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#8 About higher than 66 tickrate experiment in TF2 General Discussion
rmArieMost people didn't feel 133 tick was a huge improvement, so I expect 100 tick to be at least equally underwhelming. Also, the bugs you describe are the same as for the 133 tick experiment, so the other ones are probably also still there, which I expect to be a deal breaker for the competitive community and leagues.tbh the only gamebreaking bug i have noticed on 133 is wrangled sentry shooting two times faster, but again i didn't encounter this bug in 100 tickrate.
but yeah, that would answer my questions, thank you.

pipes were much more bouncy than normal

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 I ranked the European Countries. in TF2 General Discussion

im going to assume youve just took one to many benzos for the day and posted on tftv

posted 2 weeks ago
#32 Phoenix Red announces GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded in News

damn fr you deleted my post that something fishy is going on? bit cringe tbh. this is a genuine concern as the parent company "sports venue of florida" is registered as a fucking food speciality company

also, shadow credits being completely useless and also the fact that the website is so poorly designed that you can change the passwords of others too. (LOL)

posted 1 month ago
#29 Phoenix Red announces GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded in News

Further Digging Makes Me Think This Whole Thing Is Fishy...

posted 1 month ago
#26 Phoenix Red announces GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded in News

Is your data worth 600 shadow credits?

posted 2 months ago
#1576 It begins! in Off Topic

posted 2 months ago
#50 TF2 Repent Thread in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
#28 institutional prejudice by RGL against FRED team in TF2 General Discussion

imagine being dyslexic and trying to read op

posted 4 months ago
#30 How does one become consistent in matches? in TF2 General Discussion
glassit's never too early to start vaping

quite the opposite for me. every time i went for a fag or now vaping id genuinely feel like im playing worse because id get more nerves in some situations

posted 4 months ago
#15 EssentialsTF announces DreamHack TF2 Community Clash in News
Spuplease no pedophile scandals please no pedophile scandals

background checks shows no pedos

posted 4 months ago
#10 Is Lange OK? in Off Topic

he has been contacted by family last time i heard. hes been doxxed after months of twitter posting along the lines of cia ex-gf and saying that big companies are out to get him. i wish him the best but hes just like, not helping himself from we all see.

posted 4 months ago
#4 thoughts on cups? in TF2 General Discussion

the essentials cup is just a replacement for lan essentially, better late than never i suppose. cups are nice every now and then but if the essentials monthlies taught us anything they can be quite the workload if back to back for players and staff.

cre-8I’ve been trying to make these and no one has participated in them even though I’ve spent hard earned money for prize pools within the tournaments. I’m upset now.

dont waste money on this game.

posted 4 months ago
#56 Who do we get banned next? in TF2 General Discussion
carnaticumhere r pastebins

says etf2l is a meme yet wants to be unbanned. teuchter logic if ive ever seen it.

posted 4 months ago
#30 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/1/20 (Scream Fortress XII) in TF2 General Discussion
AdnurakDon't consider this an indication that anything will happen to the rest of TF2, I guarantee this shit is only in because mannpower is the only part of the game anyone at valve actually plays or cares about.

I can't be the only person who remembers this guy kicking furries from his mannpower pub for "team stacking" after removing the ability to choose a team from the game. Balance Changes
* When the game detects a skill imbalance between teams, select players will be moved between teams to address the imbalance
* If a player is dominating the game for long enough (kills count is very high relative to the rest of the players in the game), they’ll enter a dominant state for a period of time. This state has these effects:

Someone tell me this is not just the same autist trying to make his own games more fun for him personally. Valve has an oversight problem.

they guy who made plutonia for doom and half life is upset that he cant pwn noobs in a light-hearted gamemode

posted 5 months ago
#25 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/1/20 (Scream Fortress XII) in TF2 General Discussion

why mannpower? literally what. devs have all the telemetry in the world and still choose to update mannpower

posted 5 months ago
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