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#8 rahThread: Faceit 6v6 comp queue in TF2 General Discussion

just dont have rgl run the 6s queue and not develop a 7s que- woops they did that

posted 1 day ago
#10 What's wrong with my posts? (Esp. my perf guide) in Off Topic

posted 1 day ago
#8299 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 1 day ago
#12 EURO 2020 predictions in World Events

might get raped by england but at least we made it to euro 2020. enough for me

posted 3 days ago
#11 rahThread: The story behind your alias in Off Topic

its my surname minus 3 letters

posted 2 weeks ago
#96 ban iron bomber and market gardener for s39 in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlordcoyo_geezerIron Bomber is just a pretty blatant upgrade idk why you'd need to argue about it. It Is Literally Bigger Lol.
because we don't ban weapons just for being upgrades on the continent whose website you're squatting in?

man you couldnt pick ur own fucking maps never mind banning your own fucking weapons

posted 2 weeks ago
#19 what hats/cosmetics do U guys wear (and why) in TF2 General Discussion

keep it real guys

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 A TF2 crash that I haven't seen/heard before… in Q/A Help

grade A trolling, love to see it. keep it up aim welcome to tftv

posted 2 weeks ago
#77 Monthly RGL Is Bad Thread in TF2 General Discussion
BrockBumFreezerules are proportional to offence ✓ dont have to play villa ✓ admins work more than 1 night a week ✓ dont even have to see the word "prolander" at any point in your career ✓ doesnt drain ur bank to play free game ✓

thank u based etf2l

What exactly is the prize pot for the highest div of ETF2L?

who tf cares about prize pools other than lan and prem. most players arent playing tf2 for The Money

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 Why are those browser benchmarks still used? in The Dumpster

*watches linus tech tips once*

posted 3 weeks ago
#16 Soup Thread in Off Topic

miss my schools soup. council soup just hit different with a warm waffle

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 rahThread: -dxlevel 81 vs. -dxlevel 100 in TF2 General Discussion

dx81 just looks better imo

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 eu dmixs? in TF2 General Discussion
Whiphamahammake a group with your fellow scotsmen, it's time for each european country to drive their nation to be the best by having country based mixes and dmixesI support this

lets all chip in for its only 40 quid

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 Quitting + my story in TF2 General Discussion

okay European Union

posted 4 weeks ago
#1 eu dmixs? in TF2 General Discussion

seems like most places are dead or am i missing something? I've Had The Urge To Get Back Into This Game and cba playing tf2center

posted 4 weeks ago
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