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#11 Seagull is streaming TF2 for an hour in TF2 General Discussion

> crouch jump
>how 2 do it???
> 2 hard


also why hype him streaming TF2 if he's only waiting for the next season of ranked in Overwatch? :thonk:

posted about 2 years ago
#51 SMH these Open players (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEME) in TF2 General Discussion

mumble in 2017 cmonBruh

posted about 3 years ago
#8 Valve should use meet the series for tutorials in TF2 General Discussion

10 years late man

posted about 3 years ago
#2 The Road to Invite: A TF2 Visual Novel in Projects


posted about 4 years ago
#2 google gnome in Off Topic

Released on 31st of March, must be legit and not a joke :^)

posted about 4 years ago
#13 Mr Slin - TF2 Healing Class Design Reimagined in Videos

I've always liked the idea of having more healers in TF2, because if you're playing 6s, you have no one to heal you when your Medic dies, it's only you and medpacks, maybe Concheror', but that's not direct healing.

They can effectively make Soldier a 2nd healer in TF2, by buffing Concheror even further, give it a passive AoE healing to all nearby teammates and use the same mechanic, by not taking damage for X sec you get healed up to 4 hp/s. In order to make this weapon not too OP, make the required amount of damage needed to charge the banner by ~50%. Also Medic's self healing + Banner AoE should not stack or force Medic to receive only +1 hp/s max from it.

This will effectively make Soldier the Lucio of TF2, the class that can provide AoE healing and speed boost. (sorry for OW reference lul)

Scout can also be a healer with the Mad Milk, but the problem of that weapon is that it takes way too long for it to recharge, so I'd say make recharge 10 Seconds but nerf healing to 50% or 35% instead of 60%.

The Engineer and Mini-Dispenser idea was made up long time ago, which focused on making Engineer a more of a Support class, by giving him Mini-Dispenser that deploys faster, can't be upgraded, gives less Ammo/Health/Metal as well as Mini-Teleporter, deploys faster but can't be upgraded, works like level 1 teleporter and has limited uses.

In order to make Heavy a bit of a healer, give him 3 Dalokohs bars, he can consume it only once every 30 seconds but can throw it 3 times to make small healthpacks, and every single bar recharges in 10 seconds

posted about 4 years ago
#30 sigafoo cup hype in TF2 General Discussion
manskirtWe have tried 7v7 before many times, we are not trying anything new at all sigafoo is doing is just wasting 2500 on a shitty tournament instead of something actually useful.

Define "something actually useful"

Just a normal tourney with the same 8+ year old class lineup? Same old maps? Current whitelist? Its his fucking Money, he has full right what to do with them, You don't command people how to spend their own money. If you think its a waste, well don't play it and complain about it, nobody is forcing you to play it, he just wants to experiment and see how it goes like. Besides, if it was normal tournament, we would all know who would be in the finals, so no point making it a 12+ team tourney, just get top 4 invite teams and call it an invitational. 7v7 offers something a bit more unpredictable, where it's a bit harder to say who is going to win.

Also by saying "something actually useful" you're basically saying "Lets feed b4nny and co. with money", because as I said above, the finalists and winners of the normal tourney would be obvious as hell. So instead of just feeding 1 team with money, lets just see how it goes under other circumstances.

P.S: There could've been way more touneys, if people actually donated to Prizepools, instead of LAN Team fundraisers. Seriously like if you're planning on going to LAN as a team, just get a fucking job and save up, instead of praying that people will donate to you and your team.


posted about 4 years ago
#28 sigafoo cup hype in TF2 General Discussion

Hi :) We are competitive TF2 community xD We barely have any money tournaments/Cups ;o So when someone decides to put some money into this game :D We just shittalk them XD Calling them retarded highlander mains with no brains ;D Even though we've been playing the same game for 8+ years now :> We're reluctant to try something new :-) Pls no dislike, here's a safety smiley :')

posted about 4 years ago
#13 Zappis player id in Off Topic
ReeroMGEMikesendPhoenix21pendaI guess he didn't consider himself a pro tf2 player? He played for Awsomniac didn't he? Pretty cool he's found success in overwatch.it wasn't his proffesion, it was a hobby.
the level in tf2 is if you played the game long enough you will be at the highest tier, so he probably enjoyed playing it and after a while got into prem.
in overwatch to be at the top requires much more, because if you don't practice enough, someone else will take your spot because there is a lot on stake.
overwatch is not a hard game

high level OW is hard just like any other competitive game at a high level, don't be naive

yeah when everyone has aim assist retarded "ults" and wallhacks the playing floor becomes even!@!!!

Aim assist ults that can easily be avoided with little gamesense, aim assist that only 2 heroes have
Wallhacks from 2 heroes that are not even much played in competitive OW.
Play or Watch the game, before talking about it and hating it.

posted about 4 years ago
#101 sigafoo's Challenge Cup in TF2 General Discussion
corsaIn terms of competitive support (money-wise), 6s players also want competitive to have more organizations support 6s competitively. They want Valve specifically to support 6s in this way, though. These tournaments are great and a lot of fun, but they simply won't help TF2; that's fine, and it's not a waste of time either because they're doing what they want to do with their money. It's just comments like these that are so meaningless.

I noticed that by looking at Razer cups, tf2 players complain about the lack of cups = razer comes and brings at least some amount of money for weekly cups = barely 8 teams register after 1st week of Razer hype and then it dies because people were SO ENTHUSIASTIC about playing those cups. Thing about TF2 cups and tourneys, they will always be dominated by top 3 EU and NA teams, so you'll never see a massive amount of people registering for them which will result in most cups/tourneys dying quite quickly, due to the pure fact that it is impossible to beat those top 3 na/eu teams as a High/IM team. And people can argue and say "Sign up, it's a free scrim for you", yes, it's soooo much fun to get rolled in 5 mins xd.

Organizations will not come, unless you yourselves show the support and doing what you guys did with Razer cups was not the best thing to do, I dunno much about what's going on on Faceit, but I expect it to die as well, unless it's already dead. And stop calling tf2 redditors, hl players and pubbers names, it sways them away from trying out/watching 6s just because they've never tried it or don't want to, and seeing how 6s elitist insult them makes them hate 6v6 and spread the news to their friends that people who play 6s are all jerks and that you should not be trying it out if you don't want to become one. It's the same as "Would you be a friend with someone who openly hates Gay people and you're Gay yourself?".


posted about 4 years ago
#76 i58 Invite Group R1: Full Tilt vs. froyotech in Matches

So what were people doing on Thursday? Getting drunk and doing minimum preperations? gj

posted about 4 years ago
#76 Ready Steady Pan could have a season 3 in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 4 years ago
#2 Null-movement not working. in Q/A Help

IIRC you need to put custom configs into your Custom folder instead


posted about 4 years ago
#30 TF2 Update on Matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion

There's still no feel of a reward, playing the competitive matchmaking/casual. I think if they added a Overwatch's Loot Box similar system in Tf2, it would bring more players to matchmaking, Just award players with loot boxes that contain random hats/skins after each level in casual/competitive and then people will start playing.

Just saying that it's not all about how MM functions, but it's also about what can you get from playing it and how can it be more popular.

posted about 4 years ago
#14 Medic class unpopular? in TF2 General Discussion

Playing support/medic classes in games is fun and enjoyable for me, there's nothing more satisfying than hearing "Sick arrows; Nice pop; Nice save" from the people you're playing with.

People should appreciate people who play Medic, if you're in a PUG and its not starting because people have been waiting 20 mins for Medic(s) and then you (and other person) join as medic and you play a game, by the end or during the pug, if someone is complaining about you, the most reasonable thing to say in your defence is "If not me, this pug would've taken 20 more minutes to start, if you think you can do better than me then add up as medic and you won't be complaining, but if you don't want to then shut the fuck up and let me do my thing.".

And that is why people will not lean towards playing as a medic, because all they expect that if you or your team does something wrong, you'll get blamed for everything and that will put you off from playing Medic.

posted about 4 years ago
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