pretty unlikely that this is the issue given what you've already stated, but you could make sure it's not the issue by disabling your sound adapter and then playing for a while. Also, looking at DPC latency could potentially lead you to the cause, if it turns out it's not the internet connection. There are lots of guides for checking that should be easily accessible via google. Just make sure you use the tool that pertains to your operating system.

posted about 4 years ago
#13 Autism test in The Dumpster

'the average score is in the range of 22-30'

I do not think these people understand the word 'average'.

posted about 4 years ago
#18 fiddling with sensitivity in Customization

It's a very common misconception that using different sensitivities for different things will 'screw up your muscle memory.' The fact of the matter is that some people won't be able to get used to using different sensitivities for different things, but most people would be able to do so if they gave themselves adequate time to create a link in their brains between the different settings (which would most likely not take anywhere near as long as you might expect). There were a LOT of top quake players who used vastly varying sensitivities per weapon and proved to be quite consistent.

posted about 4 years ago
#15 I'd like to apologize in Off Topic
yttriumyou gave me free popcorn refills so we're cool

Not often do I come to the forum and actually get a chuckle out of something, but I enjoyed this.

posted about 4 years ago
#2 need help with tf2 scripting in Q/A Help

alias "primary" "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 1;bind q secondary"
alias "secondary" "slot2;r_drawviewmodel 0;bind q primary"
bind q "primary"

posted about 4 years ago
#47 cheater reaches #1 in MM in TF2 General Discussion
biskuitUmm, ban their phone number? They kinda need that to play MM.

Banning phone numbers will get rid of some cheaters, but nowhere near all of them. Obtaining a new number is quite easy (which could cause false positives on its own), and many services exist that will allow you to permanently or temporarily utilize a number that isn't your own.

biskuitI don't understand why Valve doesn't have an anti-cheat team that scouts for new hacks online and analyzes their code in order to constantly update VAC.
Seriously, they make a ton of money from TF2, they wouldn't really need more than 2-3 people for this job.

I don't know if this would be a viable plan of action for an anti-cheat team. It's somewhat unfeasible to expect them to analyze code for a number of reasons. They are unlikely to find any raw code. Any program they manage to find will likely be heavily packed and obfuscated so it would take a lot of effort to reverse-engineer, and much like how vac downloads and utilizes its internal components only when you connect to a VAC-enabled server, most modern cheat applications don't contain all code modules within the executable you're running. Typically it's something that would be difficult or impossible to access without purchasing an account with the cheat developer and logging in to their client or website. It would be somewhat counterproductive and unethical for an anti-cheat team to pay for cheats for their game in the hopes of understanding ways to circumvent said cheats.

I'd like to see lawsuits for cheat developers. The best ones are bound to slip through these cracks because it'll be much easier for them to be anonymous, but many would disappear very easily and the punishments would hopefully persuade at least some other developers to abandon their projects. It certainly wouldn't stop all cheating, and it would only work at all for a very short period of time while having a side effect of causing cheat developers to work hard to become more anonymous.

posted about 4 years ago
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