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#401 TF2 Legacy videos, round 2! in Videos

dude ur nuts wtf, 4 in a row

posted 1 month ago
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posted 2 months ago
#418 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization


posted 2 months ago
#22 name my cat! in Off Topic


posted 3 months ago
#5723 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

Mixture of arekk hud, m0re hud and quake hud

posted 3 months ago
#4 LF Gaming Mouse Recommendations in Hardware

model O/model D
simply the best

posted 3 months ago
#7325 Frag Clips Thread in Videos
yewlcounouhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szDvZ_5W3xk&twhat hud is that

collyhud with smaller and places to middle ammo/health indicators.

posted 3 months ago
#7 amppis tf2 guides in Videos

ams <3

posted 3 months ago
#76 frag videos that inspired you to play competitive in Videos

Unfortunately jukebox deleted all his tf2 vids :(

posted 4 months ago
#4 fps problem in tf2 in Q/A Help
_KermitKinda sounds like the PC is overheating. What are your temps like while playing?

I did check temperature when this started happening, it was around 37-39° which is less than in other games. It's been happening in tf2 only.

sagedid u remember to put the thermal paste?
maybe some of your case fans are aiming the opposite side and keeping hot air in
usually you need to have the fans aim towards the back of the case

Yes, I did.

Also, yesterday in evening it suddenly stopped reducing again. Idk...

posted 4 months ago
#1 fps problem in tf2 in Q/A Help

So i bought a new computer and fps in tf2 is very low sometimes. Yes, sometimes it's completely fine, sometimes it's not. For example, on tr_rocket_shootting usually i have around 600-800 fps. Right now, when i join this map, fps is still around 600, but after 5 mins it's reducing to 200-300 fps, after another 5 mins to 200 and then to 110-140. On other maps the problem is the same. The strange part is that sometimes it's fine, fps is stable, like 600-800 on local training maps and a bit less on 6x6 maps. Why is it happening, i have no idea. Yesterday i played some 6x6 games and everything was ok, today it's reducing to 100-180. In other games everything is fine. I tried Doom, Apex on max settings and fps was fine, completely fine. Even in games like HL2/HL2 Deathmatch everything is perfect.

In tf2 i use master confing, but some old version of it. I tried to remove it and tried new versions of it. Every time it was the same, fps is fine on start and after 10 mins it's very low.

Specs are:
ryzen 3600x
gtx 2060 super
tuff x470 plus mother board
16gb 3200 memory
ssd 500 gb

Tried everything, new versions of cfg, no cfg at all, changing settings in nvidia driver. It's still reducing. I just wonder why is this happening and why it was fine before.

posted 4 months ago
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posted 4 months ago
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posted 4 months ago
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posted 4 months ago
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posted 4 months ago
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